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elearning app development
What is the e-Learning Industry?

The eLearning industry is all about changing a physical classroom into a virtual one. It aims to make the experience of virtual learning through SaaS application development solutions real-time. The industry has grown positively. If you are an educational institution, we can assist you as a Learning Management System, LMS development Company.

What is Educational App Development?

An educational app development company can offer you a single app for all your educationalneeds. From study material and stationery to classrooms and grade reports. An education app development company can compile it all in a mobile app and web portal development solution. Your learners get to study from the comfort of their homes.

Educational app development services are meant to save time. Educational App developers can help you deliver online courses in real-time. We develop interesting eLearning web and mobile solutions that make learning fun. Our software development approach is based on user experience. We have intensive experience as an education mobile app development company. Our Reactjs developers use the latest technology and gaming features on the e-learning app to engage your users. Our development solutions ensure interactive and social learning. We are an LMS development company with custom solutions for your firm. We have a team of skilled education app developer.

Our Expertise

elearning app development

Our Educational app developers build high-quality solutions that can handle your content. Study material is the key part of any eLearning mobile app solution. Comprehensive featuresto revise the material are also necessary.Our expertise as an educational app development company lies in creating web and mobile applications. Good content creation is important for your users to stay connected with you. We make sure our educational app development services are up to the mark.

Our education app developers are skilled in graphic designing and explainer video production . eLearning apps have video-based learning that gives you an edge over traditional teaching. We create user-friendly apps.Our educational app development services are based on AWS cloud computing to tackle huge files with minimum downtime. Our UI/UX designers are experts at making intuitive eLearning apps. It retains users with your learning application development solution.

If your firm is looking for a training program for app development, we can develop your e-learning software. Hire NodeJS developers for feature-rich education apps, that include various features of whiteboards, notepads, text messages, chats, video conferencing, ebooks, etc. Your users don’t need separate technical learning to access and navigate your solution.You can provide various courses on multiple topics. As an education mobile app development company, we add APIs and third-party integrations to your web solution. Students can surf the internet and search for keywords.

Payments become hassle-free with online payment gateways. Our Mern stack developers are experts at developing apps that can balance server load. Our development ways are methodical. . Our apps can efficiently check on network distribution across multiple servers.Our apps and backend codes can easily manage application traffic. Many users can effectively learn at a single time without service interruption.

elearning app development

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What We Can Do For You

E2C eLearning App Development

We can develop apps for your educational ventures. As an educational app development company, we understand the details of a popular eLearning app. If you are a startup in the industry, our team can help you with the entire process of app creation.

Business Training App Development

Training new employees are important for many business purposes. An education app development company can provide you with a learning app for your staff. New programs canbe updated on the software for the entire staff. It is a one-time investment.

eLearning Web Portals/ Tuition App Development

Our education app developers can create a web portal for your coaching venture. If your business is oriented towards encouraging students by being cost-effective. Then, we can develop Progressive web applications for you. eLearning apps save your customers money and time as well.

Virtual Classrooms and Video Conferencing App Development

With the improvement in technology, face-to-face learning has become possible online. We can develop video conferencing apps for your business. Meetings and classes are much more interactive with classroom apps. Our education app developers can add, features like participant controls, presentation, etc.

LMS Development

An LMS platform can be used effectively to track online training and learning activities. We are an LMS development company that can help you get an efficient management system. Your customers can access the study material with the app. You can create content in an LMS software by linking it to any third-party software.

Games in Education App development

As an education mobile app development company, we can create mini-games for your learners. Games are not only fun but interactive.From simple sudokus to complex puzzles. Our education app developers can build apps and create the best games for your customers. This makes learning interactive and social activity.

Why choose HackerKernel
For eLearning App Development Company?

We develop education mobile apps that increase the output for your training courses and learning programs. Our educational web and mobile apps are versatile. Training programs and assessment apps are required in all sectors. We can link our eLearning solution with your research Healthcare App Development or with real estate CRM software .

elearning app development
Highly Affordable and Timely Service

Investing in your eLearning solution with us can prove to be a cost-effective decision. Our education app developers can help you generate high revenue.You get a digital learning platform at nominal rates to deliver your content to your audience. You can post and share your links with other similar service providers.

Real-time User Engagement

We guarantee real-time 24/7 interaction. Assessment, learning records, performance details can all be maintained online. Our educational app development services can be accessed in real-time based on need.

AI Analysis Tools

We are an LMS development company that makes your app user-friendly and productive. We add AI and machine learning mechanisms to make learning interesting. Our eLearning apps have analysis systems that inform both the learner and the teacher of the progress. Based on reports further studies, schedules and remedial classes can be planned.

Flexible Apps

An eLearning solution developed by our educational app development company is a single solution to many problems. Our services can be integrated with traditional training for better understanding.Our development solutions are completely flexible. They can bend and adapt to your business needs.

Latest Technological Methods

Our education app developers build scalable solutions with the latest technological tools. The features used are built according to the new generation. Our apps are easy to use and provide the same native experience on any device.

Widen Your reach with us

Our education mobile app development includes pushing notification features. You can post any update or information notice and it reaches within seconds. We can link your eLearning solutions to other social media outlets and third-party websites for better reach. Our educational app developers can aid you with the process of gaining a strong presence to reach the masses.

Benefits of eLearning App Development For Your Business

eLearning mobile and web solutions make learning an engaging task for your customers. Courses, certificates with university affiliation attract learners. This along with practice sessions, FAQs, fun games, etc makes an education app beneficial for your company or educational institution. Following are the benefits of collaborating with an education mobile app development company.

Better Retention

eLearning apps instead of traditional methods provide stuff in a brief manner. The content is concise, to the point, and fun to learn. That is why your eLearning app can offer you customers’ better completion rates and retention too.


With an eLearning app, you can easily collaborate your business with the online community. You increase your reach. Your link to major publishing houses or universities online makes the goodwill of your institution.

Increased user-base

A physical institution is confined to its location. But an educational app can be used on any phone and at any place. It replaces your customers traveling costs and other expenses with a broadband connection. So, your customers increase in number.

Flexibility and Engagement

If you want an edge over other institutions you might want to go extra. To increase your engagement rate and provide flexibility to your students. An education mobile app is the bestoption.

Features of a Mobile Financial Application

We make feature-rich and secure apps as an education app development company. Our educational app development includes nurturing an idea, developing it towards its successfullaunch. All eLearning apps have some common features. These are for the student panel, teacher panel, and admin panel. Posting questions, content, etc it becomes efficient.

AI Voice Feature

This feature is for ease in learning. Voice command is especially used for visually challengedpeople. Artificial Intelligence backed voice command can help students navigate through the app.The installed system can help students select among learning courses, videos, type messages, and much more. The app can also recognize the voice for sign-in/login commands.

Dashboard/ Discussion boards

Dashboards are for overall functionality. A user dashboard depends on his role i.e. a teacher, student, or admin. It provides an overview of all the tasks the user can undertake with the app.The dashboard summarizes the efficiency of the app. Discussion boards also increase communication between users. People can comment, talk and learn together.

Multiple Language Options

A learning app should be useful for all types of students. Working in a regional and native language is easy. An eLearning app should have the feature to select among multiple languages.This makes it popular among students from diverse regions. A student should also be able tomanage posted documents and material easily.

Assessment Methods

Quizzes and assignments are important for assessing the progress of your students. MCQ quizzes are fun and students can also check on their knowledge with them. Daily-base quizzes with points encourage sporting learning. Practice tests can be integrated with leader boards. This increases healthy competition. It motivates the students to perform better.

Video classes and Chatroom

Free video lessons and demo classes help users assess what is of their use. It imparts your teaching methods and course usability. An eLearning app solution should be able to stream live lessons and classes.It is to be integrated with chatrooms. Students can ask doubts if any. Chatrooms function in the middle of the class as well.


HackerKernel is among the leading educational App Development company in India. We are an LMS development company that can provide customized solutions. Our process starts with understanding your needs. We provide constant support and maintenance to yourfirm. Our education app developers can help you with the latest updates in the eLearning industry. We build feature-rich apps and performance-oriented apps. We have years of experience as an eLearning app development company.We can create corporate training apps and skill-boosting apps for your firm. As an educationapp development company, we keep our solution secure and relevant. It is built to be profitable and competitive.

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