Dedicated Developer sits and working on laptop to create a coding for Android Application
Dedicated Developer sits and working on laptop to create a coding for Android Application

Software development is an ever-changing and growing market where new software and applications are built from time to time. In this tech universe, Android and iOS dominate the app development world with their high-functioning and dynamic apps. 

Businesses and professionals today heavily use applications for their work and team management, increasing sales, promoting their products and services, and many more.

That is why app development is in great demand. But have you ever wondered how the apps that you use every day, are built? What is their structure and who is responsible for creating these trending systems? Therefore, today Businesses & companies hire professional android developers for this task.

But how can you hire a dedicated android developer for your project?

Who is an Android Developer?

The software development market is full of smartphones that carry heavily used applications. But building these unique apps is also a very creative process for which businesses either hire app developers or outsource the task. And that’s why hiring a dedicated offshore development team is very important.

Dedicated person sits and working on computer
Dedicated person sits and working on computer

So first let’s learn about the team of developers today who are behind the creation of the widely used android apps-those are the Android Developers. 

They are the ones who design android applications and software for smartphones that are available in the google play store. These app developers use programming languages like Java, kotlin, and C++ to develop android mobile apps for the marketplace.

These developers can work as full-time employees as they can be employed by an software development company or can be freelance developers. Just like mobile applications, the role of an android developer is also huge as they have various responsibilities from creating an app to debugging it after its deployment. 

The android universe runs on various models of smartphones, and that’s why every time while creating an app for a particular client the developers have to follow a specific pattern to build a brand-specific application with unique features. 

That is why the job of the developer is even more critical and crucial. Not only do they have to make user-friendly and high-functioning apps with the latest and sustainable features but also craft an attractive UI for professional enterprise apps.

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Steps and Process of Hiring an Dedicated Android Developer?

There is a never-ending demand for highly talented and experienced android developer in the software development market. Businesses today use corporate applications to operate and also incorporate various unique features to build a strong presence.  

Two person finds the best candidate for app creation
Two person finds the best candidate for app creation

However, custom app development can be an extremely expensive investment especially when you don’t have capable app developers in your team. And as much as hiring a dedicated developer could be a profitable decision but the right step and process to hire them could be a tricky task. 

So the process to follow in order to hire a dedicated app developers could be summed up in four simple steps which can help any business in search for the best developers in the business.

1.What Should you do before Hiring an Android Developer?

When you want efficient developers for your project you must first ensure a few things. What is the goal of your company for  creating an app and who will use your services along with the technology that must be used in the business application.

It is important to answer these questions because this way not only can you be absolutely sure of what kind of developers you want and if the app idea you have isn’t already available in the market. Therefore, there should be a proper blueprint of the project and services you need an app for and exactly why this project needs an app.

How will it help your target audience and what will be the success rate of launching this app in the market?

2.Which Qualities do you have to Look while hiring a Developer?

Building an application is the task of a knowledgeable and experienced person who can create an application with the right technology and requirements. He/she must have all the required skills to build an app and also the knowledge of the market trends so that the end result has well-updated features for the audience. For this the company must work around two things:

1.Skills an App developer must have

Knowledge of programming languages, android SDK, APIs, etc. The complete knowledge to build the desired app must be there.

2.Must have a Good amount of Experience and proper Portfolio

This is very crucial in order to confirm that you are hiring someone who can contribute well to your project with professionalism. Where there will be complete clarity of the tasks and proper communication with the team so that all the targets and requirements are met without any confusion.

There should be a good amount of creativity involved in order to bring something new and unique to the users.

3. Conduct a Proper Interview & Assessment Process

You have the project plan ready, and you understand what to look for in candidates. Now let’s move on to taking interviews and assessing the individuals.

You probably have a lot of resumes by now, so it’s time to specifically select the best of  them by setting a standard and disqualifying all applications that fail to meet these requirements.

Your requirements can be anything related to the project. When looking for a talented developer for your project, you should keep in mind a few key factors:

  • How many years of experience a person has.
  • Specific skill set.
  • Previous jobs, portfolio, or projects.
  • The type of companies they have worked for in the past. 
  • They must have a wide variety of experience. 

You can either choose a mix of these factors or focus on one aspect in particular.

4. How Can we Help?

We are software development and IT firm from where you can get all technical and software related services for your businesses. We provide wide range of options for our clients in app development like custom built apps, hybrid apps, cross platform apps, android and iOS apps. 

Our company can also help you in connecting with a professional android app development company for your latest project wherein we ensure that you will get the best results.

We are software development firm from where you can get all technical and software related services for your businesses. We provide wide range of options for our clients in app development like custom built , hybrid , cross platform , android and iOS app development

Our company can also help you in connecting with a professional android app development company for your latest project wherein we ensure that you will get the best results.

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Essential Skills to consider while Hiring an Android Developer

Creating an app is a complicated process that requires in-depth knowledge and an idea of the programming world. The process becomes even more tricky when it is a mobile application. Because building a mobile app demands a lot of features that specifically suit the small smart screen.

Developer coding on laptop for app creation
Developer coding on laptop for app creation

Therefore, Android mobile app development requires a specific mastery of the UI & UX and the programming language. So, here are a set of skills required before hiring an Android developer.

1. Android foundations

In order to create Android apps,developers must be expert  in either Kotlin or Java—or or both languages. It’s important to understand the basics of these programming languages, as well as  functional programming.

2. Android interactivity

User interaction with Android apps is absolutely important and should be given careful consideration. That’s why an android developer must have the skill set to create a universe where the users receive all the features for their convenience. 

The app must be built in a way so that the users can connect with the company in need and also offer valuable feedback. Adding appropriate gestures such as drag and drop, and providing the right keyboard for user input, must be done by the developer in order to ensure transparent interaction with the client.

3. Android UI

An application is only as good as its UI. Users will always enjoy apps with modern UI with appealing graphics and call-to-action buttons. Therefore, before employing an Android developer must know how to create an interface that has a right combination of colors along with great design and smooth navigation. 

Your developer must be able to make any changes required during or after the app is built so that there are no chances of error and latest trends are also followed. Looking for the right knowledge of User Interface according to the android system should be a priority before hiring them.

4. Knowledge of the Navigation tools

Navigation is one of the most important aspects of mobile app design. That’s because if your app is smooth and easy to use and makes your client’s life convenient then they will use it more frequently, resulting in the betterment of your app. Users will never like to use an app which is slow, difficult, and confusing to use. 

The app developer must ensure the proper functioning of the toolbars, menu options the back button so that there is no gap or hurdle in providing the best results to the clients. Hence, the app developer that you will hire should definitely have the right idea of deploying the right navigation tools wherever required for a smooth user experience.

5.Android Testing skills

When developing an Android mobile application, the end goal is always to raise the number of people using it. But if the app isn’t reliable, scalable, or user-friendly, all your hard work will go to waste. This is why Android app testing is so important; it allows you to find any faults before the app is released in the market. 

Before you interview a potential developer for an Android app development please make sure that he is capable of running a full proof and systematic testing for the all-new application and well-versed with all the key functions of the android testing process like UI Automator, Expresso, Junit etc.

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Benefits of Hiring a Dedicated Android App Developer

An application is the representation of your business, it can transform the presence and appearance of your organization because a business’s app is used by clients for the products and services Amazon, has a proper app for its commercial purpose. 

Two best dedicated android developer working on mobile and laptop
Two best dedicated android developer working on mobile and laptop

A proper application can be beneficial to a business in many ways but how is hiring a developer specifically for the development of the app is beneficial for the business? Hiring a team of developers can help in many ways, making your application business-specific, with a smart UI and friendly UX

However, all this requires in-depth knowledge and understanding of modern tools and trends in business apps. Hence, these are a list of benefits of hiring a dedicated Android developer.

1. Professionalism

People with high skill sets and talent also have a lot of professionalism and discipline to bring greater output to work. A professional developer proves to be an asset to the company as not only he produce quality work but will also keep the right balance between modern trends and company requirements. This will lead to optimum and productive output for the client.

2. Passion for Development

A person who not only has an interest, and experience but also a passion for something then that person focuses his entire energy on bringing optimum results in that work. Therefore, hire a dedicated android app developer, and then you will observe that his passionate skills for app development bring an amazing output.

3. Absolute Security

App Developers or app development companies are well-versed with the latest trends and security of systems. Their android services ensure guaranteed and absolute security.

4. Higher Productivity

Whether you hire a team of developers or an app development company it can really prove beneficial because when a competent and dedicated team is assigned tasks of their own potential in which they possess in-depth knowledge and creative ideas, then the outcome is highly productive.

And on the other hand, the company employees get involved in better tasks of their own potential which brings improved productivity.

5. Cost Effectiveness

When someone with the right skill set, knowledge, and experience performs the task with their talent and potential then less time and money is invested which is what every organization wants. Therefore, a dedicated team of custom app developers or companies brings cost-cutting that improves the financial state of the businesses.

6. Better Control

Best team management and organization can only be obtained if the team is led by a dedicated and competent leader/manager. And once you hire an app developer who leads the team of developers and creates an app brings better efficiency, scalability, and management.

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Where to Hire a Dedicated Android App Developer?

Creating an android app is a task that requires absolute creativity and knowledge, so hiring or not hiring the services of an android development company is a very important decision. But once you have decided to employ them your next focus is to hunt for platforms from which you can hire dedicated developers.

Two person find developer on laptop and phone
Two person find developer on laptop and phone

If you’re looking to hire an Android developer, why not try Hackerkernel? We can help you find the best developer for your specific needs, whether you’re looking for a, full-time developer. Our in-house assessment process take each developer’s profile based on a variety of factors, including past successful projects, technical expertise, and years of experience.

Hackerkernel will help you with most of the work. After getting your requirements, we will communicate with you to ensure that we get you the best developers from our team.

After this, we will provide the list of the best developers for you to interview and select. This way, you will communicate with only one person until you are ready to take the interviews.Not only this; we will also help you select our certified Android developers into your team and let you work on other essential things.

We work for your benefit and need you to work along with the industry’s best Android developers who possess the skill set and the ability to take your company towards success..

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Hire a Dedicated Android Developer from us

Hackerkernel is a renowned international IT firm that offers unique and varied software development services such as Mobile application development, ERP Application, Food Tech Industry, and much more.

A Person Shake hands with Dedicated android Developer for hiring him for making an app
A Person Shake hands with a Dedicated Android Developer

The Android app development services by Hackerkernel are absolutely satisfactory as we provide a team of experts who are the best in Android app development and will fulfill the needs of the clients. 

Our Company promises the best quality services in order to connect our clients with leading app development companies or experienced developers. So, if you are looking for developers that match your preferences and company needs then Hackerkernel is the place for you.


Android app development is a very high-demand process because of the massive use of Android applications and mobile phones. The software market is on the boom today and one of the greatest tech giants Google and Apple is dominating this market.

And the Android system is even more diverse and integrated. That is the reason why Android developers are today in great demand. 

So, not only the competition for competent developers is massive but also the services of app development companies are required every now and then for eCommerce, manufacturing, technical, and various other businesses.

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