A client find the best PHP developer for their project
A client find the best PHP developer for their project

PHP is often considered to be a fairly controversial language, It has well established itself as one of the most used scripting languages out there. Originally developed from the C programming , PHP is one of the oldest languages that is focused on web development environments.  Today 78.1% of all websites are created through PHP, there’s no doubt that various companies are also moving to PHP development and are keen to hire PHP developer for their projects.

This scripting language is used to build dynamic websites and is preferred for its easy learning curve, flexibility, and immense versatility. It also offers excellent speed and security, specifically with newer versions, and is currently the top choice for every business.

As a consequence, various global flagship companies depend on PHP to build mobile and web applications. These companies include Wikipedia, Facebook, Tumblr, Slack, MailChimp, Etsy, and WordPress. With such big companies making PHP their choice, it’s safe to say that this server-side programming language, even after 25 years, is still going strong. 

PHP’s latest versions continue to unlock the platform’s new capabilities and features. So, if you’re looking to employ efficient software development team for your organization, PHP is one of the best options for you. For this, you will also need to hire dedicated CodeIgniter developer who know the platform completely. 

However, before we dive into the process and benefits of hiring a PHP expert, let’s dig into what they do and how you can access their PHP expertise. 

Who is a PHP developer? 

PHP developer develop programs, websites, and applications by using the dynamic scripting language called PHP. A PHP expert is essentially a software developer who is proficient in using PHP and various technologies.

A developer working on PHP and its components
A developer working on PHP and its components

By default, He/she is a backend developer, as they mostly have experience using the following backend technologies such as Linux, Apache, Laravel,Node.js, and MySQL. 

These backend technologies are the essential components of the popular LAMP stack. Additionally, as PHP is a language that is mostly used to deal with business logic, PHP developers expand their languages like JavaScript. 

PHP is popular in website development, mainly working behind the scenes, and is also used to create UI & UX Design , Real estate app development, WordPress development and much more . PHP is ideal for in-house and remote developers as well.

Roles and Responsibilities of Dedicated PHP developer: 

  • Work with HTML, CSS, and JS. 
  • Recommend performance improvements. 
  • Test websites on various devices and browsers.
  • Restructure the existing codebase to improve the architecture. 
  • Research and explore the various architectural considerations.
  • Develop plans to keep the website updated. 
  • Updated with the latest programming practices and web technologies. 
  • Create, test, and deploy new innovative website applications with professionalism. 
  • Effectively maintain, develop, and record web-based PHP applications. 
  • Use standard web development tools to build robust and scalable applications and then maintain them. 
  • Perform cross-browser testing and address issues based on feedback given by customers. 
  • Write clean object-oriented PHP and efficient SQL. 
  • Update current websites and write the content through semantic markup.
  • Evaluate, design, develop, and assist application systems. 
  • Communicate and work with other team members to solve conflicts, establish priorities, and select the best solutions. 
  • Provide detailed technical specifications such as budget, product features, programming languages, communication protocols, functionalities, deadlines, and structures. 

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What is the Process to Hire a PHP Developer for the Company? 

A person interview the developer for software development project
A person interview the developer for software development project

1.  Identify your Project Requirements:

Before you start selecting candidates for the PHP development roles, you have to know what your project requirements are. That’s where you should analyse your requirements.

For example, do you need to hire a PHP developer who only proficient in open-source frameworks such as Joomla or WordPress? Or do you need to hire a core PHP developer who is proficient in everything ?

Get your project requirements identified first, then start searching for them. This will save you time and resources. 

2. Start with a Clear Job Description:  

To hire a PHP developer, there are two specific roles: 

CMS-Drive web development and Platform-driven development

  • CMS-driven web development: If you want to optimise or update your existing CMS (Content Management System) like WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal, Wix, etc. then mention it exclusively in your job description. 
  • Platform-driven development: If you want to hire a developer to develop a web design platform or improve an e-commerce platform, then it would be useful to mention your preferred framework for screening skilled developers.

In the project description, describe the exact goals of the project and think about some other characteristics that will be important for your project. The more specifics of the project you can mention, the better it is because the PHP developers can identify and understand what code base they need to use. 

3. Experience Level 

Find out a PHP developer who is experienced enough to handle your project requirements. With experience, it’s not only the number of years of experience that matters, but a developer should also have a proper understanding of your business domain. 

Your best bet would be to hire a PHP developer who has worked on multiple business domains, including yours. This experience would have shaped the developer’s understanding and their business logic. 

Case studies and client testimonials indicate that developers have partnered with reputable businesses and measured how successful they are. A robust company’s reputation will save you from problems associated with project processing time and efficiency. 

4. Select Best Candidates

Once you send your needs in detail with the job description, Company assess your requirements regarding your project. Then they send you a resume of their dedicated PHP developers. Have a look at their profiles. Then select and shortlist the candidates that suit you best for an interview. 

5. Conduct Interviews

After shortlisting the /candidates as per your project requirements, you need to conduct interviews with the candidates, to understand their portfolios and skills better. 

As the PHP experts community has different expertise levels, investing in an online screening test framework to screen on a scale would be a perfect option. 

For coding language combinations like PHP and WordPress or PHP and SQL, some platforms have pre-built customizable test questions that you can ask for an interview. Most of the inbound applicants can be screened for these exams, after which you can perform virtual or in-person technical interviews. 

5. Finalize and Begin

The last step to hiring a PHP developer is to agree to simple terms and conditions. This helps with transparency and efficiency. After going through company or agency terms and conditions, you can sign the contract. 

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What are the Essential Skills you should look into PHP developer? 

Dedicated developer coding on computer
Dedicated developer coding on computer

Technical Skills: 

Building a software product is purely technical things.. That’s where you assess the coding skills of a candidate . You assess the candidate’s programming and analytical abilities.

Remember to check the candidate’s command over languages such as HTML, CSS, AJAX, JavaScript, MySQL, XML, and more. Hiring a core professional developer will definitely help you in the long run. 

PHP Frameworks: 

The PHP development team should not limit themselves to understanding just the core PHP language but also understand other PHP frameworks such as CakePHP, Laravel, CodeIgniter framework, etc. 

Communication Skills: 

A developer should have good communication skills to understand information more accurately and quickly. The developer should be comfortable with your preferred languages. 

The candidate should be in a position to understand your working instructions and ask you back effectively any of their concerns. 

Web Designing Skills: 

Other than dealing with PHP scripts, a CodeIgniter developer has a job as a web designer as well. This means that candidates should also know about some web design principles; determining the look and feel of the website. 

The candidate should not just be familiar with JavaScript but also with the user interface, Chrome dev tools, front-end web page, system design process, CSS customization, networking skills, and more. 

Quick Learner: 

Last but not least the developer should be a quick learner and have the eagerness to learn more, the passion, and a never-ending craving. Hire a professional developer who puts effort to learn beyond his skill set as well. That’s something you might notice at first sight.

Whether you are choosing PHP or any other programming language for your project, you will know when you speak to them one on one. 

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What are the Benefits of Hiring a Dedicated PHP Developer?

A dedicated coder working on CodeIgniter framework on laptop
A dedicated coder working on CodeIgniter framework on laptop


Many businesses make the mistake of hiring an in-house team of developers and later realise that some resources are of no use, which adds up to your overall cost for training and other things. 

On the other hand, when you hire a PHP expert from a software development company, it is much more cost-effective. When you hire them for a particular project, you save money. They are also equipped with specialised training and skills that complement your work. 

Deadline Description

With your in-house team, you may come across days when there’s a delay in a software project, eventually costly for you. But when you hire dedicated PHP developers remotely, the case is different.

They work well to ensure the submission of the project because of their skilled expertise and sound command over the PHP language, these dedicated developer’ team can resolve any complex issue coming up during the defined timeline. So, all you get is exceptional outcomes – without missing a deadline of the project. 


Hiring a dedicated remote  PHP developer gives you a more significant advantage than hiring the in-house developers.. This reduces the hassle of setting up space or infrastructure for the development team and you get much more flexibility.

Speed to Market

High-quality web apps and applications are developed by dedicated professional PHP coder that lead to increased business resilience and enhanced and improved ability to function more efficiently to achieve your final objective. 

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Where can you Hire the Best PHP Developers? 

Most companies hire PHP developers to get swift turnaround times for project deliveries. They ensure the best development quality within the shortest duration, thanks to the plentiful solutions and resources they have at their disposal

A person working on computer to find the suitable coder for their project
A person working on computer to find the suitable coder for their project

More often, the developers also devise custom methods and implement the latest technologies to handle project development more creatively. 

When you hire a PHP developer, you are bound to get better ROIs, specifically when they utilize PHP to its full potential. When there’s no dearth of PHP developers today, hiring skilled ones can be challenging every so often. 

Contrary ,Developers don’t need to work at an office; they just need their devices and can connect with you, regardless of where you are. It is possible due to today’s technology, which allows freelance PHP developers.

Further, it also eliminates the inability of hiring the best remote CodeIgniter developers. You can even access projects with them, monitor the progress, and listen to and discuss their ideas and plans, all from any part of the world. 

Still, if you’re worried about hiring a PHP developer that can mean compromising your project quality, then you can check out Hackerkernel .It has a vast pool where you can hire PHP developer, our company offering the top 1% of remote talent that provides the good quality of work and is cost-effective.  


An ideal and experienced PHP developer can transform your vision into a reality effortlessly. Just spot the right talent with the help of the points mentioned above and hire a developer that suits you!

When you hire, somehow check whether the candidate’s skills and technical expertise are equivalent to your predefined requirements and needs. No matter how complex your project is, You need to only choose PHP development company who can simplify the process of providing the experienced PHP developers for your project.


1. How Much does it Cost to Hire a PHP developer?

The cost of hiring a PHP developer mainly depends on the project’s needs and requirements. Based on that, the developer’s skill set, portfolio, years of experience working in the domain, and project deadline. Further, what level of expertise and skill set the developer is present also plays an important role and essential deciding factor to finalise the development costs. 

2. Why Hire a Dedicated PHP Developer for the Company?  

Hiring a dedicated PHP developer or development team focuses on giving the best services to you, while at the same time, the dedicated team helps you to grow technologically with undivided attention to the software project they are working on. 

3. Why Hire a Dedicated PHP Programmers from an Agency, not Freelancers?

You should hire dedicated PHP programmers from an agency because the dedicated team model has all that freelancing lacks. You get full attention to your project, and frequent and transparent communication via various channels, you can also track the development process in real-time, have full control over the staffing process, easier scalability, all-around expertise gathered at one place, after launch support, and maintenance, and other benefits what freelancers don’t offer. 

4. How to Select the Best company in India to Hire a Dedicated PHP Developers?

To select the best company to hire a dedicated PHP programmer, you need to shortlist some top software development companies based on the location you’re looking in, according to their testimonials, ratings on review agencies, costs, USPs, years of experience, quality of services, etc.

5. How to Hire PHP Developers?

For quick, secure, and first-time-right PHP development, choose to hire well-trained PHP developers to handle complex projects. You can search for them from LinkedIn, Stack Overflow, Recruitment agencies. Also you can check with HackerKernel, a one-stop destination IT startup  for hiring such resources at affordable rates. 

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