Why Choose HackerKernel as your Laravel Development Company?

HackerKernel is a Laravel development company that employs the best Laravel developers who possess hands-on experience. Hiring dedicated Laravel developers from our company is an asset because our enterprise solutions have all features and functionalities. We offer solutions that include custom app development, integrations, web applications, and much more for your Laravel development project.

Hire laravel Developer
Professional Laravel Developers

Hire dedicated Laravel developers that have experience in creating web and mobile solutions that are highly performant and excellent in the user experience they offer. Our team of developers has served various industries and sectors and contributed to the growth of firms and startups alike.

Laravel Management

Our team has gained experience in Laravel development by working on successful projects throughout industries. You gain from Laravel developers’ experience in the management, support, and maintenance of your app as well. They only use the best and latest practices to maintain your application.

Full-stack Laravel developers

We offer you to hire Laravel developers that have advance skills in developing each part of your web application. Our dedicated Laravel developers are qualified to create and maintain both the front end and back end of your mobile and web solutions. This makes hiring a Laravel developer cost-effective.

Updates and Integration

If you have to upgrade your out modeled websites or mobile applications hire dedicated Laravel developers from Hackerkernel. We can integrate your previous business apps and update your existing apps with Laravel technology from any other platform like NodeJS, .Net, etc. easily.

Reasonable Prices

When you choose us, you get an in-depth analysis of your business for a solution that best suits you. We plan your solution with you and you can hire Laravel developers that are qualified as full-stack developers. You only pay for the services of the developer dedicated to your project.

Best Laravel Developers
API Development in Laravel

Our developers are efficient and capable to develop online portals and create Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Laravel APIs can be customized and integrated into your business apps. Hiring our Laravel developers for API development can give you cutting-edge digital solutions.

Benefits of a Laravel Project for Businesses

Laravel is an open-source PHP web development framework. It is the most famous and attractive choice for businesses and developers alike. Web apps developed through Laravel are considered engaging, safe, scalable, and interactive. Laravel development has gained satisfied clients because of its technological features that offer the development of creative ideas into reality.

Advanced Security

Security is considered an essential factor for any web development service. Businesses are concerned about the protection and privacy of their data. Laravel ensures data protection through storing passwords and other features.

Strong Software Architecture

Laravel is an open-source PHP framework that follows MVC (Model-View-Controller) pattern. The software architect and setup offered by Laravel is robust and fast performing that in turn enhances your user-experience.

Customized Laravel Apps

Laravel offers integrated command-line tools such as Artisan. This tool makes database management easy. This means your Laravel enterprise application can handle custom commands efficiently. Your app is customized better.

Efficient development

Laravel is one of its kind in PHP frameworks due to its dynamic inbuilt libraries. It also offers helper functionality. It includes various pre-installed features that lessen the time taken in the development process and also the efforts put in.

Industries Served By us as a Laravel Development Company

HackerKernel is a Laravel development company that offers you the best Laravel developers out there for your business. Our team is trained to work for all business types, sorts, and sizes. We have served many sectors and possess practical knowledge about the implementation of plans and strategies. Hiring dedicated Laravel developers at HackerKernel has caused the progress of many of our clients.

Dedicated Laravel Developers


The Food tech sector requires apps and web applications for connecting consumers to producers. Our developers have developed many such apps.

Dedicated Laravel Developers


The Travel and tourism industry creates many ticket booking and holiday planning applications through dedicated Laravel developers.

Dedicated Laravel Developers

Real Estate

The real estate industry involves handling sensitive data online. Hire dedicated Laravel developers to ensure the safety of your web solutions

Dedicated Laravel Developers


Fintech apps are made secure with the help of dedicated Laravel developers. Laravel is safe and experienced developers ensure safety.

Dedicated Laravel Developers


Hiring dedicated Laravel developers for an education app is cost-effective. The framework can render the company a budget-friendly solution.

Dedicated Laravel Developers


There are many healthcare, fitness, and yoga apps available as web applications or mobile apps. Best Laravel developers create such apps.

Dedicated Laravel Developers

eCommerce & On-Demand

eCommerce websites hire Laravel developers for their business to act as a medium between fashion brands and customers through the web.

Dedicated Laravel Developers

Media & Social

The ease of mobility solutions has made forming networks and peer groups ever easy, the process is contributed to by dedicated Laravel developers.


Reasons to Hire Laravel Developers From HackerKernel

Developers that we have are some of the top Laravel developers out there that have worked on various projects like Fast2SMS, Tripster and continues to gain successful clients. If you wish for an excellent team, that can build a robust and secure application for you to hire dedicated Laravel developers from our company. Our solutions are unique and we serve to your satisfaction to help you grow and progress.



We can master your problems by offering you custom web solutions that fit your requirements. Our developers have years of experience and offer you the most tested hands to create your business ideas into reality. Our Laravel developers are experts at custom web and Android Application Development .



Hiring dedicated Laravel developers from our company mean we work together. Our employee becomes your employee. You can check anytime on the progress of work, and easily stop the work by notifying the project manager if you have any doubts in the middle of work. We believe in 100% transparency.


Free cost estimates

We are here to help you and offer to consult as a Laravel development company. If you are confused and have second thoughts on your project we can tell you the estimated cost and expenditure of your solution free of cost as soon as possible. You can contact our developers for any query at any time.

Dedicated Laravel Developers

The process to Hire Dedicated Laravel Developers

Hiring Laravel developers is an easy and simple process once your app goals and outcomes are clear in your mind. Our developers are proficient at delivering robust, custom, and satisfactory results for your customers. Following are the steps that we follow as a Laravel Development Company when you have to hire our dedicated Laravel Developers.

Hire Dedicated laravel Developer


Select Candidates

Once you have sent us your needs in detail, we assess your requirements regarding your project. We send you the resume of our dedicated Laravel developers. Have a thorough look at our employees and then select or shortlist the candidates that suit you the best for an interview.


Take the Interview

The candidates you have selected have various skills. You are free to interview them and select the best one among them or a team of developers at your convenience. After you interview the developers and decide upon your team for Laravel development services, our project manager will communicate with you the plan of the project.


Finalize and Begin

The only thing left in the process to hire Laravel developers is agreeing to the simple terms and conditions from both parties, for efficiency and transparency. You sign the contract after going through the terms and conditions. Once you agree upon matters of remuneration and time frame you can begin with assigning tasks to your Laravel developers.

How to Interview and Hire Laravel Developers

Coding is a process, unlike writing. For a single task, there can exist two codes. Developers are often expected to write clean and simple codes for effective functioning. Our Laravel developers have coded the Android and iOS versions of Tripster, a Travel App with social media features.

When you have to hire dedicated Laravel developers you might be tempted to hurry-up. You may select the best-priced Laravel developer. But that might risk the productivity of your app.Here we discuss all the skills a Laravel developer must have.

Hire laravel Developer

Skills Required For a Laravel Developer

You may want to hire some developer because of his experience or someone else because of his exceptional skills. To hire developers for your project you should be sure that your Developer is well-versed with the framework. Laravel when used optimally has great potential for excellent apps.

There are various categories up to which a Laravel developer should live. The developer should have command of PHP, HTML, Java, and an understanding of other frameworks. You must be sure of the non-technical skills your developer possesses. To check whether he would befit the job or not.

Laravel is a powerful platform for web application development. PHP developers often prefer Laravel over other PHP frameworks. However, to create the app you desire Laravel must be used right.

Technical Set
1. PHP knowledge

Laravel is a PHP development framework therefore a sound knowledge of PHP is essential. This can make your app functional and productive. You can consider a developer expert if his working experience in Laravel is above 5-7 years. Apart from PHP your Laravel developer should have a strong command of HTML, CSS, and JAVA.

2.Unit testing and Laravel test tools

Unit testing is a fundamental feature of Laravel. Hire Laravel developers that know how to test effectively through various Laravel test tools. These tools help in the optimization of workflow, testing codes on the go.

3. Laravel features

Laravel experts should be aware of the immense scope that Laravel offers in app-building. Using multiple features through tools like Eyewitness, Talk, Agile, Scrum, etc is a complicated task that trained developers can do. A developer should know the Modular Packaging system.

Hiring Dedicated Laravel Developers
Non-Technical Set

A Laravel developer should have good communication and presentation skills to work better. A good communicator with the spirit of team-work can get work done smoothly.The way a developer presents himself reflects in his work. Soft skills are important in software development.


Laravel development can prove to be complex. It is the developer’s interest in his work that could give exceptional results. Testing codes and correcting them can be tiresome. But a passionate developer can bring the most out of Laravel


You may check the track record of a developer. This would help you get a fair idea of his working skills and capacity. Laravel development needs a sharp eye for work.A hard-working and consistent developer can deliver better. Custom Laravel apps need patient and hardworking individuals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get your burning questions answered.

Q 1

How fast can your developers build a Laravel application?

Our Laravel developers follow the method of first-time-right coding and make sure to deliver your product at soon as possible.

Q 2

How much can a Laravel developer cost me?

The cost of hiring depends on the skills and the experience of the developer you hire.

Q 3

Can you migrate my app into Laravel PHP?

It depends on the technology used in your app. Most apps can be migrated into the Laravel platform.

Q 4

What are your practices for Laravel development?

We have an expert team that follows all the best practices from proper naming to clean coding for Laravel development.

Q 5

Why should I choose Laravel?

Laravel is considered the best framework for PHP web development to develop feature-rich and scalable applications.

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