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What is the FoodTech Industry?

The words Food and Technology combine to form the Foodtech industry. When technologies such as Artificial Intelligence Development , the Internet of Things, etc are utilized by any food delivery app developer to make the production and sale of agro-food products modern and efficient, the result is known to be a part of the FoodTech industry. A food ordering app development company can provide you with a creative solution for your business idea.

What is Food App Development?

The Agro-food industry constitutes many FoodTech companies that depend on innovative methods and labs for their production and operations. The growth in the use of e-commerce frameworks, smartphones, and migration to the private cloud has increased the potential of FoodTech development solutions. Our services as a food app development company include building software that aids your business processes.

The process of Food App development includes on-demand food delivery app development, restaurant POS software to ease your sales management, Diet Apps with personalized food charts, digitalized menu cards, traceable delivery between food producers through blockchaintechnology, software to check real-time inventories, billing automation in retail shops and supermarkets, Foodtech ERP Development and much more. A Food delivery app development company can benefit your food business with a solution. That needs less efforts and time on your part and provides a higher number of profits.

Our Expertise

Restaurant App Development Company

As a Restaurant App Development company, we are experts at creating custom solutions for your restaurant and outlets. We understand your specific needs and develop apps that suit your staff’s skills and capabilities. You don’t have to adjust to the technology, instead, our solution is adapted to you. HumbleCow is one such customized ERP solution, that aims to meet the needs of our client’s business.

Our food delivery app developers are experienced in numerous technological tools and frameworks. We have worked on diverse platforms like Node.JS, Angular, PHP Laravel, etc, and provided services that suit all devices. You can hire PHP developers that have developed many food ordering apps and have practical experience in developing apps that are a customer and performance-oriented. Our years of experience as a food ordering app development company can benefit your firm.

On demand food delivery app development serves food businesses that act as mediators between customers and food producers. Apps for restaurants need to be secure and different to gain customers. Our on demand food delivery app developers ensure the security of their development solutions. We add artificial intelligence and machine learning capacities to your on demand food delivery app. You can serve your customers better based on their choices and habits.

Restaurant POS Software developed by us includes custom systems that allow for real-time changes in the food items and menu cards. We integrate payment gateways with your restaurant delivery and food order platforms. We can program alternative methods of payment like e-checks, prepaid cards, etc to make your restaurant POS software stand out. We make sure that the security of your restaurant POS software is encrypted with safety layers throughout.

Food Delivery App Developer

Explore The Work Has Done by Us

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Grossino is a food delivery application that offers its users to buy grocery items, find restaurants for cooked food delivery, and even medicines online.

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Food App Development Comapany

Foosh is an Android App for online buyers to explore restaurants nearby to dine out or order at home. It has a delivery boy app as well.

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What We Can Do For You

Food Aggregator App

Our food delivery app developers can build effective Android and iOS mobile apps for your firm. You can easily attract customers by connecting them not only with food providers but other related services. Such as cab services, free meals, discount offers in different places, table reservations, etc.

On Demand Food Delivery App

If your business works as a link between customers and popular hotspots for the foodies, with a focus on fresh food. you might need more than efficient services to gain on customers. As a food app development company, we can help you expand your business with our innovative ideas and digital solutions.

Restaurant Management System

We can develop software to make your restaurant’s sales management, order, and delivery processes easy. We can provide you with, restaurant POS software or ERP systems to monitor your restaurant chain spread across different cities. Mobile apps are efficient and make work effortless.

Grocery Order Systems

If you are a Grocery chain or a Grocery megastore, your supermarket can not remain offline for long. Customers nowadays prefer buying grocery items online and are attracted by fast and responsive services. As a food ordering app development company, we can help you track your stock and customer demands.

B2C/B2B Foodtech Web And Mobile Apps

If your business is about producing or reselling any kind of food or agricultural product. A web portal or mobile app can make your services reach far more than the usual radius. Your business gets visible and you can check on your deliveries effectively. We can link our solution to third-party laboratory machines for your agro-tech company.

Ghost Restaurant Applications

We are a restaurant app development company. We know the importance of a web or mobile app solution for your ghost restaurant. Your customers depend on your quick services and delicious food delivered. We develop apps with beautiful UI/UX features that work fast and best represent your restaurant.

Why Choose Hackerkernel
For Food App Development Company?

On-demand apps have proved efficient for all sectors, may it be Hotel app development, retail businesses, or food app development. Maximum smartphone users depend on their mobile devices to search restaurants and food destinations nearby. Many people prefer home delivery over dining in restaurants. Foodtech app development has taken a front seat in the industry. A food delivery app development company like HackerKernel can help you become better than your competitors.

Food Ordering App Development Company
Easy Online Ordering

Choose us as your food ordering app development company to get mobile-friendly layouts and designs for your development solutions. Our developers make your app so that online ordering becomes easy for all sorts of customers. Our B2C portals and food apps require minimum technical knowledge to work on and navigate through.

Feature-rich Apps

We believe in developing fully-featured and customized solutions for your business apps. Our on demand food delivery app development services have great visual features and outlooks. High-resolution images compressed for fast loading helps your customers. To get the exact and same look of the food dish they would like to order.

Supply Chain Management

We are a restaurant app development company that can assist you in supervising all the business and supply chain processes of your firm. You can monitor your workers and delivery boys. Our apps have AI technology that can help you track everything that includes purchasing raw materials and processing ingredients.

Multi-platform Apps

As a food app development company, we recognize your vast user base and potential customers from various operating systems. We design mobile and web solutions for diverse platforms. We build native apps, cross-platform apps, progressive web apps that work on Android, iOS, Windows, etc. Our approach is multi-channel for your firm’s progress.

Affordable Services

We understand your needs that are unique to your position in the market and limitations that depend on your budget. Our food delivery app developers, provide you with services at reasonable rates. You can hire our restaurant mobile app developers and pay according to the work done. High-quality services at less prices are guaranteed.

Constant Support

We are always available at your request to get the job done and handle all your queries regarding your development solution. Be it solving minor issues or upgrading your food web and mobile application to a better version. Our support staff is keen to help you after the project is completed. You can depend on our post-maintenance services.

Benefits of Having a Food App Development

Business nowadays has become all about reach and visibility. If an Agro-food firm has to progress or become a successful brand, mobile solutions are a must-have. Your business needs to become accessible to the most remote of your customers and your development solution should be clear about goals. Foodtech solutions help you become visible and present on multiple platforms.

Strong Presence

A food app development company can help you achieve a strong presence across markets. You can perform your business activities and advertise together. Your restaurant is present and linked with multiple channels.

Latest Technology

Developing a food tech solution means moving ahead with the modern world. Technology can make your business easy and efficient. It reduces your time and long-term expenditure. Future generation solutions are good for startups.


on demand food delivery app development can help you make a great number of profits. You can automate your business processes and calculate your transactions with the help of technological solutions. Chances of mistake and human errors are minimized.


Restaurant owners can check on and connect better with their customers. Communication helps you create permanent customers out of frequent ones. You can use push notifications to update them on discounts, offers, vouchers, and their favorite meals.

Feature Of An On Demand Food Delivery App

Food ordering app development companies like Hackerkernel can help you keep a check on your customers’ behavior. and demands through feature-rich food apps. An on demand food delivery app can provide you an admin panel and platform to create content. Feedback on your services, innovate your business operations, and provide the best user experience. Many features are a must-have for a food tech development solution. :

Delivery Schedules and real-time tracking

Your customers should have the convenience of scheduling their deliveries. It must be in their command to set a specific time or date for their orders. So that it suits their plans and needs. They can also schedule pick-ups if delivery is not possible. Real-time sharing of location linked with G-maps is also important.

Real-time notifications and Filtered search

Food delivery app development companies make sure your customers are updated with their orders through real-time push notifications. Pop-up notifications inform the user of discounts, special dishes, offers, etc. A customer should be able to filter his/her searches by location, category, ratings, or prices of dining.

Order history and Calculator

The more amount of transparency in your orders more will be the loyalty of your brand and your customers’ trust in you. Customers should be able to check on previous orders and history, there must be tracking IDs, Bill numbers, etc attached to order status. It should be easy for the customer to assess the total cost as well.

Re-order and Personal Account

Food delivery app development grows with the help of customer habits. Your food tech solution should have account set-ups created by using as many personal details. As the customers deem it fit to share. Social profiles when linked to your app, offer visibility to your firm. A customer can check on his account to re-order the same food items.


This is a must-have feature for any on demand food delivery app development solution. Customers would choose your firm when they benefit from it. Your app can make them aware of discounts. You can also use the same feature for marketing. For example, a customer receives a discount when he/she shares a product with Xyz contacts.

Multiple Payment Methods

Your restaurant POS system should have a digital invoice generator that delivers the invoice to customers’ email or contact numbers for online payment. A customer should be able to pay through various means, debit/credit cards, UPI, Cash on Delivery, etc. as best suits them. This makes payment hassle-free as payment. To get the value of money is something every customer is concerned about.


We at HackerKernel combine technology with design and after-support services to help you progress as a food app development company. We are a Mobile app Development Company in India, that serves all industries and sectors. We have years of experience in the Foodtech industry and create the best for you. Foodtech solutions have become a necessity for any Agro-food business. As a Restaurant app development company, we can promise you secure, quick, and efficient solutions for your food business. Our custom Restaurant POS software and food delivery software are built to cater to your needs. We make our solution to suit your business model.

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