Why you Hire HackerKernel as a PHP Development Company?

We have a team of professional and dedicated PHP developers who deliver high-quality and robust based PHP web development solutions. Our developers adopt and integrate proven web security tools and techniques to build websites and applications that are secure. They will implement best practices to handle the most complex projects while ensuring better performance, scalability, and security aspects.

Hire php Developer
Hire php Developer
Custom PHP Web Development

Our PHP developers design your application from scratch to support the entire PHP development lifecycle, from analysis and design to help and maintenance of launched products. Our developers are always there to get in touch with you throughout the process and guide you on what works best for you.

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Dedicated Skilled Developers

Our skilled PHP developers have experience in different technologies and frameworks that can be valuable assets for your business. It means you will have a diverse team that can tackle various projects and challenges. They have strong technical knowledge which helps them to build the most dynamic smooth applications

php Development Company in India
On-time Delivery

We do not over-promise instead we over-deliver. Our developers are good at sticking to deadlines, they will keep you updated with the progress on every stage. They have the ability to work under deadlines and deliver work on time - without compromising the quality.

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Integrations and Upgradations

Hire our php developers who are not only experienced in creating well PHP websites or apps but also in integrating and upgrading your current PHP versions through our integrations and upgrades services. With us, you can rest assured that you will get the best PHP services with skilled PHP programmers.

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PHP eCommerce Development

With our core field of expertise in PHP ecommerce development, our PHP developers focus on successful technology, trends, and popular applications on the market. So you can expect a greater level of ownership, commitment, and deliveries in less time with higher quality along with all the best practices in the development stage.

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CMS Development

CMS development separates layout and content so it can be updated independently. With our full-scale expertise in open-source CMS, we can help you in building a highly customized website from scratch or also build add-on modules for CMS through our PHP CMS customization services.

Benefits of PHP Development for Your Project

PHP is considered one of the most versatile and programming-friendly scripting languages. It is open-source and includes a wide range of functionalities that stands it out from the crowd. It has also online community support that makes it popular among renowned development agencies offering PHP web development services globally. Here are some benefits that why it is quite popular and the most preferred language around the world.

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Extremely secure

It is now crucial for business websites to maintain security. PHP includes built-in tools that enhance the security of the website. It protects website data from being stolen or getting modified. Due to its solid functionality and capability to safeguard data, it has become the top choice for companies.

php Development Company in India

Improve Load Speed

PHP is a popular language for developing web applications and web pages as it improves loading speed, leading to faster websites. Fast-loading web page leads to increase user satisfaction and better SEO performance that helps improve online visibility and attract more traffic to the website.

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PHP is free to use so you don’t have to spend much on buying software. With PHP you can work on different databases including PostgreSQL, MySQL, and Apache which leads to reduces web development costs, leading to cost-effectiveness.

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Businesses want better development solutions to generate ROI. They create scalable IT software solutions and make necessary changes with each update. Its code is well-written and well-documented which means errors can be easily fixed, resulting in building better software that meets their needs.

Industries Served By us as a PHP Web Development Company

Hire PHP developers that have served all businesses and areas. Our web services depend on the different requirements of specific industries. In case your PHP development needs lie across industry verticals, our PHP designers can furnish you with custom PHP web and mobile applications. Our CodeIgniter development services are adaptable and give your business the strength of an online channel.

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The Foodtech business is about versatile solutions for the industry. Hire CodeIgniter developers that can make your solution simple and quicker than before.

php Development Company in India


Individuals today are bound to check their cellphones for booking hotels. Hire PHP developers to design travel and tourism apps for your clients.

php Development Company

Real Estate

Our VR/AR PHP development service solutions have eased land business processes.PHP web development apps are capable of handling such operations easily.

Hire php Developer


Hire PHP developers to transform your payment processes. Fintech applications are the reason for the advancement of numerous large brands out there.

Hire php Developer India


A PHP development company can provide you an app that requires much less time to be developedas compared to other frameworks. Save your time and efforts.

Hire php Developer India


The medical services industry is steadily extending in its span and significance. It has turned towards scalable PHP web development solutions.

php Development Company in India

eCommerce & On-Demand

A PHP development company can design apps for your eCommerce websites that can send real-time notifications and interact with customers with chatbot APIs.

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Media & Social

The social network firms use CodeIgniter development services for fast performing light social media applications that can handle huge databases.


Reasons to Hire PHP Developers from HackerKernel

Our developers know how to use PHP to its fullest potential to make your application fully functional. They create software solutions that are scalable and efficient. Most candidates today are opting for in-person interviews and are increasingly moving towards remote working options. However, with HackerKernel, you can capitalize on this and hire candidates without any hassle.


Technical Expertise

Hire dedicated PHP developers at HackerKernel to get apps and websites with seamless functionality. We have years of experience as a PHP web development company in creating clean and bug-free PHP-based coding. You will never have to face issues with technical glitches no matter the load of the data on the server of your web portal.


Flexible Operations

One of the main reasons for hiring dedicated PHP developers from us is the flexible hiring model we offer. With us, you don’t need to go through the hiring process again or ask for price quotes every time. We will do all that for you, giving you access to highly skilled developers who perform their job with top quality.


Bugs Free PHP Application

Software development includes various cross-functional teams and PHP code needs to be on point. Developers at HackerKernel ensure timely code delivery, and a decreased time-to-market, and removes various bugs so that it's bug-free and efficient.

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Steps and Process to Hire Dedicated PHP Developers

PHP has proved as one of the most preferred programming languages by professionals because of its robust development potential. Sometimes, hiring an offshore developer is often a strategic decision so you need to be smart here. To help you, here are the steps you can follow to hire dedicated PHP developers:

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Before you start hiring a PHP developer, you should know what your project demands. Get your project requirements straight, describe the goals of the project, and think about important factors. The more specific about your project, you get the better.


Conduct Interview

Shortlist the candidates you want to hire and after shortlisting, conduct an interview to better understand their portfolio. Ask about coding standards they followed in the past, get a detailed insight into their experience, know about their communication fluency, or assign them a task to better understand their knowledge and skill set.


Select the best one

Select the best one - Once you finalized the interview, don’t forget to check whether they are able to find and fix errors and also possess good testing skills. They should also know to provide immediate support and maintenance to help boost productivity. And if the candidate ticks all the options, hire the best one for your project.

How to Interview and Hire PHP Web Developers

Finding a PHP developer is easy, but finding a good PHP developer is difficult, especially when you want to hire someone who can build restaurant POS systems through specific methods and approaches.

You want to hire someone who can actively come up with a solution and fix errors to increase app performance. And to be able to do that, a developer should possess some strong PHP development skills.

Hire Dedicated php Developers

Skills Required For a PHP Developer

A PHP developer is someone who develops feature-rich applications using the language of PHP. Hire dedicated PHP developers that know how to test and deploy projects within time in an effective manner. A PHP developer should be skilled in popular PHP frameworks like Laravel, CodeIgniter development, etc.

A PHP developer should be able to do coding with languages like CSS, HTML, etc. He / She should be skilled in scripting between different platforms and multiple browsers. Hire PHP developers that are updated with the latest programming tools and practices. Look for PHP developers based on their track record and past projects.

A PHP developer should know TypeScript, CodeKit, WebStorm, Angular JS, and many other tools. He should also possess certain soft skills that are essential for any software developer. A developer’s skill set should be diverse and varied.

1. Knowledge of PHP and MVC framework:

The developer should possess strong knowledge of PHP - its functions and classes, and the MVC frameworks such as Laravel, Codeigniter, or Yii. With an MVC pattern, they can make the code more organized and easier to maintain, which enables them to create applications that are modular and easier to maintain.

2. Knowledge of Ajax, MySQL, and jQuery:

The candidate should know Ajax to make update the page content and improve user experience. Their MySQL knowledge will enables interacting with databases and to create, read, update, & delete data from a MySQL database. Further, jQuery skills are necessary so they can simplify the common tasks in software development.

3. Knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, and API:

Strong knowledge of JavaScript is necessary to create dynamic and interactive web pages. Their HTML knowledge will help them to create web pages that are accessible and easy to navigate. Further, they should know how to create their own APIs to share data and functionality with other applications or services.

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A developer you hire must possess good communication skills so as to be able to collaborate and connect with other team members and clients easily. Having good communication skills is proof that they also possess a strong work ethic and will be a great candidate to work with you and your team members.

Critical Thinking:

A good developer should also be a great thinker to come up with unique and creative ideas when working on a complex project. Their ability of being creative will make them unique and sometimes it’s just a single idea that doesn't only help you grow but also outranks your competitors.


A business application you built should be bug-free and contain no errors so there's no problem after launch. A developer you hire must be a great problem-solver so they can think creatively and analytically, break down problems into smaller parts and use a systematic approach.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get your burning questions answered.

Q 1

Is PHP web development secure?

Yes, PHP apps are considered completely secure. PHP codes are used in popular frameworks like Laravel and CodeIgniter known for security.

Q 2

What are good PHP development frameworks?

Laravel, CodeIgniter, Symphony, CakePHP, and Phalcon are some of the good PHP web development frameworks.

Q 3

How can we choose a developer of our choice?

You can interview our PHP developers and ask them about your project needs. Hiring full stacks developers can help you get better custom apps.

Q 4

What are the benefits of hiring PHP developers at HackerKernel?

When you hire PHP developers at HackerKernels, you get 100% transparency and integrity guaranteed. You get a team of dedicated PHP developers that are experienced and professionals.

Q 5

How much can a full-time PHP developer cost me?

The cost of hiring depends on the skills and the experience of the developer you hire.

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