Why Choose HackerKernel
For Android Application Development?

Our Android Mobile App Development Services have 100%, satisfied customers. We have the latest technology and skills for developing apps that are user-friendly and scalable. We guarantee you, happy customers, through our services. We are an Android development company that serves startups and big firms with equal determination and honesty.

Android App Development Company in India
Top-Notch UI/UX Design

Any android mobile app is built for target users and user experience is our priority. We value feedback on our previous projects. As android app developers, we improve and remain focused to get the most suitable and beautiful UI/UX design.

Affordable Services

We understand your needs and limitations. Our app developers in India and abroad, provide you with services at reasonable rates. You can hire our developers and pay according to the work done. High-quality services at less prices.

Custom Software Development

Every firm is a combination of unique aspects and needs. We know your requirement is different. So, we develop custom android apps designed as per your convenience. For your audience, customers, and business model.

100% Transparency

When we work together, nothing is hidden from you. Every time you are aware of the current progress of the work. Any time you can ask our project manager of any doubts, throughout the development process. We believe in working jointly as partners.

On-time Delivery

As an Android app development company, we are punctual with all that we do. We begin, develop, and complete our work timely. We value your time and trust. Unless there is a big issue, we assure you of on-time delivery of our development solutions.

After Services

We are always there for you, after the completion of our project. If you face any error or doubt while operating at any point in time, you can always contact us. We believe in maintaining healthy relationships and satisfied clients.

Our Android App Development Work

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Android Application | Web Application

Fast2SMS Application

In our years of expertise, we've got completed varied projects of android App Development, India and abroad. Fast2SMS is one such project. We have developed an android SMS provider that sends messages in bulk. The Android App for Fast2SMS has its backend created by our Laravel Developers .The app is integrated with web portal development services for firms and organizations that send transactional, OTP, or promotional messages. The AI system is a crucial feature of the app. It is developed through python. The android application has various alternative options and can handle SMSs in millions. It's a developing company within the telecommunication sector. Fast2SMS is one of our glad purchasers since 2018. The android application presently has quite four lakh active users. Click below to understand more regarding our work.


Industries Served By Android Development

We serve every sector and industry with our skills. Our digital solutions depend on the needs of the industry. If your business lies in the middle or across two industries, our custom android app development services can create a mobile app just for you.


The Foodtech industry is all about using mobile phones for food requirements. We develop android apps that make processes faster and easier than before.


Travel tech

Nowadays people check their phones for holiday planning. Our android apps are cost-effective for you to share your travel story with others.


Real Estate

Selling and buying have become virtual. Our android app development solutions let you post, visit a site and purchase lands online through phones.



Fintech apps are a reason behind the success of many firms in the finance sector. Such android apps manage resources, customer information and payments easy.



If you are an education provider, the best way to reach a wider public is by mobile app development.Our Android developers can assist you in giving you a digital platform.



In present times, healthcare software development is necessary and flourishing. People depend on android apps for medicines and doctors.


eCommerce & On-Demand

Competition among different e-commerce websites has led to leading android app development. Firms keep their customers engaged through personal mobile apps.


Media & Social

Our Android App Development Services benefit networking that lives on social media apps. Android Apps have so far bridged distances successfully.



Years of Experience



Expert Professionals



Happy Clients



Projects Delivered

HackerKernel, an Android App Development Company in Bhopal, has grown as a startup that has worked for companies across India and the globe. We depend on the quality and affordability of our android application development services for our progress. We have a range of custom android app development services to boost your growth with the latest technology and well-researched methods

As an Android Application Development Company, we have a team of above 50 employees and our achievement are our happy client. Android Applications have become a must for every thriving business and we are happy to be a part of your journey to success


Usage Across Devices

People prefer Travel apps that work on all types of devices. Android Apps have a major advantage of working effectively, whether it is your smartphone or a tablet. Android mobile app development is the best way to solve business problems across devices, worldwide to every possible audience.


Open-Source Development

Android App Development Services have open-source, which means it can be accessed easily by smartphone manufacturers and provides the freedom to the developer. This is the main reason why it is utilized by many developers and coders.



Android Application Development Companies suggest android because of its free software development tools. Especially for startups and new ventures who are new to digital platforms. Android mainly has a cost for development, hardware, and debugging.



Android App Development Company in India has grown because of rising in the number of apps. Advertising in the app has been profitable for businesses and also to gain an audience. Android App development allows businesses to benefit through low barriers of entry as well


Customizable App Development Services

If your business is an integration of web and mobile applications, you should opt for android because it is flexible. It can be customized easily with present technological tools. A smart Android Application can help you gain all that you could expect from it.


Growth Opportunity

Android Application development can help clients by giving a high brand value to their business. Android users are large in number because Android engages them with personalized space. It can also add to the experience of a brand in the market of Android apps.

Benefits of choosing Android
for your Company

An Android Mobile Application is the best platform to have a bug-free and user-friendly application for your business. We at HackerKernel are a dedicated Android App Development Company in India. iOS apps have their advantages but Android is still considered a leader in the market. Various aspects of Android are beneficial.

Android App Development Company in Bhopal

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get your burning questions answered.

Q 1

What language is used for Android Application Development?

When the Android Platform was introduced in 2008 JAVA was the default language to write Android Apps. Today much other software like Android Studio and programming languages like C++, XML can be used for Android Application Development.

Q 2

Who owns the source code after the completion of the project?

All copyrights of the codes written by our Android App developers will be sold to you after the completion of the project. Our company is the medium for you to get an Android App of your own.

Q 3

Is Android App development easy?

Creating an Android application does not only include learning a programming language. You also need to know about Android SDKs, project structure, and much more. If you are a business, trust us as your android application development company.

Q 4

How much does it cost to build an Android app in India?

An Android App Development Company in India might charge you around $4800 for a simple android app, and the same service is available at about $48,000 in the US

Q 5

How can I keep a check on my Android app development project?

Our project managers always keep you updated with the stages of development. You also get weekly reports about the progress of work. In fact, you can ask the project managers to pause the work in case you have any doubts about the process.

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