Why Choose HackerKernel as your Android Development Company?

Hire dedicated Android app developers that are skilled at providing end-to-end web and mobile applications. We serve all industry verticals with utmost sincerity. Our Android development services are scalable and innovative in functionality. We offer custom apps for your unique needs. Our Android developers help get an edge over your competition.

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Front End Development
Custom Android Application Development

Our Android developers for hire, base our services on your unique requirements. We use the latest technology and Android development frameworks. This combined with our creative skills and innovative ideas serves best for your long-term customized solution. We aim to build that which represents you best.

Android Development Services
Updates and Integrations

If you need to have a new version for your existing Android application, you can hire Android app developers from us. We can also integrate your other internal business web apps likeCRM or ERP with Android apps. Our integrations work seamlessly, optimizing internal and external operations

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Blockchain Apps

Our Android app developers are skilled in Blockchain technology. Blockchain has fast grown leading to the development of decentralized apps for Android. With the emergence ofBitcoin, it has become further popular. Our Blockchain solutions for your business need are competent to leverage the technology.

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Wearable Applications

Wearable apps have become a trend today. They have a specific yet significant user-base that might include your target audience. Choose us for excellent wearable applications forAndroid that interact with your customers on the go. We build mobile apps that can easily be linked and offer a great experience.

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Dedicated Android Developers

Hire Android app developers at HackerKernel that are capable of using the benefits Android offers to its maximum. We have a dedicated team, well-versed with Android SDKs, HTML,Java, and other fundamental technologies. Our team is capable of building robust and fast performing applications.

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On-time Delivery

Our Android App developers begin, develop and complete their work within time. We believe in punctuality and you will always find our work done timely. We value your trust and time.As an Android app development company, we can promise you on-time-delivery of our development solutions.

Benefits of an Android Project For Businesses

Android has the largest market share in operating systems around the globe. It is considered the leader in the market. Android benefits businesses in catering to a large audience and gathering customers. Android app development is open source and provides a certain amount of freedom to the developer to be innovative. Hire dedicated Android app developers to get scalable Android solutions.

Front End Development


Android application development fits well in your budget. It has many free software development tools. For small-scale companies and startups, Android is a good option to begin with, the digital world. Android offers High Roi as well.

Android Development Services

Usage Across Devices

Android apps are not confined to a single device or any single type. Your customers like it when an Android app works the same on all types of devices. They can use it on their phones or tablet. This solves your business problems and engages the audience.

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Opportunity to grow

Android is preferred by many users because of the personalization it provides. The image ofAndroid can be added to your brand. The applications developed in Android are flexible and scalable. It lets you grow as you become visible.

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Better customization

Android applications are easily integrated into other apps. If you have internal apps like CRMs or if you have a web application for your business as well. These can easily be integrated and customized with Android apps since it is flexible.

Industries Served By us as an Android Development Company

Hire dedicated Android developers that serve all industries and sectors. Our web solutions are based on the diverse needs of each industry. If your Android app development needs lie across industry verticals. Our android developers can provide you with hand-made development solutions just for you. Our customized Android apps are flexible and provide your business the strength of a digital platform.

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The Foodtech industry is all about mobility solutions. Hire Android developers that can make your deliveries easier and faster than before.

Front End Development


People today are more likely to check their phones for travel destinations rather than any other source. Hire cost-effective Android app developers to share .

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Real Estate

Selling and purchasing lands has turned into a virtual activity. Our VR/AR Android app development solutions ease real estate business processes like visiting.

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Fintech apps are the cause of the progress of many big brands out there. Hire dedicated Android app developers to turn your resources into investments.

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For online education apps, creating a learner base is of significance. You can achieve this through mobile solutions. Hire Android developers to know more.

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The healthcare industry is ever-widening in its reach and importance. Hire dedicated Android app developers for online healthcare solutions.

Front End Development

eCommerce & On-Demand

e-Commerce web portals have since long started using Android app development to make shopping a personalized experience. Apps can engage customers better.

Android Development Services

Media & Social

Our Android app developers for hire benefit social media networking successfully. They can get you solutions to make your app feature-rich and further customized.


Reasons to Hire Android Developers at HackerKernel

We have some of the best Android App developers you will get in the market, our work in CRM for eRealto is a testimony to the fact. Our developers have gained many clients’ trust and have the experience of working on diverse projects. If you want an excellent team for robust Android or Hybrid application development, then hire android app developers at HackerKernel Our development solutions are custom, flexible, scalable,and secure. We can provide you with a team of experts and professionals.


Reasonable rates

Android app developers for hire at HackerKernel are available at prices that will suit your budget the most. Not only the rates of software development are economical but also themethod of payment. You only pay the necessary i.e., the amount for the work done on your project by a developer. This amount is also based on real-time work reports.


Flexible team

Hire Android developers at HackerKernel to be in control of your project and developing team. We allow you to build a flexible team that you can scale up or down at your convenience. If there is a necessity for faster delivery you can increase your team size with junior Android app developers. We have many experienced developers for you to select.


Transparency and Integrity

Whatever work is done, it is done within your complete knowledge. We believe in providing our clients with cent percent integrity and transparency. Transparency assures your involvement and real-time decisions in case of any change in plan or doubts. Hire dedicatedAndroid developers that work according to your suggestions

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The Process to Hire Dedicated Android Developers

Hiring Android developers is an easy and simple process once your app goals and outcomes are clear in your mind. Our developers are proficient at delivering robust and custom results for your customers. Following are the steps that we follow as an Android Development Company when you have to hire our dedicated Android Developers.

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Select Candidates

Once you have sent us your needs in detail, we assess your requirements regarding your project. We send you the resume of our dedicated Android developers. Have a thorough look at our employees. Then select or shortlist the candidates that suit you the best for an interview.


Take the Interview

The candidates you have selected have various skills. You are free to interview them and select the best one among them or a team of developers at your convenience. You interview the developers and decide upon your team for Android app development services. Then our project manager will communicate with you the plan of the project.


Finalize and Begin

The only thing left in the process to hire Android app developers is agreeing to the simple terms and conditions. This helps efficiency and transparency. You sign the contract after going through the terms and conditions. Once you agree upon matters of salary and time frame you can begin with assigning tasks to your Android app developers.

How to Interview and Hire Android App Developers

Android development is a common software development service suitable for all industries, Travel, Manufacturing, or Real estate management. With so many companies,clients often get confused at hiring Android App developers that can best take care of their projects. Android web and mobile apps are coded through various technological tools and languages.

For a powerful Android Application, hire Android app developers that have in-depth knowledge of programming and designing. There are various aspects you should keep in mind before you hire dedicated android developers. Following are the skills an Android app developer should have.

Hire Dedicated Android Developer

Skills Required for an Android App Developer

For building Android App designs, a developer should be skilled in several subtle concepts and minute details. These small things make an app different and unique in its position to its competition.

The android operating system is widely used by device manufacturers. Each device is different. Although all mobiles have small touch screens and simple processors they are still varied. Android app developers for hire should be skilled in clean and flexible coding for their app to function properly.

There are various other parameters up to which an Android app developer should live. A developer should be well skilled in Android SDKs, Android studio, Java, HTML, and CSS. He should also possess the required soft skills of a good software developer.

Technical Set

All android development has JAVA at its core. So, a sound knowledge of the language is necessary for any Android app developer. Java makes sure that the code written by a developer is precise and clean. It is more solid than JavaScript when it comes to data type handling, and needs considerable skills.

2. XML

Knowledge of XML is yet another important skill an Android app developer must-have. XMLis a structure mark-up language that has many features similar to HTML. Android app developers use it to create User interfaces and layouts. It helps in the optimization of the work flow by providing a real-time user experience.

3. Android SDK

Android SDK is pre-packed and ready-made code that helps make the process of Android app Development fast and efficient. For quick delivery of your business app, you must check that your Android app developer is aware of the Software Development Kit. The SDK might take time to understand, therefore experience is preferred.

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Non-Technical Set

Communication skills are necessary not just for Android app developers but for any profession in question. A developer should know that his work will represent someone else’s image. So, he should recognize communication as a two-way process and should be a good listener.


Software development and coding are based on rules, but a dedicated Android developer should be ready to experiment. This is the way to innovate and create. Being open-minded is a skill that can make your developer a better coder when he can discover and tackle his weaknesses.


An Android app developer while doing his work is performing in your place for your company. A developer should understand your needs properly, your belief system, and your motto. He should be able to put him self in your shoes to think for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get your burning questions answered.

Q 1

What are good Android development frameworks?

React Native, PhoneGap, Ionic, Xamarin are some of the good Android development frameworks.

Q 2

What is your pricing model?

Our developers work on a flexible pricing model. You can hire dedicated Android app developers and pay according to work done based on a time and material model.

Q 3

How long does it take to hire Android app developers?

The entire process can take 5-6 working days in maximum. Once we assess your needs and send resumes of our employees, you interview developers and we can begin work as early as possible.

Q 4

Which tools do you use for Android app development?

Our Android app developers use tools like Android studio, ADB, Fabric, Gradle, Eclipse, AVD Manager, etc

Q 5

Can you sign NDA for our project?

Yes, we value your secrecy and our developers will follow NDA rules strictly when asked to sign it.

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