Customer looking various shoes on ecommerce app on her mobile phone  and add to cart for order purpose
Customer looking various shoes on ecommerce app on her mobile phone and add to cart for order purpose

In today’s technologically savvy society, eCommerce apps have come to be considered a lifestyle choice. People have found it much easier to shop online since the beginning of the eCommerce industry. As it has removed the hassle of going out to buy things and with just a touch, it brings online shopping to your fingertips.

So, we can say, the increased use of smart devices, especially mobile phones, has brought a boom in the eCommerce industry. Today, eCommerce applications are present on every person’s mobile phone. Businesses have started to take advantage of this habit of modern-day users.

There are 3.2 billion smartphone users worldwide, which gives a considerable market share and great potential for eCommerce applications. It is fascinating that there will be beyond 187 million active shoppers by 2024 and the number of active shoppers in the US is expected to reach 284.6 million by 2025 which is 85% of the entire US population. 

Moreover, by the year 2040, it is expected that 95% of all purchases from the UK will take place online. It is unimaginable what businesses can gain with this combo of smartphone users and eCommerce apps.There are numerous apps in the market, but very few apps can attract such a large number of users.

Some applications perform outstandingly, while some applications rarely survive. To stand out in the crowd, your application needs to have a rich customer experience and easy-to-interact features that can make shopping easier. 

Here in the blog post, we will mention the top 10 eCommerce app features that your app must have to attract more users and take your business to the next level. 

10 Must-Have e-Commerce App Features for Startups in 2023

As per recent studies, Amazon’s eCommerce platform was accessed by over 200 million users in the US alone. Users also interacted with some of the best eCommerce apps such as Walmart, eBay, Etsy, and Myntra. This proves that there is a huge market to explore in the world of the ecommerce industry. 

Customers looking the various features of eCommerce products on their app and add to cart them for ordering purpose
Customers looking the various features of eCommerce products on their app and add to cart them for ordering purpose

To become a part of such a huge race, your business needs to implement ecommerce development strategies. Having fascinating strategies in place and an ecommerce app with a lot of features will make it easier for you to take business growth to new heights. 

Today, Modern software and application carrying ecommerce features can help business increase sales, build a long-term customer base, and offer a competitive edge in the retail marketplace. Therefore, here is a list of eCommerce app features your startup must have in 2023: 

1.Advanced Filtering Capabilities

If your eCommerce app has an extensive catalog of products, then this is a must-have feature for your online store. You need to make sure that users can find what they are looking for. Filters narrow down the search results by removing all unnecessary criteria for products. You can include features such as pricing range, bestsellers, COD availability, brand, etc.

By integrating this feature into your application, you will be able to reduce the number of steps a user needs to take to find their product without browsing the whole store. Users find it helpful to choose the perfect product faster without giving extra time. 

This results in delivering a positive consumer experience and an increased conversion rate. Sometimes also a cherry on the cake is an increase in revisiting customer and brand loyalty.

2.Augmented Reality

Another important eCommerce app feature is augmented reality. It enables you to showcase your product to the customer in a real-world context. It has been in existence for a long, but most major brands are now normalizing it in the eCommerce world. 

A hand holds the mobile phone to taking the picture of blue t shirts and black shoes
A hand holds the mobile phone to taking the picture of blue t shirts and black shoes

For customers, it becomes a plus to have a try-before-buy virtual experience. Customers find it very helpful during online shopping as it clears doubts and hesitations before making a purchase. 

This leads to users making conscious decisions using experimental interactions. Most consumers love having augmented reality as a part of their online shopping journey. 

3.BNPL (Buy-now-pay-later)

Consumers today expect a buy-now-pay-later (BNPL) feature service just like Amazon as an alternative purchase option. This feature allows users to make a purchase and pay later in installments. BNPL transactions are expected to increase even more than today, as it has made shopping easier for customers.

Buy Now Pay later
Buy Now Pay later

It is said that customers and shoppers are more likely to pay heavy installments using BNPL over credit cards. This, undoubtedly, can help your business to generate revenue. For example, tech giants such as Apple have also introduced the BNPL feature known as Apple Pay later.

The feature allows users to divide the total purchase cost into four equal payments, with or without interest. Some of the top ecommerce apps have also updated the pay later functionality to their advanced ecommerce app features list.

4.Real-time Analytics

In order to get to know about your customer’s choices and their interactions, you need to have real-time analytics about the products being sold. With the help of App Analytics, which gives your application’s full potential, you can know which product is sold the most, and during which time the maximum users interact with the app. 

You can find out what products are selling more, how users are interacting with the app, and the patterns in user behavior. This analytics will help you plan out strategies for user acquisition. 


A Wishlist is one of the essential features you would want to have in your opencart mobile app. It is where your potential customers add their later-to-buy products while browsing. It is a common practice among customers to visit back their Wishlist even after purchasing some products from the list. 

This increases their revisits and promotes customer loyalty. The Wishlist can also be used as insights by the retailer to send reminders and product recommendations to the customers, ultimately increasing sales. 

6.AI Voice Assistant 

Voice shopping is just in the beginning phase of its life, with big brands in the eCommerce industry experimenting with it and pushing the boundaries for a better consumer experience. It leads to endless possibilities and is only committed to the creativity of retailers. 

Engineering capabilities of AI-enabled voice assistants help users easily scroll through the app and lead to successful conversions even when the user has usage limitations. Therefore, it is obvious that voice assistants are here to stay and will be one of the advantageous eCommerce app features to add to your eCommerce app. 

7.Push Notifications

Attractive push notifications are a great way to increase ecommerce sales. But they drive sales only if they are carefully created to attract and provide value to the users. An easy way to do this is to send notifications about new products, festive deals, about discounts on items lying on their wishlist. 

Go beyond cliché promotions and formulate a solid content strategy that captures the attention of users. With relevancy and the correct circumstances in place, you can gain the attention of users very easily.

Other than these, ensure that your customer also gets notified about when the item has been shipped when they can expect its delivery and if there’s any delay in the shipment. 

This enhances the transparency for your end and makes the customer trust your brand for all their orders and transactions. 

8.Quick checkout 

As checkout is the final step of any product conversion, a quick and hassle-free checkout is necessary for your eCommerce mobile app. Features such as automatic checkout details using guest and profile information must be part of any modern eCommerce app design.

The customer must be able to complete the transaction with the minimum time and effort. It is an essential factor while reducing cart abandonment issues. 

9.Multiple Payment Methods

With most people preferring different payment methods, the eCommerce payment system has evolved to be an incredibly different place. Some users prefer paying using their credit cards to build loyalty points, while some prefer cash on delivery. 

Some are looking to get cashback by paying for products through e-wallets, while for some users, UPI has become extremely convenient options such as PhonePe, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, and other quick and convenient payment experiences. 

Moreover, the apps for eCommerce must support multiple currencies and international payments if your eCommerce online store provides to various geographies. So, facilitating these multiple payment options securely is one of the most important ecommerce app features you should focus on. 

10.Product Reviews and Feedback

During the ecommerce mobile app development stage, you should remember to include a product reviews section. The customers should be able to leave reviews about how the product they received was helpful or essential for them. Customer reviews and rating act brings authenticity and are a driving force in the eCommerce industry. 

By providing further information, you are helping the customer to choose their product and make an instant decision for purchase. When a customer reads a review or feedback from others, either good or bad, it gives them a sense of satisfaction and creates a trust of transparency for the brand. This results in increased customer loyalty.

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How HackerKernel Developed the eCommerce App Features on their Client App 

Now that you know what are essential features your application must include, it’s time for you to discover some of the most innovative ecommerce solutions developed by the experts of the eCommerce development team for global brands to enhance their digital presence. 

Customer sitting on chair and checking the women dress on her laptop for buying intensions
Customer sitting on chair and checking the women dress on her laptop for buying intensions

To name a few, here’s the list of the top three eCommerce app built with the best features:

1.Service Hawk

HackerKernel eCommerce experts worked on creating an on-demand service provider app named Service Hawk for users to book any kind of home décor services online and connect to vendors that suit their needs. 

Service Hawk -eCommerce Application
Service Hawk -eCommerce Application

They included features based on services provided by the client such as booking or tracking the location of your serviceman, discount coupons, enquiring about your vendors, selecting your service, placing a confirmation, or making a payment

Moreover, they created an interactive UI and added image components on the main landing page to give the application an engaging feel. Every front-end effort they made was directed towards better application quality. 


Our client wanted an application that customers can use to order daily essential products anytime. Our dedicated team of developers created Grossino, an ecommerce application that offers a wide range of products to choose from.

Grossino-ecommerce application

They separated services into grocery items for product delivery, restaurants to order food from your favorite place, and medical to purchase medicines online.

Users, with easy profile set-up and login, can manage carts and Wishlist’s, and get products delivered to their homes based on their preferred choice of date and time. 


Induskargha is an eCommerce handicraft store, built for shopping for hand-made products. Our eCommerce development team worked on every phase of app development to build an innovative and better eCommerce application than the existing applications. 

Induskargha -eCommerce Store

With the Android and iOS applications, users can get all handmade products from garments, fabric bags, and woven mattresses to spices, grains, and organic seeds. With the easy-to-use store app, you can register, explore the shop, place orders, and view rates with different currency options. 

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How Can HackerKernel Help you in e-Commerce App Development Features? 

With the eCommerce industry evolving like never before, the competition is getting harder day by day. They follow and promote platforms that offer convenience, value for money, and a remembering shopping experience. Equipping your ecommerce app development with all essential app features is a must for the survival of your business.

Two developers adding the features on client ecommerce applications
Two developers adding the features on client e-commerce applications

Once you have built a user-friendly, versatile app and a fantastic marketing strategy for your app, it can take your business to the next level. And to help you take your business to a new reach, HackerKernel is here to help you with ecommerce application development. 

We are a leading software development company, with years of experience. Delivering the best results to our clients is what makes us stand apart from others. Client success stories form the core of our value system. 

We have expertise in the latest technologies required for creating a shopify app or any other eCommerce application like Magento. With their top-notch knowledge and ability to think creatively and come up with unique solutions, they have built smart, scalable, and innovative solutions for clients across a host of industries. 

Our team of dedicated developers will combine their knowledge and skills to develop and deliver web and mobile applications that boost business and results in generate revenue. If you are thinking of an eCommerce mobile app development to go with your business offering within a short period, you can feel free to contact our experts.

We enable you to build your eCommerce app using intuitive mobile eCommerce app design, coded functionalities, and essential implementation in less time. 

Final Thoughts 

Launching your ecommerce app can bring many benefits to your business. Entrepreneurs who don’t have a physical store in place can still make money from this online store business in several ways with some hard work and the right strategies in place. 

For your ecommerce app, you can choose all or some of these features, but make sure they align with your business goals. Determine what you want to achieve from your app and how these can features can help your business journey and deliver a great customer experience at the same time. 

You can also consider an astonishing start and roll out some features in different phases of the ecommerce app development. Most entrepreneurs make mistakes of trying to do all things by themselves like programming, designing, and other development stages without having the required skills.

But at last, the only result they get are unfinished projects and wasting their precious time that they could have used to improve their business. The only great option is to outsource the projects to an experienced developers team or an application development company.

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