Why You Hire HackerKernel as an Angular Development Company

HackerKernel has the best minds with expertise in all the versions of Angular development services. Our Angular development company provides skilled expertise who build highly scalable, interactive, and dynamic solutions with the latest Angular development tools and skillsets that can help you accelerate your applications’ front-end architecture as well as business growth effectively.

Angularjs Development Company
Angular Development
UI/UX Development:

Our developers excel in developing and designing the eye-catching User interface and user experience design of web applications and enhancing the customer experience by offering interactive web and app development features.

Angular Web Development
AngularJS Consulting:

We have highly skilled developers who offer to consult and provide you with the best and most cost-effective Angular development solutions to help you get the most out of the project.

Hire Angularjs Developers
Scalable and Secure:

we have angular developer in place that can create your single-page application and make it scalable, secure, and SEO-friendly to give you an edge over your competitors and provide a seamless user experience to your audience.

Angular Development Services
Dedicated Angular Developers:

We have a dedicated team of Angular developers who uses angular frameworks tools and themes to build the most advanced web applications with constant updates. Hire them to take your business application to the next level.

Angularjs web development company
Custom Angular Web Development:

Hire dedicated developers from HackerKernel who are well-versed in executing highly innovative Angular custom projects. They will use the best web development tools to build different types of web applications for startups and large enterprises.

Angularjs Developers
Single Page Application Development:

Our most skillful developers use the latest and quickest front-end technologies to deliver sustainable web applications. HackerKernel is a leading Angular development company, having years of experience building some of the most feature-rich and perfect single-page applications.

Benefits of Angular Development for your project?

Angular offers flexibility and scalability to develop dynamic web applications, emphasizes code quality and testability, and that’s why it is the most preferred framework over any other technology. With this many features available in the framework, you might get confused about whether to hire flutter developers or Angular developers, Angular wins here because it supports Single Page Application that loads pages quickly, provides an excellent user experience, and is easier to maintain.

Angularjs Development Company

Fast Performance

Angular is the most powerful framework known to develop dynamic front-end web applications. It includes the features like MVC directives and dependency injections that make web applications dynamic, faster, and well-performing. Angular also uses two-way binding that enables to reduce amount of code required to build a web application and improve overall performance.

Angular Development

High-Quality Application

Angular provides ease of unit-testing and end-to-end testing. With this framework, developers can test their web applications easily, which enables them to develop high-quality web applications that are dynamic and scalable. The framework allows the creation unit tests, integration tests, and end-to-end tests which ensures that the application is reliable, secure, and easy to maintain.

Angular Web Development

Minimal Coding:

Angular framework uses MVC architecture to build dynamic, interactive, and robust web applications. It reduces the development time and Angular developers can build enterprise-level web applications easily as it provides better databases, and the best coding strategies, and requires less coding.

Hire Angularjs Developers

Increase Productivity

Angular eases web application development in a way that developers can easily analyze and divide the work while ensuring organized and consistent code that improves the app’s functionality and results in increased productivity and properly built modules.

Industries Served By us as an AngularJS Web Development Company

Angular development is mostly used to develop web applications or enterprise apps. Our AngularJS developers have worked across industries and diverse domains to contribute to the growth of individual firms and whole sectors. We have used our Angular web development services for the benefit of many such firms. Today they are among our satisfied and successful clients.

Angular Development Services


We build custom mobile and web apps for the Food and agriculture sector through Angular development. Hire ANgularJS developers for the same.

Angularjs Development Company


A lot of the time of smartphone users is spent on exploring tourist destinations and travel blog apps. Such apps are developed through Angular development.

Angular Web Development

Real Estate

These industry uses third-party apps for financial transactions between dealers for the ease of customers. Angular web development allows secure integrations.

Hire Angularjs Developers


Fintech Apps for banking or bitcoins developed by Angular development services are highly performant and easy to understand.

Angular Development Services


Hire AngularJS developers for your LMS. Get an app solution that best represents your firm withoutputting much effort into the development.

Angularjs web development company


A systematic and organized healthcare system requires many layers of development to be productive. Angular web development makes it all look effortless.

Angularjs Developers

eCommerce & On-Demand

An AngularJS development company can help e-commerce businesses to introduce many APIs like chatbots, payment gateways effectively.

Angularjs Developers

Media & Social

The social network Industry has benefitted from Angular web development with the features that have made networking real-time and effortless.


Reasons to Hire Angular Developers at HackerKernel

Hire Angular developers from HackerKernel who can build a secure, scalable, and next-gen web app. Developers from our Angular development company are highly skilled, possess strong communication skills, deliver results on time, and can save you a lot of development costs. Our Angular experts are experienced and have a proven track of delivering hundreds of Android and iOS App development solutions, on-time, and on budget


Efficient Project Management

Our developers from HackerKernel possess the right set of skills and are also good at managing ongoing projects. We have a dedicated development team that is available with robust project management and tracking tools and offers testing services to ensure your project is flawless.



Our developers are good at establishing client relationships based on trust, possess the highest standards of personal and professional ethics, have advanced education, and are good at offering superior client service. They hold themselves to a higher standard by maintaining commitments, challenging the conditions, consistently delivering results, and demonstrating reliability.



Nothing will be hidden from you about the project we will be working on. We follow agile methodology and believe in 100% transparency throughout project completion. Our developers will provide you with daily reporting and detailed updates, along with answering your queries anytime you want.

Angularjs Development Company

Steps and Process to Hire Angular Developers

Angular is one of the most used frameworks. Due to its increasing demand, various development companies started their Angular development services. Out of all the options available, hiring the right developer is quite tricky. Hence, to simplify the process of hiring Angular developers, here’s a step-by-step procedure to help you onboard the right candidate for the next project.

Angular Development



Before hiring a dedicated Angular developer, make a draft including all project requirements. Identifying requirements will help you figure out the developer’s level of expertise and the codebase your project needs to build the application. After finalizing the requirements, go through the developer’s list provided by us and shortlist them.


Conduct interview

Once you shortlist the developers who best suit your project requirements, interview the candidate to identify his knowledge level, professional attitude, and level of expertise. It will help you know how effectively the candidate can communicate and point in front of other team members. Moreover, it will help you know the technical and non-technical skills of the developer.


Select the best one:

The last step is to hire an Angular developer and start your development project. Once you conduct the interview and finalize the decision, you’re all set to hire angular developers and start the development process immediately.

How to Interview and Hire Angular Developers From Hackerkernel

Hiring a developer is easy, but hiring a top Angular developer with adequate experience and knowledge of all required tech stacks takes a lot of work. You should hire the best Angular programmer who can reuse and rebuild apps, have the expertise in building Healthcare Software, and can deliver desired results.

If you are someone who needs help with how to hire an Angular developer who can meet all your project requirements and build an application as per your expectations, we’ve got you covered. Here’s the list of required skills you should look for to hire the best Angular developer.

Angular Development

Skills Required for an Angular Developer:

Angular development is preferred by many businesses because of its ability to build websites with a seamless user interface and experience. When it comes to frontend web development, there’s always a requirement for diverse Angular development skills.

The developer you hire should possess different skills in varied programming areas and apply them at the right place and time. If you are the one who’s looking for the best Angular developer, here’s the list of skills that you should look for:

1. JavaScript Knowledge

Knowledge of JavaScript is the most essential skill to have in an Angular developer. It helps them create a dynamic website with multiple animation, video, and audio features. They should be knowledgeable with advanced JavaScript concepts such as closures, callbacks, and asynchronous programming. They should also have experience using JavaScript tools, as it is helpful in fixing errors and automating the packages, making the development stage efficient.

2. Angular CLI

Angular developers should know Angular Command Line Interface, as it makes the process of development easier by providing tools to create, manage, test, and deploy Angular applications. and guarantees that your app sticks to the accepted best practices. The developer should know CLI as it lets you add modules, new projects, great components, and services, and manage dependencies to existing apps hassle-free.


Angular is built with TypeScript which adds static typing, classes, and interfaces to the language. A developer should possess in-depth knowledge of TypeScript, as most of the platform runs on this language. When hiring a developer, knowledge of TypeScript is essential because it offers a more balanced framework that’s specifically needed for large projects.

Angular Development
Communication skills:

The developer should possess top-notch communication skills to communicate regularly with their team members. The developer should have strong written and verbal skills, as they will be communicating with individuals for different purposes. Moreover, they should know to communicate non-verbally, listen actively, and manage stress well.

Team player-

All Angular developers have different backgrounds and different development and other skills, so the candidate you hire should know how to work together and collaborate to build a successful project. When the development team works together and uses various tools and techniques, a perfect web app is developed.

Problem-solving and Creative mind -

Programming is all about identifying and understanding a problem, finding out the logic behind its solution, and creating effective codes based on that logic. Therefore, the candidate you hire should possess good problem-solving and analytical skills.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get your burning questions answered.

Q 1

How Angular framework can benefit my enterprise app?

The angular framework provides HTML with data binding capacity. Single pages can be created easily and the navigation experience makes it advantageous for enterprise apps.

Q 2

What are the famous Angular enterprise apps?

AngularJS is fast progressing. Some of the famous web enterprise apps developed through Angular JS are Netflix, PayPal, Amazon, The Guardian, Gmail, etc.

Q 3

Can I save money with Angular development services?

Yes, you can save money with Angular development. It is a client-side framework but allows developers to work with any server-side technology. This takes less time and less money.

Q 4

Can you sign NDA for our work project?

Yes, we value your secrecy and our developers will follow NDA rules strictly when asked to sign it.

Q 5

How to hire Angular developers for enterprise-grade applications?

To hire AngularJS developers for an enterprise-grade app, focus on the developer’s experience. Check his/her past track record in the company.

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