Let's Know About Social Network App Development

Social Media App Development
What is Social Networking Industry?

All trending messenger apps and news feed social apps are a part of the social networking industry. Social features like profiles, log-ins, feeds are a part of every mobile application. A social network is more than messaging. Social media app developers make sure that your social networking app efficiently connects people and encourages mutual interactions.

What is Social Media App Development?

Social media app development services help bring brands close to customers. We have customized social networking app development solutions for your business to achieve its target audience. Social network app development helps business owners attain their goals. Social networks can be informational, for discussion, or similar to Fast2SMS it can be for promotions and broadcasting. Social media app development services could be for personal communication or professionals.

A social media networking company can develop web-based, hybrid, native Android or iOS app development networks. Many startups begin with desktop networks and move to app solutions of their own. Social media app development has made the connecting process useful as well. A Cross-platform social network app can be accessed from anywhere. It combines the abilities of iOS and Android. Hire Full Stack app developers for social media that are skilled at the latest technological tools for easy implementation.

Our Expertise

Social Media App Development

Our Social Media App developers craft highly performant apps. One cannot succeed in the network industry with slow apps. Our apps are responsive and can retain customers. We have developed IM Connect , an ultimate web, and mobile social media solution while keeping in mind the future possibilities. Users can easily post pictures. They can download stuff quickly. Our social media app development services are scalable and meet performance expectations.

Our expertise lies in maintaining the security of your social media app network. We make your users feel control over their privacy, with security features. Users can control everything they share and their visibility aspect. Security is essential in professional social media apps, that link employers to job seekers. From profiles and feeds to logins and registration through a different device, a user can control his profile on your app.

Hire iOS App Developers , experts at creating intuitive UI/UX designs to meet the expectations of iPhone users. Users easily give up on social media apps if they face difficulty in navigation. We make your app’s user interface organized and engaging. It is manageable and easy to navigate. You can trust us for simple and intuitive UI/UX designs. A short and safe registration process combined with less loading time defines our UI/UX.

Social Network is not just about work. It is more about entertainment and connections. When you invest with us in Social network app development your target audience is every other person. Everyone has a different choice of content that we take care of for you. We add AI features to your type of social media solutions as learning filters. The app gets to know the user as he/she uses the app. The content becomes personalized this way.

Social Media App Development

Explore The Work Has Done by Us

Social Media App Development Company

Tripster is a perfect social networking app for travelers to travel virtually with friends, collect passports, connect and share memories.

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Social Media App Development Company

Lokniti is a Hindi news web portal for Hindi readers. It brings news from around the globe on all subjects for users at home.

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Social Media App Development Company

Physiotimes is a digital magazine app built for infotainment. It allows users to interact with each other, form a network of physiotherapists,s, and vote on polls.

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Social Media App Development Company
IM Connect

IM Connect is an all-in-one social networking app that facilitates communication between agencies and job seekers. It has many more social media features.

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What can we do for you

Educational social networks

Messaging and other informal social networks allow users to form communities. Everyday problems too big social issues can be talked about in chatrooms. Informational social networks can also broadcast news for the users. Such app solutions have consumer review options to gain brand value.

Promotional Apps

Social networks can be used effectively for promotion. An advertisement or great review increases your visibility. Searches within the social media apps, make customers land on your website. We can create social networks that allow users to promote their skills.

Multimedia content sharing

As a social media app development company, we understand content sharing is necessary. Our social media developers are skilled at developing solutions for a specific purpose. Such as a blogging cum social network, or a combination of posting and dating apps.

Professional Social Media Apps

With work-from-home, the need for work-based social networks has increased. Platforms where people can make job profiles and share their experience. Review careers and make connections with each other. People can look up new job opportunities and services.

Contest Apps

Social media app development can also include contest apps to engage your audience. With content creation, you make sure your users are hooked up with your brand if not active participants. We have years of experience in developing such social networking apps with features of collecting coins, redeeming, etc

Social Games and Quizzes

Gaming has become much more effective with online games that are more or less social networks. Games and quizzes can have all users ranked and in competition with each other. May it be small in-app games, social features like sending gifts, in-app chatting, real-time play are a must.

Why Choose HackerKernel
For Social Media App Development Company?

Developing social network apps might not be easy but it is worth it. We build social media apps to stand on the expectations of your customers. Our social media app development services also extend as an eCommerce development company for commerce networks. People can both shop and talk together. Hire social media app developers here to get your dream app

Social Media App Development
Experienced Development Team

We have years of experience as a social network app development company. You can benefit from our experts in the social networking app development industry. Our social media app developers can help with the latest UI/ UX design, modern graphics, and animations. Social Media Management is also important.


Social Networking is more about entertainment and fun than work. You need uncommon techniques and ideas to build something unique. Our creative minds can assure you great user-experience and attractive interfaces. As a social network app development company, we can make custom websites that are user-friendly and beautiful designs.

Reliable Services

You can trust us with the integrity of our developers. We respect originality and understand the difficulty in beginning a project. With us, you can be sure of a caring team of social media app developers. We care for the growth of your venture. We work hard to deliver more in less amount of time. You can rely on the quality of our services and products as well.

Scalable Products

We create social network apps that can be scaled to a better and larger version with time. We always improve and update our skills. We combine our failures with learning. We know the industry to make the apps to make feature-rich apps. Our products can be scaled to complex web and mobile solutions.


We never neglect your opinion or feedback. Your views are heard and implemented in your project. We offer consultation for your doubts and questions. You can communicate anytime with our project managers to know about the work. You can check on our social media app developers personally.

Constant Support

We believe in supporting your brand till the end. Our work does not end at the delivery of your social network app. We constantly help you achieve the objectives you aim for. We are always there to back your social media solutions with our technological skills. You can contact us to update the app or to fix any problem.

Benefits of Having a Social Media App Development

There are many benefits that all businesses can benefit from social media app development. Social networks are useful to know about customers. To analyze their behavior and patterns to channel resources in the right manner. You can engage social media users with your brand and become popular in the market.

Social Interaction

With social networking app development businesses get a higher level of interaction. This interaction could be with your customers or other business partners. Your business could also be a social media app to connect businesses with customers.

Targeted Advertisements

Social Media is a great influencer. You can also invite other businesses to do the same. You get paid to run targeted advertisements. When the customer clicks on the ad you also get real-time results.

High Conversions

You can increase your reach and visibility with a social networking app. If your business is all about social networks you can join hands with other networks. Social media users get attracted to new trends and you get leading conversion rates.

Website Traffic

When you use social features or social networking web solutions to promote you get the best results. Such a method increases your website traffic. It is also good for search ranking for your partners or other websites.

Feature Of An On Demand Social Networking App

Before designing a social media app, research of market trends and tools is a must. Social media apps have a lot of common features. As technology changes, the capabilities of such apps improve. The media app development cost also depends on its complexity. A Social Media app can be integrated with many other apps and data sources. You can integrate location-based API and do much more


Notifications are a must-have feature for all kinds of apps. But for a social networking app that might be for leisure, the app has to motivate users to open it again. We can add the features of emails, push notifications, etc for this purpose.

APIs and integrations

A network is all about connecting. Your social media app must have the social features of connecting with other such platforms. Users can link their profile on different platforms with your app in their bio. Other networks can also provide information. It is also advertising and building a strong presence.

In-App Communication

Communication features should be diverse. A user can make a call, video call, send a text or voice message, stickers, emojis, GIFs, images, etc to communicate. Chatting must feel like real-time communication. Our social media app developers can add efficient in-app communication features to your application development solution.


The dashboard of a social media app is an important part. It contains all the news feed and stories of the user profile. The outlook of the dashboard must be attractive and engaging. It has to be organized since it’s the first thing a user sees every time.

Admin Panel

Your social media app must have a separate admin panel for you to log in. This helps you track and watch the activity of your customers for future business purposes. Admin panel has features to control offensive posts and reports. You can easily manage and tackle important data.

Location-based features

With geolocation features, a social networking application becomes more attractive. People can tag friends and places with their photos and video posts. A post with context gains more views. Geo-location features are used in travel social networks as well. Users can create, and exchange location-based content.


HackerKernel is a Mobile App Development company that offers great social media app development services. A social media platform can be used actively to promote your brand. We have a team of expert Social media app developers at Hackernel to take care of all your needs. We make your vision a reality.We have developed mobile apps for leading social media brands and startups too. As a social networking app development company, we can create unique solutions for your business idea.

Designing Solutions for a Future World , with Technology Promising Changes.