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Travel App Development
What is the Travel tech Industry?

The Travel Industry is all about planning trips that are undertaken for business, social, leisure, or personal purposes. Any travel business aims to provide for its customers all that they need during their journey. The best method to tackle the needs of your customers is by applying Web Portal Development solutions to your aid. Online hotel reservations, guides, virtual reality solutions, Hotel app development all are a part of the Travel Tech industry.

What is Travel App Development?

The Travel industry is closely related to the hospitality industry. A hotel booking app development company like HackeKernel can use IT solutions for your progress. Travel apps try to automate travel. With Android App Development, your customerssave time by booking tickets while sitting at home. With Travel Tech solutions such as Tripster , users get to visit destinations virtually. They can check on the details of trips they plan. Flight booking app development reduces costs and saves time. It offers a great user experience to travelers.

If you relate your business to the travel industry, a travel app development company can help you. We can minimize your workload through travel technology. From hotel and flight ticket booking to guides and car rentals. A single web or mobile development solution is capable of managing everything.

Our Expertise

Hotel Booking App Development Company

A Hotel booking App Development Company like us offers your clients comfort and recreation through our mobile app development services. We are experts at developing customized solutions for travel agencies, hotel owners, and regional tour operators. If you wish to be a leading hospitality business, then travel management software like flight booking app development is a must for you. We can develop travel portals based on your needs and location. Travel start-ups benefit the most with Travel app solutions. We use the latest technology to make your development solution exceptional.

Our travel app developers are skilled in making feature-rich apps using popular frameworks of Angular, Ionic, and a Laravel Development. We can create tour guides for your customers. We develop APIs and third-party integrations through google maps and other location-tracking technology.   Our expertise in mobile development for Hotels extends to B&B services as well. We create Hybrid and Cross-platform travel apps for you with Google Cloud Platform Services to offer security management and infrastructure. As a hotel booking app development company, we have created web portals and native apps. We have experience working with large-scale, medium-scale, and startup firms.

If you are a startup, we can develop web and mobile solutions for your travel business idea. As a flight booking app development company, we create solutions that make tasks easy. Your customers get real-time notifications about their flights, roads, and way to reach the airport or any destination, check-in and check-out reminders, nearby locations, and much more. 

If your business is more specific to the traveling part, online cab booking has grown far more than local rikshaw business. Maps and compass features are an essential part of cab booking app development. The latest apps can include voice searches and help. For instance, a link to virtual assistants like Google, Cortona for making travel easy and convenient.

Flight Booking App Development

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Travel App Development Comapany

Tripster is a perfect travel tech app for travelers to customize trips, book tickets, plan journeys with friends and share memories.

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What We Can Do For You

Flight Booking App Development

The first part of travel begins with booking flights and planning travel details. Flight Booking Apps and websites offer tickets for a user to book in advance. Your customers can also compare and contrast different prices and pay for the tickets. We can develop API integrations for your app that show real-time information on different flights.

Hotel App Development

As a hotel booking app development company we know the various models of hotel chain websites such as the aggregate model or the merchant model. Based on models, hotels are linked to online hotel booking agencies. The nature of the model makes it profitable for you. Mobile app development for hotel bookings can also be expanded to booking a flight or a travel holiday package.

Cab/Taxi App Development

Online cab services are affordable and considered reliable. Especially for travelers who otherwise are not certain of the best means to transport. An app for your cab service can gain your goodwill and reach. With features that show routes and all available options suited for family or individual, your car rental/cab service app becomes perfect.

Travel Guide App Development

For travel bloggers, travel guide websites and applications are the most searched option. Such an app can make you compile all travel information about different places and countries for your readers. A travel guide app mentions local attractions and events, timings and location, currency convertors, local language phrases, and everything else that could guide a traveler.

All in one customized Travel App Development

Multipurpose Travel companies own websites and mobile applications that do not let their customer wander anywhere else. Such apps include everything that the agency asks for. For instance, flight booking software, hotel app development, luggage carriers, car rentals, translators, and guide hiring services. Features are also customized.

Travel Agency CRM

Customer experience is the most important aspect of the travel industry businesses. A CRM platform combines customer feedback on different points like sanitation, food-quality, guide behavior, etc. It is then implemented to improve services and customer relations.An internal app also helps the management of the travel agency that often functions on a contractual basis.

Why Choose HackerKernel
For Travel App Development Company?

If you think yours is a unique business, trust us for a unique solution. Linked closely with the travel industry is Food app development and Financial app development. Food businesses also hope to become the hotspot for travelers in their area. A Travel software Development Company like HackerKernel is among the best in the market as we have experience in other related sectors as well.

Hotel App Development
Ensure Safety

Flight booking app development and Hotel app development services by us are completely safe and secure. All your customer information, personal or financial is our utmost priority. Our apps are efficient to handle many bookings and the rush of festival times. We develop applications that can tackle loads of data and function without service interruption.

Affordable Rates

Our digital solutions for travel as a Travel software development company are cost-friendly. The travel industry can hardly function offline now, and at our rates, this is the time to shift to the online world and make your customers travel virtually. We offer travel solutions that represent your firm. Our web and mobile applications are developed within your budget.

Custom Hotel Booking App Development

We understand your needs first and then we create that which suits you best. Our team first analyses your business model, and target audience before developing any app or website.We customize the popular features based on your location and requirements. Your business app can have AI, chatbots, and provide your customer personalized services.

Dedicated Team and Quality standards-

Our members are always ready to help you if you are new to the digital world. Whether you are an established firm or a startup agency, we will come up with the best solution for you. You can hire our team of Travel App developers to get the best quality at the best rate. You can always connect with our team and check on the progress of your travel solution.

Attractive UI/UX

Our B2C Travel solutions have an intuitive user interface. Travelers have an eye for beauty. As a hotel booking app development company, we can promise you an appealing UI for your hotel app. Our designs and app layout convey the appeal and grandeur of your Hotel rooms and accommodation. Your customers get a great user experience with our web and mobile solutions.

On-time Delivery

As a hotel booking app development company, we are punctual with all that we do. We begin, develop, and complete our travel apps timely. We value your money, time, and faith in us.  We assure you of on-time delivery of our Mobile app development for Hotels. We also offer you constant support after the delivery of our project to resolve your doubts if any.

Benefits of Travel/Hotel App Development

Booking your stay online is easy and quick for one, and for a second it is so cost-effective. It lets your customers buy all of it easily through convenient payment gateways. Different types of Travel App Development Software Businesses like events management, luggage delivery services, eco-tourism, etc can all avail from a travel app development company.

Easy Transactions

With flight booking app development and hotel booking app development, payments have turned digital. You do not have to take care of the paperwork and keep hard copies of all previous business operations.

Improved Services

You can provide customized services with tour packages that are made according to customer choice. Apps help you improve on your service when you can take care of customer priorities separately.


If you are a part of the travel industry you can easily collaborate with other travel businesses to combine customers. A traveler has accommodation, food, and flight booking needs. Online you can integrate your services easily.

One-stop solution

Mobile and web solutions save the time and effort of your customers. Booking everything at a single place and that to while sitting at home, attracts customers. You can have one app for multiple services.  

Features of a Travel Software

Any software that makes your customers’ travel easy and helps you manage it, is a travel app. But an efficient travel app makes travel effortless and pleasurable. Travel apps are of various kinds. Some apps are designed and developed for a specific purpose while others mean to combine many things in a single application.

Comparison tables

This feature is for customer satisfaction. They can check view, room status, and location overview through photo galleries.A travel App should offer the best comparison features between different flights, hotels, and car rentals. The customer can choose according to his budget and necessity. A customer should be able to view pictures of your location.

Payment Gateways

Online travel booking needs secure in-app payment. The customer can pay from various modes of payment. Like a debit card, credit card, G-pay, PayPal, etc.  It is essential to hold user information and history. Such as booking history, the chosen language, favorite restaurants, and hotels, etc for hotel app development.

Cancellation alternative/ Online Bills

In the case of any cancellation of travel plans the procedure of cancellation and policy of refund should be there in any travel app. It is necessary for the trust of your customers. To be assured of secure and safe-conduct, travel apps have online receipts of purchased packs and plans. Online bills are also necessary for transparency.

Push Notifications/ Trip planner bots

These are instant reminders sent by the app to keep users updated. The customer is regularly informed of offers, new discounts, check-in, and check-out timings, etc.  A travel app can also have trip planner bots to guide your customers. They do not leave any aspect to plan. Chatbots also help the customers in getting better service,

GPS location/ Language Translator

Travel is all about different places and GPS integration APIs are asked for features in every travel app. Google map guides your customers in traveling. For travel within the local area of an alien city, without one’s vehicle, grabbing cabs is the best option available and one needs a map. Currency converters and Language Translators are complementary features that can make your travel software better than others.

Feedback Mechanism-

A kind of CRM integration in a general travel app, feedback, ratings, reviews, customer stories help you grow your business. It helps you hire better services from local guides, translators, and photographers based on customer satisfaction rates. You can add the option for your customers to add their stories. This can gain you more customers and goodwill.


Through a Travel Software Development Company like HackerKernel, you can expand your business. We can help you progress and offer a solution for all kinds of firms in the travel industry. We are a Software Development Company in India that strives to offer the best possible rates to clients. We have years of experience working in the travel teach industry.  As a Hotel App development company, we customize solutions for your business. To know more about our Travel App Development, you can reach out to us anytime.

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