Why you Hire Hackerkernel for Cross platform app Development

We are an ethical cross-platform app development company. Our group of developers and project managers are experts in their fields and will assure you with best work for your business. They have years of experience in this domain. We offer trustworthy react-native developers who analyzing your business requirements and the market trends for a compatible growth of your business.

Cross Platform App Development Company
Enhanced UI/UX

Cross platform mobile app development necessitates a user-friendly UI and a unified user experience. At Hackerkernel, we understand that UI/UX is critical to the success of your app . Our cross platform mobile app developers make certain that your product looks and feels natural across multiple platforms while also providing an excellent user experience.

Affordable Services

We guarantee to give economical app development services. When it comes to cross platform mobile app development, we believe that cost should not be a barrier to entry. Our professional development team ensures that you get the most value for your money without sacrificing quality.

Quick Development

When it comes to multi platform mobile app development, time is the utmost importance. At Hackekernel We understand the importance of delivering your software on time.To ensure that your app is developed quickly, our skilled developers use agile approaches and best practices.. By choosing us, you can be assured of getting the best cross platform project as per your needs.

App Integration and Upgradation

Your app requirements may alter as your company expands. At Hackerkernel, we understand the value of app integration and upgrade for your organization. Our cross platform mobile app development services offer smooth integration and upgradation of your app while retaining optimal performance across many platforms.

100% Transparency

When it comes to providing our services, we believe in complete transparency. We keep you updated on the progress of your app development at every stage of the process.This gives you complete control over the development process and allows you to make informed decisions about your software.

Experience react native developers

Our skilled team of react native developers specializes in developing multi-platform apps. Our programmers create applications that run smoothly across multiple platforms while retaining optimal performance and a native experience. Our developers will deliver the best possible services.

Our Cross-Platform App Development Work

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PHYSIOTIMES- Magazine for Physiotherapist

Our work is always based on the requirements of your business and the demands in the market. We are experts at designing a strategy for our cross-platfrom mobile applications. Our works include an app by the name Physiotimes. The application is a cross-platform mobile version of a physiotherapy magazine that is one of its kind in India.We used the Flutter UI toolkit, for the development of Physiotimes. The magazine has thousands of subscribers and many more readers had needed the magazine in a handier form like a mobile app. A cross-platform app like Physiotimes has made information easily available on multiple platforms with the help of a single app. The app has many other features like contests and videos. To know more about our cross-platform app development services click below.


Industries Served As A Cross-Platform App Development Company

We are a cross-platform mobile app development company that serves all industries in various fields. Many industries need apps more to create a diverse user-base and for marketing their solutions. Cross-platform mobile applications are the most cost-effective digital solutions for the purpose of such industries.

Cross Platform App Development


The Foodtech sector requires cross-platform mobile apps. The customers of the same food products and suppliers often use different operating systems.

Cross Platform App Development Company


Travel app solutions are all about making travel easy and fun. To be known by more people, travel companies prefer cross-platform apps.

Cross Platform App Development Services

Real Estate

Cross-platform apps have the native experience too. Real estate deals between distant and different clients are helped by such apps.

Cross Platform Mobile App Development Company


Fintech apps help in the management of financial resources. Companies prefer cross-platform apps for the convenience of their diverse user-base.

Cross Platform App Developers


The importance of strong presence and visibility is never underestimated by online service providers.Cross-platform apps are also budget-friendly for eLearning firms.

React Native Development Company


The Healthcare sector has a variety of apps. Cross-platform apps are suggested for easy availability of the app in any
app store.


eCommerce & OnDemand

We offer Shopify, Magento, Open Cart development for eCommerce firms. To promote their business, such firms opt for cross-platform apps.

React Native Development Services

Media & Social

The social networking sector is gaining importance, and cross-platform apps help the industry to grow more and



Years of Experience



Expert Professionals



Happy Clients



Projects Delivered

HackerKernel is a Cross-platform app development company, that gives a single solution to all your problems. As a react native app development company, we make apps that are reliable . We make sure our cross-platform apps have a close to native user experience. We have a team of dedicated project managers and developers that handle your project as their own. We are always there to help you with our digital solutions on the basis of market trends. You can be sure of our expertise in cross-application software development and can reach out to us anytime.


Single Coding

The ability to use a single codebase across various platforms is one of the most significant advantages of cross platform mobile app development. Businesses can save time and money by not developing separate apps for different operating systems.


Less Spend

For enterprises of all sizes, cross platform mobile app development is a cost-effective option. Businesses can cut development costs and time-to-market by using a single codebase. Cross platform mobile app development also enables businesses to access a bigger audience without spending additional money on individual app development for different platforms.


Broad Market Reach

Cross platform mobile app development allows firms to reach a bigger market. Businesses may broaden their reach and attract more clients by using a single app that works across different platforms.


Easy Implementation

Cross platform mobile app development is simple for organizations of all sizes to implement. Businesses may easily design and distribute their app across numerous platforms using a single codebase.


Quick updates and flexibility

Cross platform app development enables organizations to swiftly and simply make upgrades and modifications to their app. This implies that organizations will be able to respond to changing market conditions and customer needs more quickly, all while keeping a uniform user experience across numerous platforms.

Fast application development

Cross platform development provides enterprises with the benefit of rapid application development. Businesses can develop apps faster and more efficiently with a single codebase while keeping a high level of quality.

How Your Business can Benefit From Cross-Platform App Development?

The development of cross-platform apps is currently a dominant trend. This service is important for every platform especially forfinancial apps as it enhances the marketing options for your business. Your chances of success are increased since cross-platform apps provide you access to additional users and audiences.

Cross Platform App Development Company

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get your burning questions answered.

Q 1

What is the difference between a cross-platform and a native app?

Native apps are those created for a particular platform. Cross-platform apps function across multiple platforms.

Q 2

How do you create a cross-platform application?

A Cross-platform App development Company uses tools like flutter and react-native to create such apps.

Q 3

How do I talk to your cross-platform app developers?

Our project managers will help you communicate with our app developers. They will keep you updated with the progress of your work through emails, messages, and weekly reports.

Q 4

Is react-native good for mobile app development?

React-Native app development services offer numerous benefits and it is one of the most popular toolkits

Q 5

How much does it cost to build a react native app?

The cost depends entirely on the complexity of your app.

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