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Why you Hire HackerKernel as a Flutter Development Company ?

Enhance your business with the professional Flutter developers that will help you build an excellent application. HackerKernel has a team of skilled experts committed to developing remarkable solutions.

We have highly skilled developers who are versatile and work delicately to offer next-generation cross-platform apps. They help start-ups and huge enterprises to develop business-oriented applications across the globe.

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Cross-platform app

Flutter is an open-source software development kit that enables smooth and easy cross-platform mobile app development. With flutter development services, you can build high-quality applications for Android and iOS quickly, without writing the code for two apps separately.

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Flutter ensures scalability for applications, which is great for businesses of any size. With its organized folder structure, it allows for the addition of features and the growth of applications which makes it easier for developers to update and add new features in the existing applications.

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Custom app development

We create feature-rich cross-platform applications with performance identical to native apps, designed for your specific requirements. Our developers is equipped with the latest innovative tools and technologies to ensure that we can build high-performing custom applications for your business.

Flutter App Development Company
AI and Backend Integration

Our developers have expertise in integrating AI and backend technologies into Flutter applications. They add AI features such as natural language processing, machine learning, and predictive analysis in the app, and integrate the app with various backend services such as APIs and databases that enable the smooth functioning of the application.

Flutter Development Company
UI-UX Design

HackerKernel’s dedicated development team can provide you with the best flutter app design using the flutter UI library consisting of screens, widgets, and apps.

They create highly interactive user interfaces and high-performing applications that help businesses to operate more efficiently, and effectively, and gain a competitive edge in the market.

Flutter App Developer

At HackerKernel, we bring together experts from different fields to create innovative solutions for our clients. You can take advantage of our flexibility to go along with the engagement model that better suits your needs, budget, and deadline.

Benefits of Flutter Development for your project

The Flutter framework is one of the most evolving languages for applications, as it provides excellent supporting documents and constant evolution. Its innovative approach that combines the best of both cross-platform and native development, which enables businesses to create functional apps quickly.

Let’s look at more reasons how flutter development can help you accelerate your business growth

Flutter App Development Services

Great UI and UX

Flutter offers various distinctive and aesthetically pleasing widgets and programmers can use them. It regularly updates the libraries storing various UI components and provides a great user experience that makes the application even more appealing.

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Great Performance

With a single codebase to build and update, Flutter app development enables faster time to market and easier cross-platform updates, providing high performance, rich features, and visual appeal.

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Flutter is a great choice for those who want to develop mobile applications cost-effectively. It uses a single codebase to create applications for multiple platforms. It also has pre-built tools that made it easier to create user interfaces and save money on development costs.

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Quickly deliver to market

Flutter has various features that are specifically designed to accelerate the development process, such as Hot Reload which allows developers to see changes they make to the code in real-time, resulting in testing and refining code quickly and one of the main reasons to help you deliver your app to market more quickly.

Industries Served By us as a Flutter App Development Company

We are a Flutter development company that has served different industries and diverse domains. Many companies choose Flutter to get diverse in customer base and market their solution to potential customers in less time. Flutter app development services are considered more cost-effective than Angular web development in this case. You get apps that function on multiple channels and widen your reach to many users.

Flutter App Development Company in India


The Food and Agriculture industry prefers cross-platform flutter mobile apps. Flutter apps serve better to customers distributed among different OS.

Flutter Development Company


The Travel Industry companies need more and more people to widen their reach. Hire flutter app developers to get a multi-channel approach for your tourism channel.

Flutter App Development Services

Real Estate

The real estate industry has varied and distant buyers and sellers as customers to deal with. Hire Flutter developers in India with us for a real-time user experience.

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Fintech applications like banking/ budget-making apps for management. To make your development solution convenient for your customers hire flutter app developers.

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We are a Flutter app development company in India that helps education providers to grow. OurFlutter app solutions help eLearning apps widen their reach effectively.

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This sector has various apps for hospitals, drug stores etc. OurFlutter app development services ensure the easy availability of Healthcare solutions.

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eCommerce & On-Demand

The eCommerce industry is completely based on mobile and web development solutions. Top remote your business across channels, hire Flutter app developers.

Flutter App Development Company in India

Media & Social

The social networking industry has become ever important. Hire flutter developers that can help your firm make a difference in the industry.


Brands We Work With

Reasons to Hire Flutter Developers from HackerKernel

Flutter is a great way for a startup to develop its business and increase its audience by taking advantage of PWA development services . An application built by Flutter can be released on multiple platforms. They are highly experienced, which enables you to meet your business goals.

By hiring developers from us, you will get Flutter development services with high-quality and productivity of your Flutter apps. Here are some other reasons why you should hire flutter developers from HackerKernel.


Experienced and skilled

Developers at HackerKernel are highly skilled and have experience in building applications for their clients using Flutter, and that’s why they are familiar with all the platform’s operations inside out.

They help you build cost-effective and flawless web solutions and will assist you to develop and deliver the best experience along with reducing errors, efforts, and time.


Quick Response

Another benefit of hiring flutter developers is their availability. They will help you with launch support and maintenance services even after your project is completed. If you need them for any last-minute changes or any of the modifications, you can contact them at any time that suits you.



HackerKernel provides you the flexibility of hiring highly skilled and experienced Flutter developers for projects that meet clients’ requirements and improve their overall conversion rate and growth. You can hire them on an hourly, part-time, or full-time basis, whichever best suits your development requirements.

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Steps and Process to Hire Dedicated Flutter developers

Whether a small-scale business or large-scale, Flutter is a top choice for various cross-platform mobile applications. But to build a high-quality cross-platform app, you need a team with in-depth knowledge of the industry to deliver an app that gives users a native-like experience.

Therefore, businesses should hire talented and skilled developers to stay ahead of their competitors. For those who want to take the high road and hire developers on your own, HackerKernel is here to help

Hire Flutter App Developers



To ease the hiring process of dedicated flutter developers, you need to identify your project requirements first. It includes the required technologies, budget, deadline, and the number of developers required to complete specific development tasks.


Conduct interview

Once the requirements are finalized, conduct an interview for a one-on-one discussion that can help you identify the knowledge and experience of developers whom you are going to hire for your next application project.


Select the best one

After interacting with developers, hire the best one who can build your web application aiming at your goals, and target audience, and bring desired results. Hiring the best developer from HackerKernel will enable you to get the project as per your expectations and get the best results without harming your pocket.

How to Interview and Hire Flutter developers

Flutter makes an ideal solution for building cross-platform apps, and thus businesses can hire Flutter developers to build cost-effective apps with less time and effort. Get a performance-based flutter solutions that offer quality code and high-end development practice for your business application.

We are known for developing successful applications and delivering futuristic solutions. One such example is a Healthcare App built by our Flutter developers for Physiotimes.

We offer Flutter app development services to deliver robust and highly functional applications with native performance. Furthermore, we follow user preferences and work to provide flexible solutions in less development time for mobile, web, and desktop.

Hire Flutter Developer

Skills Required for a Flutter Developer

Flutter is a popular mobile app development framework that provides high-performing and visually appealing apps. To hire a successful developer, you should know the required skills that are essential to developing a high-quality and user-friendly mobile application.

In the competitive world, you should stay ahead of the curve to remain relevant and profitable. You can get this by investing in skilled developers who can deliver the best software solutions.

Look for developers who not only possess technical but also non-technical skills, so they can provide the best experience. And to identify who’s the best developer here’s the list of skills that you should look for in a developer, so you can get the effective solutions

1. Knowledge in SQL

SQL is essential in multiple frameworks as it helps store persisting data and loads it every time required. When building an app or website, developers need to store a lot of data.

Therefore, a flutter expert you hire must possess basic SQL knowledge to manage the database management system (DBMS).

2. Flutter framework

JFlutter is a powerful framework to build a cross-platform, high-performance, and visually attractive mobile application.

Ensure that the developer you hire must be aware of the framework concepts such as widgets, state management, networking and APIs, and more.

3. Knowledge in Dart

Dart is a programming language used to build various applications including web, mobile, desktop, and server-side applications.

A flutter developer should know dart because it has a clear and strong syntax that helps developers identify and fix errors early in the development stage, which later leads to faster development.

Flutter App Development Services

Developers should possess good communication skills to effectively convey their ideas and understand the need of others. They will be working with other developers, project managers, and your team, strong communication skills will lead to more successful projects and better collaboration within a team.


Developing mobile apps is a constantly evolving field and it’s important that developers should stay updated with the latest trends and technologies. Being innovative and open to new ideas will help them create unique and compelling apps that stand out from the competitors.

Handle conflict easily

In any work environment, conflicts are bound to arise. A developer should have good conflict resolution skills to effectively handle any resolved issue that may arise. This enables keeping project work on track when collaborating with a team and fosters a positive working environment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get your burning questions answered.

Q 1

How much will you charge me as a Flutter development company?

We do not charge any fixed price for you. Your Flutter application cost depends on whether it is a native or cross-platform app. The complexity of your project, and the size of your Flutter app development team.

Q 2

What are the advantages of Flutter app development?

Flutter is open source and does not require you to develop two separate apps for Android and iOS. It is based on dart which is a fast-programming language. It has a single codebase and requires less testing.

Q 3

Is building an app through Flutter worth it?

Yes, of course, it is especially when you need a cross-platform application. Flutter saves your money and offers great UI/UX capabilities to your app.

Q 4

What is your pricing model for enterprise Flutter applications?

Our developers work on a flexible pricing model for enterprise applications. You can hire Flutter app developers and pay according to work done based on a time and material model.

Q 5

Why Flutter is considered startup-friendly?

Startups look for developing solutions that are built in a short time and on less budget. Flutter checks both these requirements with a well-structured high-quality product.

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