Why you Hire HackerKernel as a MEAN Stack Development Company ?

Hiring our MEAN stack development company comes with the advantage of hiring developers who not only possess a deep understanding of all the stack technologies but also deliver high-quality solutions. They bring their expertise and experience to your project, ensuring it is completed on time and within budget.

Hire Mean Stack Developers
Mean Stack Development Company
Top Rated CMS Development

A well-designed and functional CMS enables businesses to streamline their content creation and publishing process, which improves the website’s SEO performance and enhances the overall user experience. Our developers are experts at delivering top-rated CMS development solutions including designing and developing custom themes and plugins, SEO-friendly solutions, and security that’s beneficial for your business.

Mean Stack Development Company
API Development

Our MEAN stack-based API development experts create a restful API server or custom APIs that are fast, secure, and flexible. They’ve developed APIs using various technologies, and are proficient in building websites and web portals. With their expertise, they can create fully functional and stunning APIs that match perfectly with your project requirements.

Hire Mean Stack Developers
Custom Web And Portal Development

We help you with designing and developing web-based solutions. Our expert team of designers and developers stays updated with the current market trends. They will help your business to improve its customer engagement, integrate internal workflows, and enhance overall performance.

Hire Mean Stack Developers
ERP Development

ERP development can be extended to any level as it gives more flexibility. Our expert programmers focus on developing cost-effective, and scalable solutions that run seamlessly across several platforms. Get advantage of the extremely fast JavaScript-enabled MEAN framework to rebuild your ERP web solutions into full-scale, enterprise-ready interfaces.

Hire Mean Stack Developers
Migration and Porting

Do you have some legacy apps in place? We will help you port them into the stack. Our MEAN stack migration experts will upgrade your existing apps using the mean stack with the utmost security.

Hire Mean Stack Developers
Testing and Quality Assurance

With our testing and quality assurance service, we make sure our clients get top-quality solutions for their products and services. Our team of experienced QA engineers has the expertise and knowledge to identify bugs and fix errors before a product is released to the market.

Benefits of MEAN Stack Development for your Project

The modern MEAN stack is a combination of four advanced JS technologies used to build scalable and reliable web applications. Its structure delivers an organized mechanism for the data transformation into JSON format. Its structure is more suitable for handling huge traffic and maintaining mobile applications' dynamic performance.


Isomorphic Coding

Apps developed with isomorphic coding can work on multiple platforms such as Android and iOS without changing the code base. This enables working more on enhancing the app functionalities. MEAN stack is beneficial for you if you are looking to reach a wide market segment.


Cost Effective

The stack provides various powerful tools that can be used to create efficient and scalable web applications with less code and less time, resulting in lower costs. The stack can also be deployed on various hosting platforms such as cloud-based services, providing cost-savings by use of scalable resources and pay-as-you-go pricing models.


High Flexibility

It provides support for your business to create simple, intuitive, open-source solutions that are easy to maintain and upgrade, rich and robust enough to satisfy complex hybrid mobile applications needs and cloud solutions.


Single Programming Language

MEAN tech stack is written in a single programming language called JavaScript. Applications will be built in one language, making it easier for developers to easily switch between the client and the server. With this technology stack, they can easily deploy web applications on a server.

Industries Served By us as a MEAN Stack Development Company

Hire Mean Stack developers from our organization to get the most of Mean stack development services. Our Mean stack developers have many customers who are content with our administration and Mean stack software development. We serve all businesses as a MongoDB development company that exists in various fields. Our work experience makes usa decent decision for all enterprises out there.

Mean Stack Development


A Mean Stack developer can provide the Food and agriculture industry with an easy-to-use app for customers with minimum technical skills.

Mean Stack Developers


Enhance your payment methods and make your internal management efficient with our Meanstack travel and tourism web and mobile solutions.

Hire Mean Stack Developers

Real Estate

Our MongoDB developers have in-depth knowledge in creating real estate software that can contribute to the advancement in the industry’s methods.

Mean Stack Development


Hire Mean stack developers to get secure and scalable, software products. Our solutions are feature-packed for your finance and banking needs.

Mean Stack Developers


A Mean Stack developer is best for your eLearning solution. It is not only cost-efficient but these apps are highly scalable for your future requirements to expand.

Mean Stack Development Company


Hire Mean-stack developers that experts at creating advanced medical web and mobile development solutions that follow the industry’s needs.

Hire Mean Stack Developers

eCommerce & On-Demand

Hire MongoDB developers to get your best custom eCommerce web and mobile solution. Our Mean Stack developers are also experienced in retail software.

Mean Stack Development

Media & Social

If your business is related to social media and networking, you can hire Mean Stack developers from us, for their experience and skills.


Reasons to Hire MEAN Stack Developers

With our expertise in web and mobile app development services, HackerKernel delivers a top-notch MEAN stack solution that reflects your business objectives within the desired timeline. Our developers are well-versed in UI/UX development ,and provide top-line solutions. Leveraging JavaScript language, our developers use state-of-the-art tools and techniques, and follow the latest market trends to provide the best-in-class and futuristic solutions.


Experienced Developers

With customized plans, our mean stack developers provide seamless design, development, and maintenance solutions to build a scalable platform that can help you grow your business. You can request any additional feature for your application, and our experienced developers will deliver accurate solutions with easy processes to provide the best user experience possible.


Out of the Box Solutions

For every problem coming in the development stage, our developers always think out of the box and consistently come up with solid and innovative solutions. They think out of the box, and if needed, they try to discover new solutions that are not only modern and integrated but also more effective and efficient.


Proficient in Project Management

Our developers know project management principles well that ensure the development process is well-structured and meets the project’s objectives and requirements. They work closely with project managers and other team members, which enables them to deliver projects in shorter time frames with high-quality standards.

Mean Stack Development

The Process to Hire Dedicated Mean Stack Developers

Hiring Mean Stack developers is an easy and simple process once your app goals and outcomes are clear in your mind. Our developers are proficient at delivering robust, custom, and satisfactory results for your customers. Following are the steps that we follow as a Mean Stack Web Development Company. When you have to hire our dedicated Mean Stack Developers:

Mean Stack Development Company


Select Candidates

Once you have sent us your needs in detail, we assess your requirements regarding your project. We send you the resume of our dedicated Mean Stack developers. Have a thorough look at our employees. Then select or shortlist the candidates that suit you the best for an interview.


Take the Interview

The candidates you have selected have various skills. You are free to interview them and select the best one among them or a team of developers at your convenience. You interview the developers and decide upon your team for Mean Stack development services. Then our project manager will communicate with you the plan of the project


Finalize and Begin

The only thing left in the process to hire Mean Stack developers is agreeing to the simple terms and conditions. This helps efficiency and transparency. You sign the contract after going through the terms and conditions. Once you agree upon matters of salary and time frame you can begin with assigning tasks to your Mean Stack developers.

How to Interview and Hire MEAN Stack Developers

The MEAN stack is a popular choice due to its flexibility, precise language, and scalability - these features also make it ideal for eCommerce development. You can get all benefits when you hire a developer who can deliver solutions as per your expectations.

And to do so, look at some technical and non-technical skills that can help you identify if they are the right fit for your project or not. Here’s the list of skills you should look for in a MEAN stack developer.

Mean Stack Developers

Skills Required For a Mean Stack Developer

Mean Stack is broadly utilized for web and mobile application development. Software development through Mean Stack requires skills in JavaScript. Skills of MongoDB development, AngularJS, Express, and NodeJS is necessary.

To hire developers for your company you should above all else, check whether the developer knows the subtleties of the framework. Skills of basic HTML, CSS, JavaScript are important. You can hire Mean Stack developers based on their proficiency in the framework you need inyour project. Mean Stack when utilized ideally has incredible potential for custom web applications.

The skills of a Mean Stack developer can be classified into hard and soft skills. A Mean Stack developer should have some knowledge about other frameworks as well. A developer is also judged according to his skills in communication and his decision-making abilities.

1. JavaScript and Git Knowledge

A MEAN stack developer should also possess strong knowledge of JavaScript. The developer needs to be familiar with basic JavaScript syntax and possesses strong knowledge of Git. Git is a leading version control system that allows them to make changes to their code and revert to previous versions, if necessary.

2.MongoDB and Express

MongoDB is a database that allows developers to store JSON documents. They should know how to write queries for MongoDB and product information for the back end. Developers that are familiar with Express should also know to write a hundred lines of URL responses in a few lines of code.

3. Angular and Node js

Developers skilled with Angular should know creating multiple modules easily for a single website application. They should possess strong knowledge of Node.js to seamlessly track,, and handle data and responses between the front end and the back end.

Mongodb Development Company
Leadership :

A developer you hire must hold leadership capability, including strong decision-making skills, an eye toward team-building, and confidence. Look for a candidate who has the ability to lead new projects, and mentor team members. You can ask about their experience when they lead a team and how it made them good leaders.

Team Player :

Software development cannot be successful without good teamwork. A developer should be a good team player. He or she should be open to discussing innovative ideas, pointing out bugs and solving them with the team, accepting feedback from others, and also willing to guide other team members.

Cooperation :

Look for developers who praise their coworkers, are open to collaboration, and offer to help. One who’s good at cooperation knows other members’ strengths and weaknesses and can assign tasks based on the information. He or she should know to treat colleagues with empathy and respect and good at developing relationships with colleagues and clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get your burning questions answered.

Q 1

What are the advantages of Mean Stack app development?

Mean Stack includes MongoDB, Express, Angular, and NodeJS. A single developer iscapable of building both the back and front end of your application through Mean Stack. Mean Stack supports isomorphic coding that can save your time and effort in the future.

Q 2

How long does it take to hire mean stack developers?

The entire process can take 5-6 working days in maximum. Once we assess your needs and send resumes of our employees, you interview developers and we can begin work as early as possible.

Q 3

Do you work on an hour-basis?

Yes, we have flexible models of work. We work on hourly hiring and you can pay our developers based on the hours of work done. You also get real-time reports of work done.

Q 4

How much will you charge me as a Mean Stack development company?

We do not charge any fixed price for you. The complexity of your project and the size of your Mean Stack app development team can change your development cost. It also depends on the complexity of your project.

Q 5

Will the hired team, work for us only?

Yes, a dedicated Mean Stack developer team means the hired developers will work for your project full-time or as you ask them to.

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