A person sitting and searching to hire a dedicated development team on his laptop
A person sitting and searching to hire a dedicated development team on his laptop

A dedicated development team is vital for the smooth functioning of a Company. Especially after the Covid-19 outbreak, many companies and businesses have realized that outsourcing a development team is better than keeping an in-house development team.

During these times of unstable markets, outsourcing is helping such companies survive the crisis and maintain their profitability.

Many IT companies and vendors offer services to help in the process of hiring a dedicated development team and you will not have to go for countless interviews and lengthy onboarding because these companies act as a perfect solution for you.

According to some surveys and research, IT outsourcing companies occupy more than 50% of the total global outsourcing market.

A dedicated developer helps various companies in a great way by performing large and long-term projects along with frequent and intermittent changing requirements. Large corporations frequently hire dedicated development teams because they require specialists for new projects or technical tasks in which they lack experience.

In this case, they do not have to pay for extra office rent, taxes, software, and hardware and you will only have to pay for only when there are tasks to assign.

What is a Dedicated Development Team?

A dedicated development team is a unique collaboration model between a client and an outsourced team or remote developers that is solely focused on the client’s project until it is completed.

It is a long-term collaboration model with a software architecture vendor in which the client is provided with software development specialists. This collaboration model is built around the customer’s goals, demands, and needs.

A person sitting and searching a dedicated development team on their laptop
A person sitting and searching a dedicated development team on their laptop

A dedicated development team is ideal for completing large, long-term projects with constantly changing requirements. It is quite adaptable, focusing on the scope of work and tasks, costs and resources, and the development team itself.

Large corporations frequently hire dedicated development teams because they require specialists for new projects or technical tasks in which they lack experience.

In other words, the dedicated team model refers to the hiring of tech specialists from providers to perform a specific task. For example, you may require talents for a side project but do not want to distract the core team from their work.

How to Hire a Dedicated Development Team?

You have decided to introduce a new product or service to the world as an entrepreneur or manager in a leading company. You have a solid concept, precise positioning, potential leads, and even a reasonable budget.

A person standing and searching a skilled and dedicated development team for their company.
A person standing and searching a skilled and dedicated developer for their company.

Hiring a dedicated development team is the only thing standing between you and the success of your project. Hiring experienced, dedicated developers necessitates some planning. Some tips to make the hiring process more comfortable and profitable are provided below:

Choose Your Business Partner

The search and selection of a worthy vendor who provides the services of a dedicated development team is the first stage from which the entire process begins. You should go through several steps in order to select the best partner for your technical tasks.

Step 1: Conduct Market Research

One of the most important stages in locating a software company for product development is market research. You must investigate the companies that have the necessary expertise.

It’s also a good idea to look into how long they’ve been in business because the longer they’ve been in business, the more likely the vendor is experienced and knowledgeable about software development.

Another critical factor to consider is the company’s expansion. In most cases, good service providers grow their businesses.

Step 2: Research the Company’s Reviews

You can always find a section with reviews of other clients on the services of companies on various sites. You should understand how the client-IT vendor collaboration went, what difficulties arose during product development (if any), and what general impressions the collaboration brought.

This will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of what an IT partner is and whether it is worthwhile to contact them for assistance.

Step 3: Examine the Previous Projects

Every trustworthy vendor has a portfolio of previous work. On the company’s website, you can browse the released tech products. Portfolio research is critical because it will help you understand what the company is doing and whether it has the expertise to complete your task.

Keep Your Data Safe

How do you safeguard your project concept? Before discussing the project, it is best to sign an NDA. The NDA agreement covers aspects of the development process such as data collection, transfer, and access, among other things.

This agreement requires the vendor to keep secret not only technical developments, but also the customer’s ideas, industry field, and other information that could be harmful if it fell into the wrong hands.

Additionally, software development firms should adhere to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) if they are developing a product that will use the personal data of EU residents in some way.

Examine Management Transparency

When hiring a dedicated development team, you must pay attention to the company’s transparency. You have the option of managing the team yourself or hiring a project manager. In both cases, project management tools are required.

Transparency in management is an important aspect of working with a dedicated team, and project management systems help to ensure it.

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Benefits of Hiring a Dedicated Development Team

As we all know, technology is advancing at breakneck speed. It is only natural that every business, no matter how small, would want to take advantage of the potential of technological solutions in transforming its reach.

This is where IT outsourcing by hiring a development team comes in handy. Working with a dedicated development team has several benefits and they are as follows:

5 important Points that explain the benefits of hiring a developers team for the company
5 important points that explain the benefits of hiring a developers team for the company

Global Talent Accessibility

This model opens up a world of new opportunities for your company by providing access to a pool of global talent. The professionals based in a different part of the world have the necessary skills and expertise to optimize your tech stack capabilities, often at surprisingly low costs.

Complete Control

To maintain complete control over the progress of a project, you can use tools such as Skype, Basecamp, JIRA, and GoToMeeting.

These interactions and brainstorming sessions are critical for maintaining transparency, increasing productivity, and streamlining the workflow.


In almost every developed country, custom software development can be quite expensive. Hiring offshore professionals with the same expertise and skills as their native counterparts is a smart way to reduce operational costs while maintaining quality.

When you hire a dedicated development team from India, for example, you get a higher quality of work at a much lower cost, making it a win-win situation!


When you hire a dedicated development team to handle your IT needs, you can be confident that they will deliver high-quality software applications in as little time as possible.

Almost all dedicated development service providers have elaborate evaluation and reporting processes in place to ensure transparency and accountability. You can track progress from one milestone to the next, often in real-time.

High-Quality Infrastructure

Establishing a full-fledged IT department with cutting-edge tools and solutions that can be used to design, develop, test, and launch complex applications and software systems necessitates a significant investment.

Most startups and mid-sized businesses lack the resources to set up and maintain such infrastructure.

Hiring a development team, on the other hand, ensures that your tech products, no matter how complex, are developed with the best and most recent resources without the need for large investments.

Rapid Turnaround Time

When you work with a dedicated development team, you can expect quick turnaround times and on-time deliveries. The teams working on such projects operate in completely optimized environments designed to support the timely completion of projects.

However, in order for this to occur, it is critical that you, as a client, specify clear timelines and insist on adherence to those timelines.

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How to Build a Dedicated Software Development Team?

There are many specialists, ranging from developers to UI/UX designers to form a dedicated Software team for a company. A developer’s team dedicated to software development would consist of the following positions:

Searching and building a skilled and dedicated software development team
Searching and building a skilled and dedicated software development team

Frontend Developers

Frontend development, also known as client-side development, is the process of transforming data into a graphical interface that allows users to interact with the product. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are common languages used by such developers. Dedicated React and Angular.js developers also come under this category.

Backend Developers

The business logic is built in the project’s backend. It is made up of three parts: a server, an application, and a database. Backend developers are typically familiar with Node.js environment, MongoDB, and SQL databases. Python and PHP languages also come under this category.

Mobile Developers

iOS and Android are the two most popular operating systems. To create apps, developers should be familiar with two programming languages: Swift (iOS) and Kotlin (Android).

Mobile devices are now an integral part of everyday life, making the services of such specialists in high demand. Aside from that, a great solution for building a cross-platform solution at a low cost is a framework called Flutter Framework

UX/UI Designers

The design of your app is critical to its success. UI/UX designers create screens and their conditions before passing the design on to developers. They frequently employ Sketch and InVision. The designing phase is critical for the success of the software solution because it determines the overall user experience as well as the delivered satisfaction rate.

QA Experts

Quality assurance services are concerned with releasing bug-free products. QA engineers conduct manual and automated tests to identify flaws and notify developers about them. As a result, the final product runs more smoothly, correctly, and efficiently.

DevOps Engineers

Outsourced DevOps specialists are in charge of identifying the appropriate tools, establishing processes, and automating the code flow from development to production. This improves performance efficiency and speeds up project completion.

Business Analysts

Business analysts’ primary responsibility is to research the client’s business in order to improve internal processes and change the course of development to a more productive one. Their responsibilities include identifying acute business problems and devising solutions to help eliminate them.

There are many kinds of data specialists and developers that are not included in the above list but might be essential for some special development cases and they are as follows:

  • Project Manager- Their primary responsibility in a dedicated team is to oversee the development process and provide progress reports. A very useful specialist if you lack the technical knowledge to control development on your own.
  • Solutions Architect- This specialist is in charge of evaluating the company’s existing technical solutions, designing and developing new technological solutions, and integrating them into work processes.

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Where to Hire a Dedicated Development Team?

A person find the dedicated software development team
A person find the dedicated software development team

There are seven popular regions well-known for hiring programmers. North America, South America, Western Europe, Central Europe, Asia, India, and Australia are the regions involved. In terms of price and qualifications, these geographies are very different. 

For example, among the more than 4 million software developers in the United States, you can find highly skilled experts to join your dedicated team, but the price will be the highest.

Whereas, Asia and India will provide less expensive experts for dedicated software development teams. India can offer you all kinds of highly skilled data experts and developers at less expensive charges.

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How to Hire Offshore Software Developers

An offshore development team today is an ideal option over in-house team hiring. When you find an offshore software development team with unrivaled passion, competitive capabilities, extensive experience, and a strong sense of commitment, your software development outsourcing needs are met satisfactorily.

Find right and dedicated offshore software developers on platform
Find the right and dedicated offshore software developers on the platform

You can hire offshore talent by using the following ways:

Digital Publications

Offshore developers are not only skilled at creating custom apps, but they are also generous in sharing custom app development knowledge.

When looking for IT know-how for your startup, you may come across blog articles written by offshore developers. They may post these blogs on their own websites or popular platforms such as LinkedIn or Medium.

Reading such publications can provide a lot of benefits. Not only will you be aware of their technical expertise, but you will also be assured of a number of other factors that may encourage collaboration with the remote IT team.

You can predict language proficiency, for example, by observing how ideas are conveyed in the article.

Review Platforms

Before hiring any offshore development team, you should conduct due diligence. Finding out how they rank in the eyes of their previous customers is one of the best ways to do so. Instead of contacting clients, look into review platforms. When hiring offshore developers, make sure to read the reviews.

Freelance Websites

Hiring a full-fledged development team is not your only offshoring option. Startups may prefer to work with freelance developers on occasion. While there are many freelance developers available around the world, you should be aware of the challenges of managing and coordinating tasks with freelancers rather than working with a team.

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Hire a Dedicated Software Development Team from Us

Hiring a dedicated software development team to meet the needs of a project can be a difficult, problematic, and complex task for a company at times. A company should be clear about its goals, objectives, and requirements before hiring a development team. Before hiring such teams, companies should consider important technical skills, work experience, work background, and so on.

You can easily hire a dedicated software development team from ‘Hackerkernel,’ a well-known international IT firm.

A person searches to find the skilled software developers
Person finds the dedicated software development team from us


A dedicated software development team acts as the backbone of a development project and it is essential to find and hire the perfect team for your company or a particular project.

Hiring a perfect development team might seem like a huge and problematic task to you because of the process that has to be followed. Thus, you can easily consult an acclaimed IT firm to help you out with your development needs.

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