Node.Js Developer with Logo
Node.Js Developer with Logo

In today’s times, Node.js is aiding the web development process by offering incredible benefits to its users. When the advantages and disadvantages of Node.js have been considered almost all people come to a consensus that it is a completely dedicated runtime ecosystem and environment.

Node.js is considered one of the best tools in the web development industry because it can be very easily and simply used as a server-side alternative. It tends to manage a huge amount of concurrent connections and nodes in an unblockable manner.

Node.js makes a good match as a back-end tool with Angular being used as the front-end tool in the web integration. It might not be the most recent framework that can govern the web development world but it is a platform that fills a particular void in the market.

What is Node.js?

Node.js is a runtime environment engineered on Chrome’s JavaScript which is used by developers to create quick, scalable, and adaptable network applications. All applications developed using Node.js run on codes that are written in JavaScript. They can easily be used on OS X, Linux, Windows, etc.

Node.Js with Its all Components
Node.Js with Its all Components

The platform offers a case-sensitive shift across the software for setting up server-side and networking applications without any difficulty. It operates with an object-driven, non-blocking I/O framework that makes it extremely lightweight and hence, good for data-intensive live apps and webpages that are used on various platforms and devices.

Why Node.Js is Popular?

Node.js is a very powerful tool that is used to run JavaScript-based applications on both the server-side and client-side. It is capable of managing a gigantic number of simultaneous networks with high production.

The single threading of the platform is also highly beneficial for the development time because it supports thousands of real-time connections held in a particular event loop.

Why Node.Js is Popular
Why Node.Js is Popular

Node.js is not like the other web developing platforms and software where each connection runs on a separate thread that maxes out the amount of RAM provided; it operates on a single thread saving up all that extra RAM.

The response time for Node.js can be deducted easily by making it work faster by adopting some practices like running it in parallel, going asynchronous, caching, gzip compression, optimizing your queries, etc.

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4 Major Reasons to Use Node.js in your Project

Major Reasons to use Node.js in your project with white containers
Major Reasons to use Node.js in your project with white containers

Offers Non-blocking I/O Paradigm and Reusable Code

Node.js solves the problem of waiting for a long period for a response while using I/O operations by using a non-blocking Application Programming Interface (API). As Node.js uses a single thread, waiting for a response might block the entire application so, it has to be of non-blocking API so that other tasks can be done.

As it uses a non-blocking API, Node.js tends to call for it, and then the thread continues to work on other tasks and as the Input/Output operation is completed, the developer gets a notification about the same. This approach is beneficial because it improves the efficiency and effectiveness of the platform as it tends to handle a lot of concurrent connections.

It also offers the feature of reusing the code, where, the same code can be used for both back-end and front-end operations and working of a particular application. Different parts of the code can be shared within various components across the system.

Offers Remarkable Performance and Scalability

The apps that are developed using Node.js are mostly programmed completely in JavaScript and plug and play interworking always leads to great speed and amazing performance. The code tends to run very quickly and hence, improves the complete duration and run-time environment of the given platform.

While using Node.js, you are allowed to scale vertically, adding new capable ways that lead back to your core application code. The platform also offers horizontal scalability which helps in adding new resources to existing programming. Both ways, scalability gives your application the space to grow. Every node in Node.js relies on an ‘event’.

Offers Cost-efficiency and Faster Time-to-market

As Node.js is an open-source platform, it is much more cost-effective than any other alternative that offers JavaScript servers.  It is a very lightweight Language and it can excessively lessen the application development time while providing the same incredible functionality.  Hence, it is very helpful in making the time-to-market cycle comparatively shorter.

With Node.js at work, small companies and start-ups can easily convert an idea into a working product as they already have less time, small budgets, and lean teams; Node solves this problem for them. It does not require any alternative server-side languages to work.

And, it is an important factor because it speeds up the development process in almost every space and allows developers of all levels easier access to your mobile apps’ back-end.

Has Huge Popularity in the Industry

Many popular apps like Netflix, eBay, Yahoo are using Node.js to run across various platforms and devices. The giant OTT platform, Netflix is built with Node.js as its foundation. The platform had chosen the Node.js framework because it aimed for lightweight and smoothly fast streaming for a buffer-free experience for its audience.

Paypal, the world-famous payment gateway application uses Node.js to build the consumer-facing side for its web application.

The famous taxi booking app, Uber had also chosen Node.js to be its framework because it has massive data to process and also, GPS integration at work. The framework aided the app in processing information like taxi requests, driver arrival, etc. quickly.

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5 Pro Tips to Hire a Dedicated Node.js Developer

Dedicated Node.js Developer with different Colors and working
Dedicated Node.js Developer with different Colors and working

Check the Proficiency in Using Cloud Platforms and API Communications

The developer should be familiar with various cloud platforms and should know how to work with such platforms because the application cannot be controlled through a personal computer by him/her. Thus, he/she will have to deploy it to a cloud platform to serve it to the target audience.

He/she should be able to analyze and interpret existing API codes so that they can use them to improve and enhance their own projects. They should be able to handle and manage the interaction between various systems simultaneously.

Hence, Node.js development requires the developers to have remarkable skills in analyzing and developing custom RESTful APIs.

Possession of Excellent Knowledge of JavaScript and Troubleshooting Skills

As Node.js uses JavaScript as its programming language, it is necessary and obligatory for the developers to know JavaScript to be able to work with the platform.

Less experience and familiarity of the developer with JavaScript will lead to problems in the future because he/she will have to understand the language and its difficulties to be able to manage the web development process.

A firm should always hire a candidate who has great problem-solving and troubleshooting skills along with being familiar with syntax management. The major aspect of hiring a Node developer is the ability to handle errors and bugs during the web development process.

Possession of Necessary Skills

A candidate can be considered desirable or undesirable according to your need and requirements. He/she has to have great problem-solving and debugging skills to be able to tackle minor and major problems that he comes across. The candidate should know the current market trends so that they can build the application according to the consumer requirement.

They should be great communicators because effective and efficient teamwork and a collaborative approach play the most important role in the success of a project. They should connect with your business model and goals to work according to your company and work things smoothly.

Conscious of His/Her Major Roles and Responsibilities

A dedicated Node.js Developer should know how to work with numerous Node.js frameworks, other compatible tools, and important software related to the platform. He/she should have excellent problem-solving, troubleshooting, and analyzing skills to be able to handle errors.

Along with this, he/she should know API integration because it is very important for Node Developers to work with various APIs and should understand RESTful APIs. They should have the ability to choose the right stack according to their requirements. They should know about unit testing and component and module creation.

Ability to Write Optimized and Readable Code

One of the most basic and most important skills that a dedicated Node.js developer must possess is the ability to write good quality code. A code written by a good developer will be easy to understand and read by others because of being written excellently.

A professional Node.js Developer knows the importance of writing clean, optimized, and stable code for their application.

The codebase should be fluid enough to transition smoothly from one platform to other because of being a cross-platform app development framework. The code should be optimized and stable enough to align with all the platforms while transitioning. The code should be scalable, adaptable, and symmetrical so that working with it and updating it is easy.

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Major Roles and Responsibilities of Node.js Developers

Node.Js Developers with working Icons
Node.Js Developers with working Icons

The roles of different Node.js developers according to their experience are as follows:

Junior Node.js Developers

The developers who have work experience of around a year are considered Junior Node.js Developers. Such developers do not have much experience working in the industry because of being in the early stage of their respective web development careers. They are not known for all the rules, regulations, and work ethics that are prevalent in the web development world.

Junior Developer with white board
Junior Developer with whiteboard

They are bound to be much slower than other experienced developers because of not being habitual of the work that they are expected to do. Hence, they might spend a huge amount of time understanding and analyzing Node’s working ways, patterns and logic. A firm should correctly analyze its work requirements before hiring Junior Node.js App Developers.

Mid-level Node.js Developers

The Node developers who come with a work experience of about 2-4 years are known as mid-level Node.js developers. Their skills and knowledge are much more polished and enhanced as compared to junior developers who are completely new in the industry. They do not require any kind of training or mentoring by anyone to work properly.

Mid-Level Developer with a Computer
Mid-Level Developer with a Computer

The goals and requirements are to be analyzed and studied thoroughly by the company before choosing a particular Node.js developer. Mid-level Node.js developers can be directly included in the main development team of the firm and hence, the firm should go through its budget carefully before hiring them.

If included in the main development process, they might be able to enhance the pace of project development with their polished skills.

Senior Node.js Developers

Senior-level Node.js Developers can act as a web development asset for the company because they can lead the development team easily using their high expertise in the field. They come with more than 4 years of work experience.

Senior level Developer with working
Senior-level Developer with working

They desire and charge a large amount of money and are usually paid on an hourly basis by the firm because of their high experience. If a company wants to build a high-end and best quality Node.js application for their firm then, they should choose senior Node developers as they come with many skills.

They can also act as the leader of the development team and mentor junior or mid-level Node.js developers or other team members. They have enough experience to be considered experts in the app development industry.

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The Major Responsibilities of a Node.js Developer are as Follows:

  • Developers have to write a clean code because it helps in enhancing the speed of the development process.
  • Ability to work with data streaming applications and platforms, server-side alternatives, and proxy.
  • Possession of front-end knowledge because these applications are developed for consumer use and thus, it is important to develop them in a user-friendly manner.
  • Ability to fix the code in case of any error or bug in it. He/She should be observant and have a good eye to be able to understand and analyze the difficulties that may occur in the development process.
  • Being able to be active and participate in the development process with other team members to get the desired and remarkable results according to the firm’s requirements.
  • Ability to update the code and application in case of any important development in the market or development world along with being able to run unit-based tests to check the functionality of the code.


While recruiting a Node.js developer, a company should be very clear about its web development goals and aims because it will have to hire a developer according to that only.

Hiring a dedicated Node.js developer according to the project’s requirements can be a very difficult, problematic, and complex task for a firm at times.

The platform offers many benefits to the web developers like adequate caching, enormous user community, and usage of a single programming language.

Firms can easily consult and take help from a leading web development agency if they face problems or difficulties in the process of finding and identifying a dedicated Node.js Developer. A good app development agency can lead you through this complex and cumbersome process by either providing a developer or guiding you to find one.

If you want to build an app using this framework but you are not aware of the required programming language, you can easily hire a Node.js developer from “Hackerkernel?, a renowned internationally acclaimed IT company.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1 Is Node.js good for web development?

Node.js is an excellent and revolutionary technology that offers unique features for web development and makes the app development process quite easy and simple

2 How do I hire a good Node.js developer?

You can easily hire a Node.js developer from ‘Hackerkernel’ which is a renowned internationally acclaimed IT company.

3 Is Node.js good for the backend?

Node.js might be an excellent choice for backend web development if you want to develop real-time web applications.

4 Is Node.js good for startups?

Node.js is very advantageous for startups planning to grow with time because it helps in developing lightweight and fast systems with amazing live responses.

5 Will Node.js still be relevant in 2022?

Future seems to be quite excellent for Node.js in the front-end development industry as it appears as no improvement can be done without it in the web development industry.

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