Why Choose HackerKernel as your Flutter Development company?

HackerKernel is a Flutter App development company in India that believes in customer-oriented solutions. We serve companies based on their industrial needs. Our Flutter app development services offer a native app user experience that engages with customer needs.Our team saves your development costs by delivering feature-rich and easy-to-maintain applications.

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Cross-Platform Flutter Apps

We are a Flutter app development company, that has developers’ expertise at creating cross-platform mobile and web solutions. Our cross-platform apps function smoothly on all operating systems and increase your customer base. We use flutter technology to develop scalable and multi-purpose apps.

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Intuitive UI

Flutter is known for its attractive user interfaces. Hire Flutter app developers that can add skill to attractive Flutter UIs to make them intuitive. Our Flutter app developers can design self-descriptive and easy-to-navigate user interfaces. This makes your business apps easy and flexible at function.

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AI Integration

Hire Flutter developers in India at HackeKernel to enrich your web and mobile solutions with machine learning capabilities. Our developers are skilled at developing artificial intelligence algorithms in your apps. Through Flutter, we make Innovative AI apps that are smart and effortless to use.

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Flutter Enterprise Applications

We are a Flutter app development company in India that designs flutter apps for large-scale firms and startups too. Our products are reliable, secure, and highly performant. We make cross-platform Flutter apps that are enterprise-grade and can help all the business operations by effective functioning.

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Dedicated Flutter App Developers

Hire Flutter Developers at HackerKernel for a team skilled in creating interactive user interfaces and real-time user experience. Our developers use Flutter technology efficiently to serve your need. We have determined and punctual people at service. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

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Flutter Consultation

Our Flutter app development services extend to a personalized flutter consultation as well. If you have any doubts regarding our work you can contact us. Also, if you need a professional opinion on the benefits of Flutter development for your specific position in the industry. You can always rely on us for consultations.

Benefits of a Flutter Project For Businesses

Your company can progress in a significant manner when you have a competitive edge in the market. Flutter technology can offer the latest IT solutions for innovative designs and ideas. This can help you overcome business challenges.Flutter has taken cross-platform app development to another level. It is indeed beneficial for businesses to opt for Flutter app development services.

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Quick Delivery to Market

Apps developed through Flutter can be really quick in delivery as they are cross-platform. Your progress is never prolonged when you choose Flutter application development. The app works on both Android and iOS and is delivered faster to the market.

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When you develop cross-platform applications with Flutter you do not need diverse kinds of developers. A flutter developer will do the job of an Android or iOS developer by creating a cross-platform app for your business

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Easily Maintained

Flutter is an SDK featured with all sorts of widgets and plugins for customizing and scaling. While maintaining other apps can be uneconomical for small businesses, Flutter can be maintained easily. When it is cross-platform, you need a single update for all versions.

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Advanced UI

Excellent user interfaces make Flutter a supreme choice for mobile app development. Flutter has numerous tools to create attractive UI designs that focus on the end-users. The interface developed through Flutter is simple yet impressive and intuitive.

Industries Served By us as a Flutter App Development Company

We are a Flutter development company that has served different industries and diverse domains. Many companies choose Flutter to get diverse in customer base and market their solution to potential customers in less time. Flutter app development services are considered more cost-effective than Angular web development in this case. You get apps that function on multiple channels and widen your reach to many users.

Flutter App Development Company in India


The Food and Agriculture industry prefers cross-platform flutter mobile apps. Flutter apps serve better to customers distributed among different OS.

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The Travel Industry companies need more and more people to widen their reach. Hire flutter app developers to get a multi-channel approach for your tourism channel.

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Real Estate

The real estate industry has varied and distant buyers and sellers as customers to deal with. Hire Flutter developers in India with us for a real-time user experience.

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Fintech applications like banking/ budget-making apps for management. To make your development solution convenient for your customers hire flutter app developers.

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We are a Flutter app development company in India that helps education providers to grow. OurFlutter app solutions help eLearning apps widen their reach effectively.

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This sector has various apps for hospitals, drug stores etc. OurFlutter app development services ensure the easy availability of Healthcare solutions.

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eCommerce & On-Demand

The eCommerce industry is completely based on mobile and web development solutions. Top remote your business across channels, hire Flutter app developers.

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Media & Social

The social networking industry has become ever important. Hire flutter developers that can help your firm make a difference in the industry.


Reasons to Hire Flutter Developers at HackerKernel

Hire Flutter developers in India that can help you make the most of Flutter SDK. Our developers can push the boundaries of what Flutter can offer you in terms of PWA development services . This is because they are thoroughly skilled individuals.We are a Flutter app development company in India, that guarantees scalable mobile apps developed in a minimum amount of time. The process of our Flutter application development is swift and clean.


Client Satisfaction

As a Flutter development company, our constant focus remains on your happiness and satisfaction. We have talented developers that are employed for your work.

Hire Flutter app developers that work with a client-centric approach. We use the latest technological tools for the best outcomes. Our job is to develop nothing less than user-friendly and satisfactory.


After services

We do not consider our work ended with the deployment of your product. We are always available to help you out with the maintenance of your Flutter applications. Whether it updates, migrations or integrations, you can trust our Flutter app development services. We stand with you in your journey to success with our skills at your command.


NDA-Based development

Our Flutter app development services can be confidential if you wish so. Our Flutter app developers strictly follow the rules of the Non-disclosure agreement. We respect your secrecy and appreciate your originality.We are a Flutter development company that values your trust in us. We readily assure you the same about our developers.

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The Process to Hire Dedicated Flutter Developers

Hiring Flutter developers is an easy and simple process once your app goals and outcomes are clear in your mind. Our developers are proficient at delivering robust and custom results for your customers. Following are the steps that we follow as a Flutter Development Company when you have to hire our dedicated Flutter Developers.

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Select Candidates

Once you have sent us your needs in detail, we assess your requirements regarding your project. We send you the resume of our dedicated Flutter developers. Have a thorough look at our employees. Then select or shortlist the candidates that suit you the best for an interview.


Take the Interview

The candidates you have selected have various skills. You are free to interview them and select the best one among them or a team of developers at your convenience. You interview the developers and decide upon your team for Flutter development services. Then our project manager will communicate with you the plan of the project


Finalize and Begin

The only thing left in the process to hire Flutter developers is agreeing to the simple terms and conditions. This helps efficiency and transparency. You sign the contract after going through the terms and conditions. Once you agree upon matters of salary and time frame you can begin with assigning tasks to your Flutter developers.

How to Interview and Hire Flutter Developers

Hiring a Flutter app developer depends on your project requirements. A developer might have all the skills of Flutter application development and available at good rates. But he might work slowly because of lack of experience and might be subjected to beginner’s errors.

Similarly, an experienced flutter developer with the same skills will be able to deliver faster, but might not suit our budget. Our Flutter Developers have created a Healthcare App for Physiotimes. A large and complex Flutter app needs experienced developers. Therefore, you must consider various aspects while interviewing Flutter developers.

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Skills Required for a Flutter Developer

Flutter is an open-source SDK used for UI and software development. It delivers quality app sand can be used to design scalable and secure Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, or cross-platform applications.

Hire Flutter app developers that understand their responsibilities and tasks properly. A flutter developer should be able to design and develop user-friendly and simple-to-navigate apps. A developer should also be skilled in writing clean codes that are free from bugs and function smoothly.

A Flutter app developer should know basic web technologies like Java, HTML, CSS, Swift, Objective-C, XML, etc.

Flutter development services are usually utilized for cross-platform applications. You may choose a full stack developer to get the best performance on each platform and channel

Technical Set
1. Programming languages

A flutter application developer should be aware of the programming languages. Those are commonly used in the development of native or cross-platform mobile apps. For example, he should be skilled in Swift for iOS development, Java for Android apps, Kotlin, Objective-C, etc.

2. SQL

JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) is considered a standard format for performing networking in an iOS application. Sending and receiving data is essential since every app interacts with the web in some or another way. Hire iPhone app developers who are skilled in linking your iOS apps to the web.

3. Flutter Framework

The software development kit of flutter has its libraries. There are numerous tools in the Flutter framework that can enhance the user interface, architecture, and user experience of your app. Hire Flutter developers in India that are experienced in native Android and iOS development services.

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Non-Technical Set

A Flutter app developer should first believe in his capabilities before anyone else does. Confidence is a necessary skill for senior developers to lead their team of junior developers. But confidence should be built on a solid foundation and actual skills based on a developer’s experience in the industry.

Time Management-

Flutter apps are developed comparatively faster if your developer has the knack for it. Speed matters in software development. But that does not mean a developer can compromise with the quality of his product. He should know how to manage tasks and divide them in a proper time frame.


Software development is neither easy nor it is simple. To develop enterprise solutions that are customized, the coding process is time-consuming and complex also.Flutter developers should be patient enough to work in the right mental state throughout the process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get your burning questions answered.

Q 1

How much will you charge me as a Flutter development company?

We do not charge any fixed price for you. Your Flutter application cost depends on whether it is a native or cross-platform app. The complexity of your project, and the size of your Flutter app development team.

Q 2

What are the advantages of Flutter app development?

Flutter is open source and does not require you to develop two separate apps for Android and iOS. It is based on dart which is a fast-programming language. It has a single codebase and requires less testing.

Q 3

Is building an app through Flutter worth it?

Yes, of course, it is especially when you need a cross-platform application. Flutter saves your money and offers great UI/UX capabilities to your app.

Q 4

What is your pricing model for enterprise Flutter applications?

Our developers work on a flexible pricing model for enterprise applications. You can hire Flutter app developers and pay according to work done based on a time and material model.

Q 5

Why Flutter is considered startup-friendly?

Startups look for developing solutions that are built in a short time and on less budget. Flutter checks both these requirements with a well-structured high-quality product.

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