Fast2SMS is one of our faithful clients since 2018. It was an established firm in the industry of Bulk SMS service providers when it joined hands with us. The platform assists in sending marketing, promotional, multimedia messages, and SMS alerts to a large number of people in an instant. A hindrance in the path of the company’s success was its legacy website and the technical issues it faced in the absence of an app and the latest technology.

Our client required the SMS provider to be smart and AI-powered to fulfill the needs of its growing users that included customers like BigBazaar; MPOnline; IIT Bombay. Fast2SMS collaborated with us to achieve its aim to make the SMS industry simple and cost-effective. To meet our client’s expectations, we undertook the task of creating an application with AI capabilities, that could manage the bulk of SMS and ever-increasing user base and also the task of providing a fresh look for the website to complement its modern features.

Planning and Execution

UI/UX Design

Fast2SMS required a user-friendly interface that the earlier website was lacking since it had a wide range of customers to services that may not be equipped with complex technical procedures:

  • The user interface was not only made appealing to the eye but also turned into an organized space for the user to make the most of it.
  • The graphics were designed as such for the user to pay attention to the most necessary details and features, that our client wanted to focus on.
  • Fast2SMS logo was also given a fresh outlook with the website to complement its look.
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Bulk SMS Industry is a growing business, the development approach for Fast2SMS had to be specific and was different from other social media apps like IM Connect . To hold a distinct place in the industry, Fast2SMS required a mobile app and AI capabilities to fasten operations:

Techs used

  • From the background to the Front-end of the entire website to its smart AI system, Python was used. The Back-end has been developed in Laravel. For creating the database MySQL is used. A Large part of coding and development has been conducted through HTML, CSS

Android Application

  • It needed an app with considerate features. The app made it convenient to send bulk SMS and free SMS for the users.
  • The app also facilitated sending custom and multimedia SMS. The user could easily import bulk data from an excel file.
  • Adding money to the Fast2SMS wallet is a swift process.
  • It has a fully-featured Address Book, SMS schedule planner, and CSV support.
  • Our Android & iPhone developers for hire added easy, powerful analytics and full customization support to Fast2SMS.

Machine Learning and AI capabilities-

  • Fast2SMS thrives to reach the goal of a fast SMS industry providing immediate results and so AI plays an important role in the accomplishment of tasks.
  • Fast2SMS uses multiple routes to deliver SMS and shows real-time delivery reports with separate reports in case of a multimedia file added to the SMS.
  • It is equipped with a QR code system that saves the labor of manually adding each and every contact. Through scanning the code or by sharing web-link hundreds of contacts can be saved automatically.
  • It also consists of a retry algorithm for failed SMS that includes sending SMS through different tele service providers and automating the procedure to choose the fastest service provider on basis of previously sent messages.
  • The AI system auto schedules messages that remain undelivered due to time limits.
  • It is also capable of transliterating messages to various regional languages.
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Obstacles discovered

Following are the obstacles that made us better at our job:

  • One of the challenges we faced was in enabling the server to handle the bulk of SMS and deliveries.
  • Our client needed an AI system much more transparent and efficient than already existing systems.
  • The client needed the message protocol to be in a different language that could fulfill their requirements.


We came with the following solutions:

  • By constant hard work, our back-end developers were able to effectuate a server that could easily tackle delivery reports in bulk and keep them safe for future use.
  • The AI system we created was capable of regularly checking on the speed and connection requirements of different telecommunication service providers to use the best out of them.
  • It could try sending the same message frequently times through different means until it gets delivered and remembers the most suitable route for any customer or client.
  • By default, the message service protocol was written in SMPP, we changed it to PHP for our client.

Final Product

Our work began with planning and designing the outlook and layout of the website. It took a month to realize accurate ideas into being. In the next few weeks wireframe, for the website was created and we worked on the UI/UX design which was a crucial need that was identified from the beginning. The front end and back end for the website and its AI system took the most part of the project duration.

After the data from the old website was migrated, the new app and AI system were still put too many tests and verified of any loopholes. In the span of 8 months, Fast2SMS was ready to relaunch its services and serve its customers with modern and next-generation features our client’s needs made us go beyond our hitherto creations.

The collaboration with Fast2SMS gave us a thorough insight into the Social Networking App industry and of the process of sending SMS by interacting with telecommunication service providers. Fast2SMS’ commitment to a transparent workspace made us aware of the faults in the industry such as fake delivery reports and we assisted them in checking the same through real-time delivery reports that cannot mislead the users. Over-all it was a great and learning experience.

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