eREALTO is a real estate advisory company based in Mohali/Chandigarh. The firm began its property investment consultancy services in 1988, and has continued to work in respect to its long-standing principle “We shall not sell what we will not buy”. When eREALTO approached HackerKernel, it was already equipped with technological means to conduct its business online, yet they were in need of a software that could integrate and automate their sales, marketing, and customer support. eREALTO works with a team of trained and qualified professionals and to combine data for each agent and direct sales on the basis of compiled data is a difficult procedure.

To provide a digital solution to suit our client’s requirements, we came up with the project of a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system for eREALTO. Our goal was to develop an app through which customer information can be organized and used for dealing with the same and new customers in the future. To fulfill the purpose of a CRM, the app should be able to promote our client’s operational means by providing data to analyze market trends about different sites and properties and our client should be able to guide and oversee the services of their real estate agents through an effective network.

Planning and Execution

UI/UX Design

The priorities for UI/UX design of enterprise applications are somewhat different from that of consumer applications:

  • The app had to be used by inner sales agents, therefore we preferred scalability over the attractiveness of the interface.
  • The design was made sustainable and simple enough for effortless functioning with all useful content placed in an intuitive dashboard design.
  • Through pre-designed proposals, it was ensured that the terminology used such as hot leads, WARM interested, on Hold, etc were the same as those actually used internally in the company.
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Techs used

The frontend of the application is created through Ionic and the backend of the software is developed with the help of PHP and Laravel
To serve the strategic and analytical needs of our client CRM application development had to fill all communication gaps between customers and agents as well and provide them with an organized workspace to remain task-oriented:

  • The system enabled agents to view records of various deals and customers in a segregated manner.
  • To keep information structured, various sections such as Transferred lead, Received leads, New lead, Cancelled, etc were made to be accessed through the My leads feature.
  • The employee could easily access everything through the dashboard and the system did not need any specific training before use.
  • Our Android developers for hire added separate options to trackone’s schedule and make calls regarding any deal in the android CRM app.
  • To make work quick and effortless, features to search any deal or filter deals according to date or stage (Hot, Mild Cold) were added to the system.
  • The app not only stores information and tracks activities but uses it in the form of notifications and reminders to help the agents function better.
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Obstacles discovered

We faced the following difficulties:

  • The purpose of the system was to automate the procedure of finding customers and potential deals, and one of the difficulties we faced was to keep it all as simple as possible for everyone to be able to gain from the system.
  • Another challenge was the consolidation of different leads that come from diverse social media sources and commercial websites, into a single platform so that it is available for each employee to pursue.


We overcame the above challenges by:

  • We designed a system capable of simplifying complex information into a well-defined database.
  • The CRM could also aggregate various leads, and channel them into the system for the convenience of the agents.

Final Product

We began the work by selecting a UI design that fits well with the aim of our project. We next developed the front end of the application and later the backend. The total number of days that we gave to the completion of this project was 45 in all. We asked our client to introduce the real estate CRM software to some of its agents for constructive feedback. After minor add-ons and changes, we were able to complete an efficient system that requires minimal skills from the user's end.

We also got to know how a CRM apart from being a customer data platform can be used to automate and quicken lengthy procedures thereby reducing the work of employees. Our client’s belief in earning customers rather than deals encouraged us to think how effectively a CRM can not only serve as an automated database but an analyzer that could help the agents, invest an adequate amount of time on each customer.

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