two developers with mobile phone and multiple app features
two developers with mobile phone and multiple app features

In recent years, the speed of mobile app development is gaining momentum. Today, we live in the digital era, and most internet users rely on their smartphones to purchase products online. Thus, the importance of mobile app use has been enhanced among many users.

This digital advancement in this internet era has made our lives easier. Thus, Custom mobile app development is the top priority for organizations to engage and attract customers. Most business owners and developers have experience of making, deploying, and maintaining web applications.

They have designed various models to distinguish their actual app development cost. Does a new user always brainstorm about app development costs?

The mobile app development cost is the most vital aspect while developing it. How much does it cost to make an app for my business by hiring a freelancer or to make an app by myself? In this blog, we will shed light on every parameter to know the best solution for you.

What is the App Development Cost?

App development cost is a price tag for a general application with a normal UI, including mandatory features in an application. It ranges from $20000- $25000. A medium-complex app cost range is between $22000-$30000. But it also depends on the Project requirements and total development time.

App development Cost formula:

For developing any application, the app development formula plays a vital role. Do you know how you calculate the actual price to build an app? Certain things determine the app development price.

Basic formula for calculating the cost of development of any app
Basic formula for calculating the cost of development of any app

Here is a very convenient formula to know the cost of developing an app. This will help you in the total development time and hourly rates. In addition, you can find out a rough budget. 

The formula to calculate your app development cost is:

Total Development Time X Hourly Rate =Cost

This formula defines the number of development hours depending on the features, size, functionality, complexity, and design of the application. The hourly rate in this formula will rely on your development team member set-up, whether you hire a freelancer or an IT firm to develop your app.

Please also note that the cost of app development is either Android or iOS app depending on the specific location. The application cost varies area-wise. Different countries have their charges which you may verify as per your needs.

These deciding factors will help you find out the actual cost. You will find the best cost for developing your app. Therefore, to know more about the cost of app development, read the other factors that affect it while developing.

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Factors that affect App Development cost

Client checking the october month calender on her mobile phone
Client checked the october month calender on her mobile phone

Types of Niche:

There are various kinds of niches to build an application. Like a mobile games, social networking, business, shopping apps, etc. Most mobile app development firms would offer a quotation for designing any kind of application for the clients.

These apps may be from any category. It may be a gaming solution, social networking for specific needs, business apps like food delivery apps, or maybe for shopping like any kind of e-commerce app.

Gaming apps are very costly because they provide various graphics and unforgettable user experiences. Business apps like Zomato and Swiggy are very popular today, and the user base is growing every day.

These app developer companies quote rates as per your needs and some specific designs. There are many factors that decide on cost. The average cost to build an application relies on the type of apps that you have planned. 

Online application or Offline Application

As you should know, internet-dependent application costs are high as compared to non-internet-dependent applications. A few years back, online applications were costly. But nowadays, with the backed-up of backend technologies, online app design and development costs have become affordable.

App development cost factors display on hexagon format
App development cost factors display on hexagon format

App Design

How much does it cost to design an app for your business organization? This is the most fundamental question that comes early in mind if you are going to develop your business. There are various factors that affect the cost, It only relies on how complex is app development. The average cost will be as follows:-

Basic App Design Cost:

It costs users approximately $3,500 to $4,600 and takes 2-3 months to develop.


  • It created them with no added benefits.
  • You will have the essential features.
  • Minimal-tech screens.

Individual App Design Cost:

It costs users approximately $7,000 to $8,000 and takes 3-6 months to develop.


  • Offers more complicated things.
  • You can get integrations with the API.
  • Screens are more.
  • Custom UI which is amazing.
  • Offers a real-time messaging option.

Custom App Design Cost:

It costs users approximately $9,000 – $12,000 and takes an average of 9-10 months to develop.


  • The apps offer multifunction.
  • Offers advanced and complicated features like real-time synchronization.
  • Chabot’s option.
  • Provides media processing feature.
  • UI animation and many more attractions.

Type of Platform

Are you eager to develop a Platform based app whether it is for Windows, IOS, or Android? If you are planning to develop an app, you must have a platform. This platform demands a specific amount and type of work; therefore, it varies in cost.

If you are building an app for a single platform, it would not cost you much. But making an app for two or more platforms would be costly for you. The native app development approach is the most suitable option if you are interested in only one platform.

Cross-platform or hybrid app development is the best choice if you are interested in making an app for Android and iOS. Therefore, please note, that both native and hybrid apps have a different range of prices. However, the choices of platforms depend on your business needs. So, mobile app development cost depends on specific platforms.

Integrate Feature and Testing

To develop any kind of mobile application, the prime aim is to give services to the user’s mobile devices. Thus, the success of any app depends on its features to attract users. It should be user-friendly to handle the app easily. Therefore, a mobile app should be packed with all the necessary features which demand meticulous planning. Besides app features, testing is another important aspect to ensure hassle-free services to the users.

Thus, before launching the app, testing is essential for all the features of your application. So, the app development whether it is Android or iOS, the price varies as per the features included in your apps. For example, if you are making an app for food services, it is essential to integrate location, communication, features, payment gateway options, and real-time status to track everything.

Hence, as they activate the feature more, the cost entangled in the app development process also increases.

App Infrastructure

The internal infrastructure of a mobile app, that is its backend, also influences the cost of making an app. We completely associated the backend with the database, internal technical architecture, and server-related tools. But users don’t see them when they use an application.

In the infrastructure, the segment developer also touches the programming interface or API. API implants a connection between your designed app and third-party services. This may be a payment gateway, a messenger, or a system that accommodates health records.

All these additional things are of different levels of complexity. But free ones are also available online. But for your business, if you want a customized feature, the average cost of app development may increase in your planned budget.

The Number of Pages

The number of pages also matters while making an app. Several pages on the app mean the design cost is also more. Adding more designs and integrating more UX/UI helps your user to navigate one way in your application. The mobile app cost also increases as creating the pages consumes more time for the developer.

The cost to build an app also rises because the developer has to undertake more programming options. Therefore, the number of pages in an application plays a vital role. The number of pages of an application decides the investment amount in terms of time and money.

The number of pages may attract a higher amount of investment. To save your budget better, use a lesser number of pages, which also saves time and money.

App Maintenance

Every mobile application needs regular updates and maintenance. For the smooth functioning of the app, the app developer is required to convey sufficient technical support.

Business owners need to rehabilitate the app functionalities and integrations as the platform changes in advanced technologies. So, it stretches the mobile app costs even after its introduction.

An enterprise-level app needs complete API maintenance to improve user experience and clarify the application forever. Besides, killing the bugs in the system is a disheartening issue encountered by the app maintenance admin.

Therefore, for interrupted service to users, periodic monitoring is mandatory, and it is a lifetime process. Along with that, you might require taking care of the following advanced app maintenance charge:

  • Adding a new feature.
  • Updating the technical with the recent technologies.
  • Escalate the app architecture.
  • Switching to better servers.

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App Development Features Cost: Basic and Complex

5 Basic App Features and Their Cost

In the basic feature, we have provided an app development cost breakdown that will help you determine the exact cost while integrating features.

Customer checking the message regarding the product delivery on their mobile phone
Customers checking the message regarding product delivery on their mobile phone

1. User login.

The user login feature is the most essential in any application to enroll a client. A user can register in the app by signing up in the app to get the services to use regularly. You may include a recovering password feature for a better user experience.

A user can register him or her through phone or email ID. Another option to log in is through the profile of the social media platform. This feature creates a user profile and collects their entire data. These apps usually take 20-22 hours to build.

Feature Cost 

It may cost you approximately $30 to $104 US dollars per hour based on the skill.

2. Navigation

Navigation is the most essential feature of any application. This feature defines how a user goes from one page to another. They comprise various screens or user interfaces that have to be integrated with the main menu of the app. It should also feature a backend that should take us back to the home page from any screen.

It also defines how they shift to the home page of the app along with certain specific activities. To build a powerful app, swiping, scrolling, arrows, icons, and buttons are the major basic UI architecture.

Feature Cost

Developing this feature requires over 9 hours and costs approximately $250-500.

 3. Search

Users can search for the product from categories of applications. If you integrate subsequent categories, it may influence the app design cost.

Today, most apps offer a search option for users as per their needs. Search options in the app save valuable time and provide anything easily.

4. Cost of Integration

It will cost you approximately $455–$605.

5. Push Notification

Push notification integration is another basic feature of any application which may be added. There is a massive demand for this feature from the user, and they equipped it in most of the applications. 

Push notification offers real-time updates that keep the user updated about all the activities or services offered by an app. Today, companies share various kinds of notifications.

It may be a text, an image, or one with action buttons. Developing this feature needs at least 20 to 200 hours.

Feature Cost:

Developers charge nearly $999 to $10,000.

Complex Features and their Costs

Client checking the statistical data on their mobile phone
Clients checking the statistical data on their mobile phone


Chat is the most important feature in any application today where you can chat or message someone. Various kinds of chat options are available today, such as a person-to-person or group chat feature. Chat is very popular today among users, which is a major tool for marketing something.

It offers an opportunity to message someone, just as you are talking with him. This is the most common but important embedded service in most apps. The variations contain a chat with a genuine person or a bot, encrypted or unincorporated.

By using the chat you can get business from an unknown person, thus it helps you in the long run. Chat supports user saving messages, auto-deletion option, and file transfer. They comprise various kinds of “Emojis” and send notifications along with other mind-blowing features that help marketers. It might take over 85 hours to develop, and integrate.

Feature Cost:

 The price ranges from $2,000-$4,500 for this feature.

Payments integration

Another complex feature in any application is payment integration. It is the most important option when the user is buying something from an app. Therefore, for fast payment, there is a need to offer them payment options. Today, various payment mode systems are available for the same.

Some popular payment gateways are Android Pay, PayPal, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, Paytm, and many more. We can integrate it into the app through gateway APIs. You may determine the task by factors like where the data is stored, how payment is processed and the level of PCI compliance to be provided. It takes nearly 55 hours to develop.

Feature Cost:

The cost ranges between $2600-5100.


Geolocation shows the recognition of the geographic location of a user. It works through computer devices through different data collection mechanisms. They use an internal GPS device to identify the reallocation of the user.

The Geolocation feature is suitable for transportation apps, food delivery apps, business apps, dating apps, restaurant apps, travel apps, and much more. It performs on GPS and real-time user permission.

The app price depends on Geolocation service accuracy, and the developer divides it into various categories and charges accordingly.

It is a general area, medium-range proximity, and an accurate location. To develop this feature, the developer takes nearly 50-60 hours.

Streaming Audio/Video

Streaming is gaining momentum, and this is a recent feature in some popular apps. Developers use this feature for cinematographic apps like Netflix, HBO Now, Hulu, and much more. The streaming audio/video process includes app logic and data processing.

If we share data with the server in real-time, that transmits specific data from that server through the record. A user must activate the phone camera and location option through the setting option with a strong internet connection.

So it takes about a minimum of 30-35 hours to develop these features..

Feature Cost:

The cost is nearly $1,600-$1650 for using this feature.


Mobile app analytics are an important feature in any application and website. The analytics feature is suitable for your app to track user activities. They provide perfect real-time insight into all the users who are using your app. 

You can now easily know from this feature which part they interact with, and what activities they are doing. After knowing this insight, you may plan something better to enhance your business and services.

Feature Cost

The cost is nearly $110-$150 for using this feature.

Offline mode

Many applications provide an offline mode to do some activity for the user. It shows that you can do something with no internet connection. Offline mode has a significant role in any app. In messaging apps, you can still find your chat history even after internet failure.

For offline data storage, various methods are available now, and access to data in the mobile application. For example, local coaching, local storage, cookies, and SQL database.

Take some examples also, in offline mode, it may be a game or any service-providing platform which runs in the app with no internet support. To develop this feature, the developer takes nearly 40-50 hours.

Feature Cost:

The cost ranges between $1050-$2050.

Data Encryption

The security of user data is very important to create user confidence in any mobile app, and we should take it with seriousness. This feature is the perfect option to prevent unauthorized access and is essential for any business app.

It means turning instruction into a code, and only the sender and receiver can decrypt it with a certain specific code. You may take the example of WhatsApp where a message sent over is encrypted from end to end and assures the private data.

The time and cost also rely on whether encrypted data is text, image, audio, or video, so the cost varies accordingly.

Feature Cost:

The cost ranges between $655 – $975


The offline app, which cannot run without the internet, has a separate database. The popular offline database is MySQL, MongoDB, Oracle, and Firebase. The renowned offline technologies are Invirochain and Adesso applications, social nightlife

Online apps like Instagram and Whats app that run with the help of the internet have their online database. 

Popular online databases are Knack, Caspio, and Zoho Creator, and technologies are Techist, CNET, and Tech Enclave. This feature takes about 35 hours to develop.

Feature costs:

The price is around $755-$1,550.

Connectivity with a device

Any application needs a hardware feature to ensure interoperability with the app’s inbuilt features.They can need to access camera calls, sensors, NFC, share it, and Bluetooth.

Because this integration process takes additional time and costs.

Feature cost:

The price is around $745-$1,520.

Multi-Language Support

This feature helps when an app needs to get represented in multiple languages for different regions. For, this features two key factors that affect this task. Its cost is the scope of data and UI adjustments. It takes about 10-16 hours to develop this feature.

Feature Cost:

The development cost comes at nearly $375-$760 for using this feature.

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App Maintenance Cost

The cost of the app release

The major and most important task that adds to the cost of releasing an app is to upload it on the Google Play Store. You may also upload your apps on the iOS Play Store. How much does it cost to release your apps on the Play Store? 

The Google Play store charges $25, which is for one time only, and the Apple store charges $99, and they charge it per year.

Therefore, you should know all these charges before launching it into the market. You must know the legal charges and privacy policy before the intro of your app in the market.

You must also know important information before submitting to the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

To avoid all these formalities, hire an Android app developer from “Hackerkernel” a most popular international Android development company. They will help you build and launch your application with the best possible methods.


After introducing your application, the task does not finish here. Now, your principal job here is to maintain and update properly for the users to draw their attention. It required you to invest a fixed amount to boost your application.

A mobile app released on an App Play store, either Android, iOS, Windows, or other platforms, got subsequent updates. Regular updates are a suitable tool for continuous app user engagement. Always add new features as per the current trends and user demand.

You must observe your competitors’ activities add the best feature in your app and update it. You must be in regular consultation with your developer to boost the app.

Therefore, updating and maintaining your app is a continuous process to gain popularity in terms of revenue generation. The average cost of maintaining an application is about 20-25% of the development cost per year. 

Calculate the cost of your app and estimate the update charges accordingly. An update released on an app store may take around an hour. But it varies app-wise depending on its complexity.

Bug Fixes

Users always find some issues while using your application. Therefore, you must know them and fix them. The cost of bug fixing depends on the application’s size along with the nature of the changes. A single bug fix would not cost you much. But if there are several bugs to be fixed, the cost may be affected. For bug fixing, follow these necessary tips:

  • Use the new versions of the technological tools.
  • Use Android Studio by choosing Help and submitting your feedback.
  • Define the perfect steps to reproduce.
  • Define what you predicted to happen, and what you instead observed.
  • Select a defining summary for the bug.

Any App Idea to Develop

Our Application Case Study

Boy in a red t-shirt working on a blue laptop and a mobile phone
Boy in a red t-shirt working on a blue laptop and a mobile phone

Hackerkernel”, is one of the most prominent IT companies in international fame. We have rich and solid experience in this field and work with the most skilled developers. We have designed various kinds of applications per our client’s needs. Our dedicated developer has a passion to deliver quality work, so we satisfy our clients.

We have developed various unique apps that satisfy our customers’ requirements in their business. We give here a few applications and brief information to understand our depth.

Tripster, a Travel App

We have designed “Tripster”, a social networking site for those who have a passion for traveling. With Tripster, a visitor can share his or her experience of travel with their followers and friends.

Tripster -Travel app

 It offers the following benefits to the user:

  • A traveler can develop their trip schedule, which includes all venues and accurate time regarding travel;
  • They can buy a tour package with an online payment system to:;
  • They can create a Custom trip through Trip Map tools which include mapping entire trips, adding a category to trips, Hashtags, wish lists, and many more.

Fast 2SMS

Promotional, transactional, OTP, and API SMS transferring is a great way to say something about a company.  We have developed the same thing for our clients. The name of this company is fast2SMS, renowned for bulk SMS providers.

Fast2sms app promo video


  • It accomplished a server that could solve delivery reports in bulk and keep them secured for future purposes;
  • We equip the software with AI features for the accomplishment of tasks;
  • Equipped with a QR code system.

PHYSIOTIMES- Magazine for Physiotherapists

 “Physiotimes” is a bi-monthly magazine for Physiotherapists. They serve a wide range of readers, like teaching staff, academics, colleges, hospitals, and practitioners. Now this magazine is also available in a digital form for them.

Physiotimes -A physiotherapist app promo video


  • Content available in the form of video, and opinion polls;
  •  Offers subject-oriented reading on various topics;
  •  You can track readers’ orders and payments.


eREALTO is a CRM system designed to help real estate enterprises effectively manage their active and potential customers. The system creates a network of sales managers for communication and has contributed to the integration of the process of finding customers and selling property.

Erealto -a real estate app promo video


  • The system enables real estate agents to view records of various deals and customers in an assembled order;
  • Various sections are available, like transferred leads, received leads, new leads, and canceled leads to track the deal properly;
  • No specific training is needed to operate the system;

IM Connect- Social Platform for Models and Companies

IM connect is an all-rounder social media platform developed to make direct communication between hiring agencies and models. It comprises IM coins, IM stores, and much more than normal basic features.

IM Connect


  • The User-friendly interface that helps the entire process is fascinating;
  • Offers unique features like IM coins, a digital currency to facilitate all kinds of transactions;
  • Offers IM pay features to facilitate purchasing monthly, quarterly, or yearly subscription plans.

 Humble Cows- Dairy ERP

Another ERP system we have developed is Humble Cow, a Dairy ERP system. It helps the company to manage multiple records of sales and purchases of milk products.

Humble Cow- an ERP application promo video


  • One can survey reports of milk produced with fat, including SNF content.
  •  Users may filter reports as per their requirements.
  • It adds sellers, machines, and buyers to the database of the system, which is an easy process.

For more details about our final project, Contact us Today

Mobile Apps Categories and Their Development Cost

Boy with a laptop and mobile phone and a red calculator with a number on it
Boy with a laptop and mobile phone and a red calculator with a number on it

In this section, we explain the various categories of mobile applications and their development cost.

1. Native Application Development Cost 

The cost of developing a native application can vary greatly depending on a number of factors. These factors can include the complexity of the app, the platform (s) on which it will be developed, the amount of time and resources required, and soon. 

Developers with laptops and tablets and react logo on the tablet
Developers with laptops and tablets and react logo on the tablet

In general, however, developing a native application can cost around $55000-$1,00,000.

2. Hybrid Application Development  Cost

The hybrid app is the best choice if there are no changes in your application and you want your app will look the same style on both platforms. This app will also be the best option for you if your budget is low.

Hybrid apps use a single codebase, so your app will run on both platforms. Therefore, a hybrid app may be a cost-effective option for you and may cost between $20,000-$60,000. 

3. Cross-Platform Application Development Cost 

Developer creating the application through multiple frameworks
Developer creating the application through multiple frameworks

The cost of developing a cross-platform application can depend on many factors like specific features, the functionality required, the kind of operating system you choose, app design, and the complexity of the app i.e are they simple, modern, or advanced apps? Based on all these factors a good cross-platform app can cost around $40,000–$ 1,00,000.

4. Ios and Android App Development Cost 

Depending on the features and complexity of the app, the price range for both platforms can vary. In general, iOS apps that cost around $55,000-$3,00,000 tend to be more expensive to develop than Android apps, which are around $50,000-$3,00,000.

Developers with laptop and mobile application features
Developers with laptop and mobile application features

Due to the greater cost of iOS development tools and the need to account for different screen sizes on iOS devices. Apart from app development costs, you can also check out the steps to make an Android app for your business.

5 Examples of Popular apps and their Development Costs

App development is a comprehensive and complex process that undertakes a lot of decisions until the app finally goes into development. From identifying the purpose of your product to the kind of app( entertainment, food delivery, Healthcare app, eCommerce app, etc.), and then finally why you need an app.

A developer with blue clipboard and a red calculator
A developer with a blue clipboard and a red calculator

When you have a clear answer to these questions then only you can expect to build an app as efficient as apps today like Amazon, Netflix, Twitter, Pinterest, and many more.

The only strategy behind these largely consumed business apps is that they keep updating their system with new features and technology. The end goal is to make your user experience fantastic. 

For eg– Today Instagram a social media app serves the purpose of entertainment, news, connecting with people, profile building, and finding or tracking new people. This has made the life of almost everyone a lot more convenient as today it’s the largely consumed content-driven social media app.

5 Popular examples of apps with their Development cost


Netflix is a subscription-based entertainment app that allows users to enjoy content around the globe in multiple languages.

It offers multiple and customized features like the facility to search content, multi-language support, watchlist, AI-based suggestion, screen mirroring, payment gateway, User-friendly UI, multi-screen support, and a personalized experience.

To determine its costs, businesses consider factors like, how many features are required, what kind of platform it is—hybrid or native and what kind of technology is involved. The basis of this cost can vary from $10,000-$70,000.


If you’re looking to develop an app like Twitter, there are a few things you’ll need to keep in mind. First, you’ll need to create a platform that is user-friendly and easy to navigate. 

You’ll also need to make sure your platform is able to handle a large volume of users and data. You’ll need to design a visually appealing interface that will keep users coming back. The cost of an app like this can go around $25,000-$2,00,000.


The cost of developing an app like Pinterest depends on a number of factors, including the features and functionality you want to include, the platform version you want to develop for (iOS, Android, or both), and the size and scope of your project. 

Pinterest is a fairly complex app with a lot of features, so it would likely cost more to develop than a simple app with fewer features. 

If you’re looking to develop an app with similar functionality to Pinterest, you can expect to pay anywhere from $30,000 to $100,000 or more.


The cost of developing an app like Zomato depends on a number of factors, including the complexity of the app, the number of features included, and the amount of time and effort required to develop it. Generally speaking, the cost of developing an app like Zomato would fall somewhere in the range of $50,000 to $100,000.


The cost of developing an app like Byjus would vary depending on the features and functionality included in the app. However, a rough estimate for a basic app with limited features would be around $50,000. 

This would include the cost of design, development, testing, and deployment. If the app were to include more complex features, the cost would increase accordingly.

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How Much Does It Cost To Build An Application in Other Country? 

Are you eager to know how much it costs to build an application in other countries? The average cost of app development in other countries is over $71000-$72000. In a foreign country like the USA, a basic application charges nearly $21000, and this cost includes integration and development. 

A developer sits with a laptop and calculator along with different countries flags
A developer sits with a laptop and calculator along with different countries flags

In Foreign countries, the number of development companies is very high. So Before taking their services, do proper research to find out the best companies for your business.

Before hiring a company there, please ensure the following factors maintenance, support, design, and development. Also, find their per-hour rate to save your costs.

App Development Cost Breakdown By Different Countries

According to the location; the hourly rates worldwide for developing an app are as follows.

Country iOS Development ($/hour) Android Development ($/hour)
North America$152 Per hour $170 Per Hour
United Kingdom $71 Per Hour $73 Per Hour
South America $45 Per Hour $37 Per Hour
India $35 Per Hour $28 Per Hour
Australia $115 Per Hour $115 Per Hour
Europe$38 Per Hour $38 Per Hour
South Africa $45 Per Hour $40 Per Hour
Ukraine $32 Per Hour $32 Per Hour
South East Asia $35 Per Hour $35 Per Hour
Latin America$42 Per Hour$35 Per Hour
Indonesia $13 Per Hour $13 Per Hour
Canada $98 Per Hour$100 Per Hour
Cost Comparison of Android and iOS Development

Types of Hiring for App Development and Their Cost

Before you get straight into the process of hiring an app developer, there are multiple parameters to judge. It may be a well-established or recent company, experienced, local or global, expensive or cheaper, and much more.

Two developers standing and a mobile with the logo name written on it
Two developers standing and mobile with the logo name written on it

Therefore, hiring the best technology developer team, by evaluating these factors, is very confusing for all business owners.

Any emerging companies are not skilled enough to deliver high-quality products. If you are thinking of some unbiased analysis, you may hire a company or a single developer.

To get the maximum benefit from a dedicated remote developer, do proper research about them; otherwise, it may cost more. Proper feedback will be more beneficial than hiring a single developer.

Company Hiring 

If you want to hire a company for app development, then the company will provide you with a complete team. They will be experts in Android, iOS, HTML5 & others. This team includes the following skilled developers to handle your project;

Minimum Team member-

Extended Team Member

Benefits of Hiring a Company

  • They offer a team of skilled staff, no need to search for programmers, developers, and testers individually;
  • You can observe what you pay for your dream project, estimation, and hourly rates;
  • They ensure you that the app development project will be completed on time;
  • They are legal and authorized;
  • They are experts in particular tech stack for app development, so you can choose them as per your need;
  • you can check their portfolio of app development that will help you;
  • Before hiring them, you can check their best-created app to judge their quality work.
  • On-time delivery of the project;
  • Accountability of the project.
  • Adherence to guidelines

Should you go for it?

Yes, absolutely! Hiring a company for app development will certainly reduce the cost of the app. However, before you choose a company, make sure to leave no stone unturned.

Check everything and talk to the team.

  • Analysis of the case studies
  • References
  • Past work experiences

Generally, the cost of hiring a company can vary greatly from $ 25,000 to $ 45,000. As mentioned above, it depends on the operating system, minimal product, features, app categories, UX/UI design, tools, software, and other factors.

Cost of Employees According to Their Designation Across Countries

Find below the list of Developers teams across the globe comprised of both expensive and affordable developers depending upon the location.

Architect $200-$296$56-$74$51-$76$32-$51
Business Analyst$101-$206$46-$56$41-$64$31-$43
Junior Developer$102-$116$36-$46$26-$47$20-$27
Mid Level Developer$131-$142$26-$56$37-$57$26-$38
Lead Developer$176-$186$50-$65$42-$71$31-$44
Junior QA$76 – $87$31 – $41$26 – $47$17 – $29
Senior Quality Assurance $147 – $172$43 – $53$43 – $66$27 – $39
Graphic Designer$82 – $165$43 – $55$37 – $57$27 – $39
Mid level$102 – $$38 – $47$31 – $51$22 – $33
Employee Cost Comparison Table Across Countries

Single App Developer -Cost of Hourly Based 

If you are not interested in hiring company services then you can hire a single app developer.

A single developer works on an hourly basis for their services. They charge their prices as per the feature you want to add to your app. As long as you hire them, they charge accordingly as per their services. There is no fixed time for such kinds of services. 

A single app developer might extend the work up to one year or more as per your project completion. Selecting the best single developer or agency is a tough task for any business organization. 

The terms of app development in each category are:-

  •  Simple Apps – 2 to 5 months
  •  Mid-Level Apps – 8 to 11 months
  •  Complex Apps – 9 months to a year or more

The cost of developing a mobile app mainly depends on the level of complexity and the size of the project.

Hourly Cost of Single App Developer Across Globe

The average hourly price of a single app developer again depends on the country you are hiring from.

  •  US: $55 per hour
  •  Asia: $20 to $25/hour
  •  Ukraine: $23/hour
  •  Latin America: $22/hour

Similarly, the country-wide rate varies, which you must be aware of. 

These are the starting rates, and they can charge more as per the experience. So, to find out the cost to build a good application, consider these hours.

Pros and cons of Hiring a Single app developer

It’s quite important to weigh the pros and cons of hiring a single app developer before making a decision. If you have a complex project or need someone with specific expertise, a team may be a better option. But if you’re looking for a more personal relationship and want to save on costs, a single developer may be the way to go.

Because, on the one hand, an experienced app developer can bring a lot of knowledge and expertise to the table. However, on the downside, a single developer may not have the same breadth of skills and experience as a team.  By taking the time to weigh the pros and cons, you can make the best decision for your project.


  • You have enough capacity to bargain the prices and still get a quality product.
  • Face-to-face meeting;
  • Straightforward communication helps to discuss projects.


  • They can quickly leave the job and leave you doldrums.
  • However, with them, you can forget accountability out of the window.
  • Lack of talent

Hence, here the question is not how much it cost for a freelancer to make an application, but will the single app developer see it through?

Technology Stack Experience

The app development cost may be higher if the developer has many years of experience. If it matches their skill, they will charge more for your project. Therefore, before hiring them, you must know these facts about a single app developer.


 If the single app developer is more qualified in his field, then his hourly rate will be high, so be alert.

Should you go with them?

Hiring a single app developer is not an issue. But ensuring that they help you till the end of the product development and adhere to your needs can become a big problem.

Therefore, we would not recommend going with them until and unless you have the time and energy to monitor them regularly.


At last, how much does it cost to make a powerful mobile app? It is quite clear that there is no valid answer to this question for the clients. Because it involved many factors and app development steps while making a good application.

Considering these facts, you can make your decision by reading and observing various parameters.

Our sole concentration is to make a market-ready product for the users at the best cost-effective price. We relate to success, progress, and scalability and target the success, progress, and scalability of your product.

“Hackerkernel” is a leader in mobile app development and our “how much an app development costs” exercise is meticulous and dynamic. That is to say, if you are planning to build a successful app at a low cost, contact us to learn how we can help.


1. How much does it cost to make an app?

App development cost depends on various factors. Some essential factors are the number of platforms, app complexity, the cost of a development team, and maintenance and update costs.

Therefore, it is quite tough to indicate the exact price. Here, we have given an approximate price to develop the application;

1. Simple app cost- $95000 with some basic features.

2. Medium complexity app- $155000 with some basic features.

3. Complex app-$245000 with all kinds of advanced features.

2. How much does it cost to make an app for a business?

Making an app for businesses depends on the type of business you want to start and the features you want to add. For example, the average cost to make an app like OLA is approximately $90000 to $100000.

3. How much does it cost to maintain an app?

The maintenance costs may vary from 16% to 20% of their initial development cost.

4. How long does it take to build an app?

  The app development time mainly depends on its complexity.

  • A normal basic mobile application with a general feature takes approximately 600-800 development hours.
  • To make a medium-complexity app, it takes 900-1200 development hours.
  • An app with rich and complex features takes 1100 development hours and above.

5.  Are there any other costs associated with app development?

Yes, there are a few other costs that may be associated with app development, such as hosting fees, licensing fees, and third-party API costs.

These additional costs can vary depending on the specific app and should be considered when budgeting for app development.

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