Why Choose HackerKernel
As your ERP Development Company?

HackerKernel is an ERP software development company that will provide you ERP applications built according to your business requirements. We offer Custom ERP Development Services to cater to different needs. Our ERP developers are experienced in combining various functions into a single ERP system. We provide you long-term solutions for your long-term business goals.

ERP Software Development Company
ERP Software Development Company in india
Custom ERP Solutions

Before we begin our work, we understand your business to recognize major needs. Whether our ERP development services are web-based or mobile application-based depends on your requirements. Our development team comes up with a suitable and modern ERP solution for you that you can access anytime.

ERP Software Development Company
AI Employed

We believe in using the latest technology as an ERP development company. Our ERP developers work to provide you operational efficiency in all business processes.To make your tasks like calculating profits, making reports, etc easy we add AI and machine learning capabilities to our ERP solutions.

ERP Software Development Services
Secure ERP Systems

Our ERP solutions are created with clean codes and effective methods. As an experienced ERP software development company, we assure you of the security and safety of our solutions. Our ERP systems are well protected and your data is kept safe.

ERP Development Company

Our ERP development services will fit your budget. We offer you a long-term solution that requires one-time expenditure. You save resources engaged in everyday business processes. Our development team charges only for that which is necessary. Our ERP solutions are budget-friendly and worth your money.

ERP Software Development Company
Reliable and Flexible UI

You can trust the scalability of our solutions as an ERP development company. ERP systems developed by us can handle huge amounts of data. They are reliable in all working environments. The UI is kept flexible as per your employees’ needs so that they have a real-time user experience.

ERP Development Company
On-time Delivery

We believe in working together with 100% transparency. You can be sure of our ERP developers’ project management skills. You will always get responses and product delivery on time. You can check on the progress of work with real-time reports.

Our ERP Development Work

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	ERP Development Company ERP Development ERP Software Development Services

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Humble Cows- Dairy ERP

We have developed many ERPs for startups and established firms. One of the ERP systems developed by our ERP developers is Humble Cow. Humble Cow is a Dairy ERP solution for the management of sales and purchase records of the company. The system has automated the process of buying milk from different farmers at different rates based on their milk quality.Our ERP software development services like Humble cow have AI capabilities that generate reports of the price of milk-based on its quality and sends it to the farmer’s humble cow app. The system can calculate all profits and losses with a single click. Itstores all information of buyers and sellers. To know more about our ERP software development services, click below


Industries served as an ERP Development Company

ERP development services are of many types. An ERP solution can help you manage both sales and productions. You can keep a check on supply chain management and relationship with your customers. You can also supervise human resources in your company and financial transactions. This holds across industries and ERP systems are important for all sectors.

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Any Food products dealer has its reach across places. To manage business among employees located in different cities an ERP solution is essential.

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Travel agencies have employees to gain and deliver services from all corners of the world. ERP development services help them integrate information.

ERP Software Development Company

Real Estate

Real estate companies deal with distant lands through agents and contract employees. ERPs help them maintain operational efficiency.

ERP Software Development Services


As an ERP software development company, we offer solutions for all your business processes. You can manage everything from finances to customers easily.

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To progress, eLearning apps need to retain students and goodwill. ERP system reports and data analysis help them make the right decisions for the future.

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The Healthcare industry has the most need for data management. ERP software stores patient information, disease data and can manage drug supplies.

ERP Software Development Company in india

eCommerce & On-Demand

E-commerce ERP systems help the industry plan future business strategies by forecasting sales and demands in different periods.

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Media & Social

As an ERP development company, we can assist this industry in human resource management and increase its operational efficiency.

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Projects Delivered

Hackerkernel is an ERP software development company in India that develops ERP solutions for all business types and sizes. ERP systems have many modules, and our ERP developers can create the most suitable for you. We help you integrate your business processes and automate them. When the same tasks are done by our AI system, chances of mistakes lessen and resources are better managed. Our ERP development services are affordable and among the best, you will find in India. ERP applications that we develop are created by a dedicated development team. Our solutions make your management easy and effortless in the future.

ERP Software Development Company in india

Centralized ERP solution

Every company has to manage tasks like accounting, surveys, etc that need systems as well as labor. When you have an ERP system, all business processes are combined into one. When operations are automated through AI, labor costs are saved. The cost of training employees is also reduced into one ERP system.

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Supervising Internal Tasks

ERP Development helps you as the owner and admin to supervise every task of the day from a single platform. The ERP reports all activities, you can cross-check transactions and retrieve any past data easily. You can also track your employees.

ERP Development Services

Data-driven decisions

When you are backed by real-time ERP reports, you can make clear and quick decisions. For example, if you suffer continuous losses in sales, an ERP report will tell you what is the source of loss in minutes. You get to study and compare facts and then plan your next step.

ERP Software Development Services

Custom ERP Development

The model of ERP software is extremely flexible. You can easily choose what you want to include and what you prefer to leave. The ERP system can be created as physical software or developed on the cloud, again as per your choice. It can be integrated into CRM as well.

ERP Software Development Company

Customer Relations

An Enterprise resource planning software can indirectly benefit your customers as well. When an ERP solution saves your time, your efforts and increases operational efficiency, all of it helps the consumers. Their data is analyzed to serve them better.

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Improved Workflow

An ERP software development company can provide you a solution that also increases cooperation between your employees. An ERP makes data of every department access to all employees so the work is done together in collaboration.

Benefits of choosing ERP Development
for your Company

All businesses today need to combine their growth and innovation with technology. We understand your limits and hopes. Nobody would like to invest where success is uncertain. But the clear benefits that ERP software development services can offer you are many. ERPs have proved their advantages, whether your business is big or you are a startup.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get your burning questions answered.

Q 1

What is ERP in simple terms?

In simple terms, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a system that helps a company in managing internal tasks and resources such as accounting, sales, etc.

Q 2

What is an ERP-based company?

An ERP-based company is any firm that undertakes its business processes with the help of an ERP system.

Q 3

What does an ERP developer do?

An ERP developer uses coding tools to create a system that can automate the everyday tasks in a firm and analyze data.

Q 4

What are the types of ERP?

There are various types of ERP systems like Sales Management, Supply Chain Management, Production Management, etc

Q 5

Which is the heart of the ERP system?

Databases are considered the heart of an ERP system.

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