Client taking the interview of dedicated Laravel developer for his/her software development project
Client taking the interview of dedicated Laravel developer for his/her software development project

Over the years, coding and software development have come a long way. Today, businesses are dependent on web and application development because they are the only ensured ways that can help a business reach thousands of possible clients. This has led to a high rise in demand for skilled developers.  When we discuss web development, PHP is the first language that comes to our minds. It has always been the most well-suited and efficient option for developing websites and web applications. If we look at the range of PHP frameworks, Laravel is the most prominent one. 

Though the Laravel framework is quite challenging and complex, it demands individuals with a high degree of PHP Laravel knowledge. Moreover, one must be skilled enough to master and implement Laravel.  To get started with Laravel development, you need to hire a developer who can help you with the Laravel web app project. But how to hire a Laravel developer? So, before telling you the process to hire a Laravel developer, let us tell you who they are and what their responsibilities are in the first place. 

Laravel is a free and open-source PHP web framework that is used to develop websites and web applications and follows the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture pattern

Who are Laravel Developers?

Laravel developers are proficient in the Laravel framework. They use the PHP programming language to build and maintain functional and innovative web-based applications which elevate user experience and ensure the consistency of CSS, HTML and shared JavaScript across applications.

Developer sits and coding on computer
Developer sits and coding on computer

Roles and Responsibilities of Laravel Developers

The primary role of a Laravel developer is to build and maintain innovative web applications using web development tools. They build and test reusable and efficient PHP modules and write secure modular codes. 

A Developer sits on his chair and creates the application through framework and coding on his laptop
A Developer sits on his chair and creates the application through framework and coding on his laptop

A Laravel expert is responsible for designing and maintaining the database and must perform backend and User Interface tests on the application to optimize performance. They also work with other developers in the company to fill data acquisition needs.  They check whether the HTML, CSS, and shared JavaScript across applications are valid and consistent and then plan the entire development process and also anticipate any modifications during development.

They keep up with the industry trends and best practices in web development and effectively state the progress of the technical process and any issues related to it. Moreover, they also test, troubleshoot, and debug web applications. There are majorly three role of Laravel developers and their work responsibilities.

Junior Laravel Developer

A junior developer is responsible to design and create projects with PHP and Laravel framework and helps the team in delivering high-quality web applications, tools, and services to businesses.


  • Update and learn new coding skills. 
  • Write and maintain running code.
  • Attend and contribute to development meetings. 
  • Work and monitor bug fixes and the technical performance of internal systems. 
  • Respond to requests from the development team. 
  • Collect information from users about program functionality. 
  • Conduct development tests. 

Mid-level Laravel Developer 

A mid-level Laravel developer is responsible to design and implement new features for the software applications. They troubleshoot and fix issues that come in the development process and look for the dedicated development team to ensure the project is built to the highest quality standards. 


  • Write and maintain the running code. 
  • Analyze and implement the project code. 
  • Check  technical requirements and adapt scripts to the project’s needs. 
  • Execute and implement software tests. 
  • Develop quality assurance procedures for software projects. . 
  • Document each stage of the development process for maintenance. 

Senior Laravel Developer

A senior developer is responsible to provide technical leadership and guidance to the other developer working on the project. They help to define the architecture and design of the software application and implement new ideas that can align with the company’s needs and fulfill users’ requirements. 


  • Perform coding assignments and review code for functionality and accuracy. 
  • Build and implement design planning. 
  • Train other team members and assign tasks to junior developers such as debugging, testing, and analytics. 
  • Design new software and application.
  • Write advanced code and development reports. 
  • Create technical documentation for new software programs.

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Essential Skills to Look in Dedicated Laravel Developers

With the immense gain in Laravel popularity, every developer wants to try their luck with Laravel development job opportunities, but only a considerable few qualify as qualified enough to know it well. So, how do you identify the perfect fit or not-so-perfect fit for the role? 

Developer sits on his chair  and integrates the style sheet language in application on his laptop
Developer sits on his chair and integrates the style sheet language in application on his laptop

There are certain conditions that an ideal candidate must possess. As a hiring manager, you should be aware of these skills before you start with the interview phase. Ensure that the developer not only possesses hard skills for Laravel development, but also has soft skills that define the employee’s personality. You will be able to find a good fit for an organization when you look for both of these skills.  For ease, here’s the list of skills that a developer must possess, and that you should know about: 

1.Web Development Skills 

The proficiency of developers in most programming languages is a must. Building and deploying applications is not possible without good knowledge of front-end and back-end languages.

These languages make websites visually appealing, differentiate essential parts of the website, create a robust user experience, and as a whole make the web page more interactive, efficient, and user-friendly. 

The top four languages that a developer should be aware of include: 

  • PHP 
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript

2.Database Management Skills: 

The developer you hire must be proficient in database management skills. Structuring and organizing data helps in more efficient usage across the whole organization. It is useful for end users to share data efficiently. 

The five popular databases that Laravel developers should know are: 

  • MySQL 
  • SQLite 
  • Postgres
  • Oracle 12C
  • Microsoft SQL 

3. Cloud Computing Skills 

Cloud computing is becoming a new norm today. The big names in the industry like Google, IBM, and Microsoft are investing and focusing on cloud technology. Other organizations and startups follow different technology but now are switching to cloud computing services such as SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS as it more efficient and budget-savvy.  So having good knowledge of cloud computing is important for a developer. Hire a candidate who knows how to work with Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), or Google Cloud Platform.

4. Knowledge of MVC and OOP: 

Laravel is based on MVC (Model-View-Controller) Architecture. It is a methodology used to relate user interfaces with underlying data models. That’s the reason it is essential for these developers to have a grasp of MVC as they are used in web app structuring. 

Similarly, Laravel adopts the OOP (Object-oriented programming) approach. All Laravel techniques are based on it. Therefore, having a strong grasp of the fundamentals of object-oriented methods is important. 

5. Knowledge of Version Control Tools

Database version control for Eloquent models (a default ORM for Laravel) is available on version control tools such as GitHub and Git. Being knowledgeable of how to use these development tools helps in efficient project completion.  You can save different versions of your project at various stages of completion and share them with the team easily. Hiring a Laravel developer who is suitable for using them is very helpful to manage the source code when changes are required to make to large-scale programs or applications. 

6. Soft Skills 

Here’s the list of soft skills that any dedicated developer proficient with Laravel must possess: 

Communication skills

Communication skills are important as they help developers explain technical things to a person who’s not aware of the terms. From documentation to explain your position to stakeholders, good communication reduces errors, saves time, and creates a better work environment in the organization. 


Teamwork helps to deal with complex projects. When hiring dedicated Laravel developers, it is one of the skills that should not be neglected. Being a team player enables them to collaborate with others, discuss projects over multiple strategies, implement new ideas, and a lot more.

Analytical skills

Analytical skill is an essential soft skill that a developer must possess. These skills represent their thinking skills. Laravel development is not just about writing code with Laravel. An impressive developer shows traces of good problem-solving, critical thinking, and analytical skills.

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Why Businesses Should Hire Laravel Developers

One of the most important questions that come to the mind of an entrepreneur or the hiring manager every time when they think to hire dedicated Laravel developers. So, before moving ahead with the recruitment process, here’s the list of reasons why your business needs to hire Laravel experts.  

The developer shows the growth of business through graphical charts to his client
The developer shows the growth of business through graphical charts to his client

Here’s a list of some reasons to strengthen your belief. 

Craft Beautiful flawless Applications

Every application or website can be called successful if it is rich in two things; flexibility and scalability. Just going with the customer requirements is not enough, Businesses or business owners should possess the knowledge to identify the business and technology trends. An experienced developer stays updated on the new market trends, the framework upgrades, and ensures keep your application or website up-to-date. 

Enhanced Management

With ever-evolving applications and websites, it has become essential to have a system that can keep apps and websites capable to handle heavy traffic efficiently. Web traffic is extremely uncertain, and that’s why your business website or application requires handling multiple requests at a time.

This means there’s no need to invest enough in hosting the app. Because, if a hosting server crashes, there are high chances you may lose customers. But when you hire Laravel developers, they ensure that website or app management is great and everything is under control. 

Highly Efficient

A developer’s responsibility is to stay aware of the tricks to tackle various types of development tasks with ultimate care and precision. This enables the increased efficiency of their work for your application they’re working on. 

Impressive Results

Laravel experts use PHP that makes simplicity and expressiveness to define and describe various aspects of your business site. When you hire these experts, you will be working with a professional equipped with years of experience in developing websites and applications and in customizing them with the Laravel framework. 

Moreover, the Laravel experts have experience and knowledge about, cache, queues, billing, package development, and more which enables them to create feature-packed and dynamic web applications.

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Steps and Process to Hire Dedicated Laravel Developers

With amazing features in place, Laravel has gained a lot of popularity. Therefore, the rise of developers knowledgeable in Laravel also increased. But hiring a dedicated and profound developer is not easy. There are a lot of things that one should take care of while hiring. 

The client checks the resume of the Laravel developer and ask her questions about programming languages
The client checks the resume of the Laravel developer and ask her questions about programming languages

Apart from delivering a highly responsive and secure website, an experienced developer will help you find the solutions to your existing or upcoming problems (if occurs). So to help you hire dedicated Laravel developers, here’s the process you should look for while hiring one for your project: 

1.Determine your requirements

Before you reach out to any developer, make sure you are clear about your project needs. We suggest you determine your requirements. The best way to do it is to write your vision and needs. This way, you will have a roadmap that you can use while hiring. 

There’s a lot that you might need with Laravel. It could be customized Laravel development, extension development, support, and maintenance, Laravel app development, etc. Therefore, before you hire a dedicated team of Laravel developers, you should be clear about what you want to be implemented in your application. This way, you will be able to select the right candidate for your project. 

2.Job Description 

A good and thoroughly detailed job description is always beneficial as it helps you find the person you are looking for. With a look at the job description, a candidate can self-analyze if they are a good fit or if they need to upgrade themselves to be a right fit, Besides, a detailed job description can give you a clear outline of targets that are required to be achieved. 


Once you create a roadmap and understand the responsibilities of a Laravel developer and mention requirements in the job description, you head in the right direction. Though skills are important in Laravel development, the experience of the developer will be a plus. The more experience the candidate has, the more they will be compatible to offer you high-quality Laravel development services. Their expertise ensures the credibility of the knowledge they gained by handling multiple projects. 

4.Cost and deadline 

While hiring the candidate for Laravel, it is important to examine and analyze the budget of the project and also the cost of hiring them. Make sure the cost of the project and hiring aligns with your budget. Moreover, you should hire candidates who stick to the deadlines and complete the project on time. 

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How Much Does it Cost to Hire Laravel Developers for Businesses? 

The cost of hiring a Laravel developer entirely depends on the project requirements such as the codebase required, tools needed to be used for project completion, timeline, experience your project need, etc. 

Moreover, the average cost of developers varies from country to country and also differs in various organizations across the world. So, if you want to hire a dedicated developer, here are some points to consider essential key points: 

Scope of the project:

The cost of hiring the candidate entirely depends upon the requirements of the project. For example, if the project is simple in terms of functionality and features doesn’t need many development tools and requires less experience of the developer, then the project cost will be low.

While if the project is complex in terms of design, functionality, and features and requires high technical knowledge that needs an experienced Laravel developer then the cost will be high.   

Experience and Expertise of the Developer:

If you hire a beginner-level developer, then the cost will be comparatively less. On the other hand, if you have an advanced and complicated level project that requires high technical knowledge, then you have to hire an experienced developer and pay higher rates.

That’s because the advanced developers have in-depth knowledge about various frameworks and technologies that are required for a Laravel development project. 

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Hire Best Laravel Developers from HackerKernel 

There are a lot of places where you can hire developers, but the most trusted and ensured way is to partner with HackerKernel, a Laravel development company that helps you get the candidates you wish.

The Laravel developer sits on a chair and works on different coding languages on her laptop
The Laravel developer sits on a chair and works on different coding languages on her laptop

These company understand the business requirements and only provides you with a list of candidates who can align with your Laravel development needs and can build an application as per your expectation.  HackerKernel is one such firm with highly skilled Laravel developers that offers you a free consultation to clear your confusion regarding the project and eases your process of hiring a developer for your project in 2023.  

Some of the projects built by our top Laravel developers are Fast2SMS,, and N2Express. 


Fast2SMS is an AI-enabled bulk SMS service provider that is used to send OTP, transactional, promotional, and API SMS at once. Its back-end is built with the Laravel framework that enabled the server to tackle delivery reports or SMS in bulk and keep them for future use. 

Bulk SMS service provider app with multiple features
Bulk SMS service provider app with multiple features

eREALTO is a real estate CRM (Customer Relationship Management) that enables effective management of existing and potential customers and creates a network of sales manager for communication. With Laravel, our developers designed a system that can simplify complex information into a well-defined database. 

Real estate app with various features
Real estate app with various features


N2Express is a payment application that enables smooth transactions of international payments. The competition for payment apps is high, that’s why our developer used Laravel to built an application that meet the high standards and ensure all services and facilities are provided accurately by the application. 

A girl on full sleeves pink t shirt hold Credit card on her hand and working on laptop
A girl on full sleeves pink t shirt hold Credit card on her hand and working on laptop

Final Thoughts 

Hiring a Laravel developer is a tough job if you are not sure of the process and are unaware of the condition. However, it is an easy process when you do a little research and are sure of what you want. With thousands of companies striving to find the best developer, finding the right one for your organization’s needs can be burdensome. We agree that it is a difficult process, but not that much. 

When you have all the information in the hand, it is easier to find an expert developer who can help with your project and complete your company’s application development needs. 

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