A dedicated developer working on full stack development on his laptop
A dedicated developer working on full stack development on his laptop

For years in the software development field, developers were either working as front-end developers or back-end developers. With these evolving technological stacks, developers are choosing to become full-stack developers who include both the front-end and back-end.

With this change in place, entrepreneurs who want to develop an application or any software, look forward to hiring a full-stack developer, a one-person army to create an app without involving other developers. 

With profound knowledge of their skills, developers have impressive command over full-stack coding, app development frameworks, and key programming languages.

More importantly, the mobile app development process has become more efficient and streamlined when the developer has a broad spectrum of knowledge to assist you in reducing all costs of software development. This all-rounder developer is known as a full-stack developer. 

Let’s dive deeper to know more about who is a full stack developer, what’s the process of hiring a full stack developer and where you can hire one. So let’s get started! 

Who is Full-stack Developer?

Full-stack technology refers to the entire depth of a computer system application, and full-stack web developers develop both the front-end and back-end of web development. All the features that are visible to the viewer of the site are performed in the front end.

Front end programming like HTML,CSS and Java script. While backend programming like java ,python, C# language.

Dedicated full stack developer working on front end and backend frameworks on his computer
Dedicated full stack developer working on front end and backend frameworks on his computer

Suppose you’re using your Instagram application. On the screen side, every time you refresh, new content is loaded on the app’s feed. You can like a picture, add new images, search for profiles, and so on.

Even though it provides a seamless user experience, there’s a lot that performs in the backside of the application. Instagram’s servers make HTTP requests to retrieve and load information. It is enabled with the help of backend frameworks

Generally, every application consists of the front end, the back end, and the database. A full-stack developer is a person who is responsible for a development project from scratch to the end. He designs the front end and back end of an application while ensuring its reliability, efficiency, and other crucial features.

As developers, they have solid working knowledge and understanding of how to navigate environments and integrations and work with unique libraries, frameworks, and tools to help clients create effective apps or websites for them.

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Roles and Responsibilities of Full Stack Developer

There are majorly three different roles of developers and their different responsibilities that are given below.

Dedicated developer check the details about the frameworks for designing a software
Dedicated developer check the details about the frameworks for designing a software

Junior Full Stack Developer 

A junior full stack developer is responsible for building front and back-end structures and collaborating with senior developers to design, code, test, and refine applications. They also have the task to maintain and otherwise work with operating systems and UI frameworks. 

Experienced full stack developer with computer helps the junior developer to create a software and application
Experienced full stack developer with computer helps the junior developer to create a software and application


  • Develop, maintain, and support custom-built software application 
  • Prepare technical documentation
  • Perform unit testing on software deliverables
  • Provide relevant assistance on software deliverables during product tests, integration tests, and user acceptance tests. 
  • Provide after-launch support, and carry out investigation and troubleshooting (if needed). 
  • Carry out post-implementation investigation and troubleshooting when necessary. 

Mid-level Full stack Developer

A mid-level full stack developer role is to produce scalable software solutions hosted in the cloud. He/she works with a cross-functional team that’s responsible for the full software development life cycle, from planning to deployment.

Mid level developer doing HTML and CS coding on computer
Mid level developer doing HTML and CS coding on computer


  • Research, plan and develop new features 
  • Develop REST APIs. 
  • Help make websites more functional 
  • Integrate APIs from third-party systems 

Senior Full-Stack Developer 

A senior developer role includes contributing your in-depth knowledge of cloud-native best practices in implementing modern web applications with adaptive and responsive front-end UI using frameworks

They design and develop large enterprise-scale web applications, lead development POD, and sets a higher rank with a proven track record of delivering high-quality and secured web application hosted on public cloud platforms

Dedicated senior developer working on different languages and frameworks on computer
Dedicated senior developer working on different languages and frameworks on computer


  • Participate in solution design and implementation
  • Develop new applications 
  • Regular improvements and maintenance of built applications 
  • Use modern UI/UX 
  • Define/improve best practices to build, test, and deploy applications. 
  • Stay updated with the trends and help the organization make informed technology decisions. 

Steps to Hiring a Dedicated Full Stack Developer for a Company 

Dedicated full stack developer work in HTML language for structuring websites
Dedicated full stack developer work in HTML language for structuring websites

1.Be Clear about Project Requirements

Before you start hiring, you should be clear about project requirements and the skills you want in a developer; having a document with all your needs will make a job easier to find a tech expert who will turn out to be an asset for you. 

2.Experience Level

You must choose a developer who has multiple skills. Because they know how to handle a tough project in a clear manner. If you hire trainees for a project, you might get into problems. While an experienced developer will help the development team how to work that  improve conversion, and describe the initiatives with you. 

3.Assess the Grasp on Multiple Technologies: 

Your potential developer should have an excellent grasp on technologies used for frontend, web services, and back-end development and be capable to manage databases. However, the candidate’s expertise and knowledge should not just restrict to knowing only technologies, they should also have some hands-on experience working on several projects. 

4.Assess Development Portfolio: 

An experienced developer should have a reliable portfolio of previous software development projects. Ask them to show you the work samples so you can get an idea of their expertise.

5.Look for  additional qualities

A full stack developer will work on many projects, and therefore they should have proper knowledge and understanding of business requirements. They should also know how to coordinate with clients and can clarify their doubts and questions.

6.Interview and Hire the Full Stack Developer

Because it’s a complex task to choose the right developers for your project, you can search for them from a software development company. It helps you avoid risks in the business and hire developers who are highly skilled and know all the technical aspects of the full stack development process. 

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Essential skills of Full Stack Developer 

To fulfill the full-stack developer duties, a combination of certain skills is required. 

Front-end Skills

HTML: HTML includes tags that give a different meaning to the text in a document structure.  A full stack developer should have a strong understanding of HTML to write a text and create a structure of the applications that is both effective and easy to use. 

CSS – CSS allows you to change and style different web components for font, size, spacing, etc. It makes the content on the web page more attractive. A full stack developer should have knowledge of CSS to create attractive and user-friendly websites and applications. 

JavaScript – It enhances user interaction with the application. It includes several libraries and frameworks like Angular, React, jQuery, and Vue. JavaScript is widely used to write server code. So, knowledge of JavaScript is essential for a full stack developer to create applications and websites that are both user-friendly and dynamic.

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Backend skills 

  • Java – With Java being one of the most used programming languages, there are many frameworks such as Grails, Spring, Struts, etc., and lots of ready-to-use APIs and libraries for various functionalities. Overall knowledge of the Java ecosystem is one of the top traits of a highly skilled and experienced full stack developer. 
  • Python – It is a general-purpose language that fits perfectly into each cycle of software development, and the use of Python frameworks is from web application development to multiple domains. Therefore, you must hire a full-stack developer who’s proficient in libraries and Python frameworks such as Flask, Django, Web2Py, etc. 
  • C# language – Because of versatility and stability, C# is the top choice for software development. So, you must hire a full stack developer who’s proficient with C# frameworks such as .NET MVC and ASP.NET. 

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Database Management Systems

A full-stack developer writes code that is used to perform Rational mapping to fetch data from the database. A good understanding of MySQL, Oracle Database, SQL Server and PostgreSQL, MongoDB by the candidate is important. 

Basic Design Skills 

Full-stack developers should have fundamental design strategy skills to create user-friendly and attractive websites. Basic design principles such as UI/UX design and its prototype skills should be presented by a dedicated developer.

Advantages of Hiring Full Stack Developer for a Company 

Improve Scalability:

One of the first business benefits is the ability of full-stack developers to work at different levels of the software architecture. It makes it easier for clients to build and scale a developer’s team for their projects. 

Knowledge of Front-End, Back-End, and Database:

Full-stack developers are well-versed in the technologies used in client and server-side development, specifically front-end, back-end, and database. Meaning, they can handle the development and testing of, for instance, an MVP and later extend it to the final product of a mobile app. 

Reduce Community Delays:

Hiring a full-stack software developer implies that fewer developers will be needed for project completion. Working with fewer people allows your company to reduce the amount of further communication. Therefore, you can establish effective communication with no delays.

Furthermore, when a full-stack web developer works on a feature implementation, they are often responsible for the entire development process. This not only leads to more consistent logic, but also reduces chances for miscommunication. 


Hiring a dedicated full-stack developer is the most effective option for businesses with limited budgets who are searching for a secure and reliable solution. That’s because developers can perform many functions. 

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Where can you Hire a Dedicated Full Stack Developer? 

Most companies hire full-stack developers to get quicker project deliveries. They have an excellent command of various programming skills and have the potential to deliver extensive and market-exciting solutions.

They are professional game-changers who excel in both front-end and back-end development. Their insights play an important role to achieve better performance and enhance the market acceptance of the projects. 

Start from your social network: 

Your network includes your connections over social media platforms and the people you know in the corporate world, directly or indirectly. Talk and ask them if they have any full stack developers in reference. You can also search for them on the community platforms. 

Find them on some freelance portals: 

There are many developers you can hire from some freelance portals. When hiring freelancers, there are chances you might get lost or confused about which one to hire or which freelancer best suits your requirements. Hiring them might look budget-friendly, but don’t get lost to hire inexperienced developers who offer services at lower prices, you might end up losing your time.  

Hiring a Dedicated Software Development Company: 

Hiring a software development company is the best option of all to hire a dedicated full stack developer. Moreover, if you want to hire a team of dedicated software developers, hiring an app development company is the most advantageous for you.

There are three things you need to look for when hiring a software development company – the company’s expertise, the experience of developers, and the app or software development cost. Moreover, you have to make sure that you hire highly skilled full stack developers who understand your ideas and sync with your long-term goals. 

Hiring top-notch software engineers for your project is quite stressful. Therefore, you need to find the right candidate the first time. It means who is smart, responsible, and experienced, or you will have trouble from starting and running the project. 

HackerKernel can solve all your hiring problems by matching you with programmers with complete knowledge of full-stack development. Our goal is to offer you a programmer quickly and efficiently who will fit into your team and help develop your project. 

Our company supports you with highly skilled, perfect full stack developers and helps you track their hours and progress. 


Hiring a full-stack developer in 2023 is not an easy task, as highly qualified talents are in high demand. However, the process to select potential candidates is not that frightening when you know where effort and attention should be directed to. 

We hope that the information provided in the article helped you to better understand the benefits and how you can hire a full-stack developer for your project. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does full stack mean? 

Full stack refers to the entire set of software solutions and technologies implemented to build a platform, application, or website. All website or application development projects have two basic parts: front-end (client-side) and back-end (server-side)- both combined in full-stack development. 

2. Who is a full-stack engineer? 

A full-stack engineer is a high-level software engineer that works to design, test, and implement software applications. They create software, applications, and web services and lead the developers’ teams. Full-stack engineers possess great skills and are involved in each stage of software development. 

3. Why hire a full-stack developer for a company?

Full stack developers are all-rounders, who have in-depth knowledge of the tech stack, who can analyze the project requirements, and craft unique solutions. Their insights play an important role to achieve better performance. They deliver innovative features for responsive and interactive websites that will turn out to be a huge benefit for your business. 

4. How much does it cost to hire a full-stack developer? 

The cost of hiring a full-stack developer mainly depends on the project’s needs and requirements. It depends on your business requirements, the codebase that needs to be implemented, the required skill set, portfolio, and project deadline. Further, the developer’s experience is also an essential deciding factor to finalize the development costs. 

5. Why should you hire a full-stack programmer from an agency, not a freelancer?

Dedicated developers always do proper planning and management for the project they’re working on. They are cheaper and deliver high-quality solutions. Freelancers sometimes lack experience, while an experienced developer increases the potential for both well-established companies and startups. That’s why hiring a dedicated full stack developer is far better than hiring a freelancer. 

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