A Men with some images which define angular
A Men with some images which define angular

Angular has been a crucial part of the web development and application development market since its generation. It is considered one of the best Front-end Development tools in the development world. It gained popularity with each passing day after its launch in the market because of its team’s constant efforts to make it better.

The development team behind Angular did all the efforts possible to keep the framework in the loop with the development world’s requirements. According to a survey, Angular is the most used front-end development tool in the development industry after React.

As it is known to all the people related to the industry front-end development is one of the most important parts of the web development process. It is very vital for the quality and the user experience related to the finished digital product in the form of an application or a web page.

What is Angular?

Angular was developed by Google and it is the exact rewrite from the same team that had developed AngularJS. It is an open-source web development framework led and controlled by the Google team and by a community of other individuals and companies. It uses JavaScript to create a single-page web app.

Angular with sub elements
Angular with sub elements

Angular is a growing framework and web development platform that provides its users with the best means to develop their applications and web pages. It is used by front-end developers to manipulate and present data. It is the best Type-script framework that helps its users to develop the best web applications according to their requirements.

Why is it Popular?

Angular is extremely popular and every new version adds more to its demand because it is extremely reliable. It offers many important web development features and functionalities to the web development industry. It caters to almost all the challenges faced by a user or developer in the app or web development process.

Angular with it's all elements in Computer
Angular with it’s all elements in Computer

Also, the framework comes with an in-built dependency injection subsystem which helps in making the applications more efficient as compared to the applications developed using other frameworks or platforms. It also offers declarative templates, vigorous binding, and end-to-end tooling.

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Why should you use Angular in your Project?

Why Use Angular in your project with reasons
Why Use Angular in your project with reasons

Has Google’s Support and Resources

Angular has a long-term support commitment given by the Google developers who had developed the technology. Google’s idea is to support Angular throughout and develop it further so that it remains in the leading position among the various front-end development tools.

Google provides a set of tools and features to pre-render or re-render an application according to the user’s or client’s requirements and needs. It even uses Angular in many of its public-facing applications and websites like AdWords and Google Cloud Platform. It is even used by them in many internal tools.

Offers Code Stability and Effortless Testing

Consistent coding is necessary for every codebase because unstable coding can lead to an increase in the risks of raised costs and slowed-down launches of an application or a web page. Code stability allows the site to be easy and simple to use and helps the users by enabling the use of various templates.

Effortless testing offers simplified unit-testing because Angular has separate components which are independent of each other. Along with module separation, the user can easily load the required services and elements while simultaneously running an automatic testing schedule.

Usage of Typescript

Angular uses the TypeScript language to develop applications. TypeScript is a superscript language of JavaScript. The usage of this language guarantees greater security because it supports both primitives and interfaces.

It also supports efficient compilation which further makes it easy to fix bugs. It completely supports all the other features like decorators and async/await options.

This language helps in improving navigation and user journey on the application. It also helps in refactoring and auto-completion of various services. TypeScript is not a stand-alone language like other programming languages.

So, while using TypeScript, you can use any existing ES5 or other JS code and it will be automatically compiled down according to your configuration.

Pro Tips to Hire a Dedicated Angular Developer

A Men with some images which define angular
A Men with some images which define angular

Possession of Requisite Skills

A desirable candidate must have all the required skills according to your need. He/she has to be great with problems and should know how to tackle them. He/she should be able to communicate with other team members correctly.

The candidate should know the current market trends so that they can build the application according to the consumer requirement.

They should be great communicators because effective and efficient teamwork and a collaborative approach play the most important role in the success of a project. They should connect with your business model and goals to work according to your company and run things smoothly.

Awareness of His/Her Major Roles and Responsibilities

An ideal Angular Developer must have proficiency in JavaScript and TypeScript along with basic knowledge of JavaScript build tools. The desired candidate must have experience with version control systems. He/she should know how to work with various Angular compatible tools and software.

Along with this, he/she should have knowledge of API integration because it is very important for Angular Developers to work with various APIs and should understand RESTful APIs. They should have the ability to choose the right stack according to their requirements. They should know about unit testing and component and module creation.

Candidate Should be able to Write Optimized and Readable Code

One should judge candidates according to the quality of the code that they write when he/she has to identify and hire Angular developers from a big lot of candidates. A professional Angular Developer knows the importance of writing clean, optimized, and stable code for their application. The code written by a professional and expert developer will be easy to understand and read.

The codebase should be fluid enough to shift smoothly from one platform to other because of being a cross-platform app development framework. The code should be optimized and stable enough to align with all the platforms while transitioning. The code should be scalable, adaptable, and symmetrical so that working with it and updating it is easy.

Candidate Should be Well-rehearsed with Automation Testing, AI, and ML

Angular developers should have at least the basic knowledge of various testing platforms used for testing Angular-based applications. Some examples of these platforms are Jest, Jasmine, Karma, and Mocha. So, to launch high-end applications quickly, an Angular developer should know how to run this software.

As Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are gaining importance in the web development market with each passing day, many firms look forward to incorporating and including these technologies in their company’s application to attract consumers. It can help your app to stand out in front of your target audience and thus, provides you with an opportunity to excel.

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Major Roles and Responsibilities of an Angular Developers

Angular Developers with working on Computer
Angular Developers with working on Computer

The major responsibilities of an Angular Developer are as follows:

  • Writing a clean code because it helps in enhancing the speed of the development process.
  • Ability to design and create applications using Angular framework, TypeScript, and JavaScript.
  • Ability to fix the code in case of any error or bug in it.
  • He/She should be observant and have a good eye to be able to understand and analyze the difficulties that may occur in the development process.
  • Being able to be active and participate in the development process with other team members to get the desired and remarkable results according to the firm’s requirements.
  • Ability to update the code and application in case of any major development in the market or development world along with being able to run unit-based tests to check the functionality of the code.

Junior Angular Developers

Junior Angular Developers are developers with a work experience of about 0-1+ years. These developers are not much experienced because they are in the initial phase of their career as developers in the industry. They are new to all the practices and work ethics that are followed in the development industry.

They might be able to do all the work just like other Angular developers but they can be much slower than them because of being new to the framework.

Junior Angular Developer
Junior Angular Developer

As a result, they might spend a huge amount of time understanding and analyzing Angular’s working procedures and their pattern and logic. A firm should correctly analyze its work requirements before hiring Junior Angular App Developers.

Mid-level Angular Developers

The Angular developers who have work experience of around 2-4 years are considered mid-level Angular application developers. They have much-polished skills and better knowledge related to Angular web development as compared to the junior Angular Developers. Also, they do not need mentoring and tutoring like them.

Mid Level Angular Developer
Mid Level Angular Developer

A corporation should correctly analyze its goals and requirements before hiring a mid-level Angular Developer. It should its project budget before hiring them because they have around 2+ years of experience and can be directly and completely included in the prime and main development team of the company.

If included in the main development process, they might be able to enhance the pace of project development with their polished skills.

Senior Angular Developers

Senior-level Angular Developers come with more than 4 years of work experience in their designated field. They desire and charge a large amount of money and are usually paid on an hourly basis by the firm because of their high experience. They can also act as project managers and lead that particular project that they might be hired for.

Senior Angular Developers
Senior Angular Developers

If a company wants to build a high-end Angular application for their firm then, they should choose senior Angular developers as they come with many benefits. They can also act as the leader of the development team and mentor junior or mid-level Angular developers or other team members. They have enough experience to be considered experts in the Angular app development market.

In-house Team vs. Freelancers vs. Outsourcing

Different Angular Developers with working
Different Angular Developers with working

In-house Team

An in-house team refers to the group of developers that are already on board with your firm and you do not have to hire an outsider for the application development process in your company.

An in-house team can be easily managed and controlled by the owner of the firm itself without any hesitation. Also, the improvement process is much easier in this case. It will have amazing coordination with other teams in the company which will lead to a great result.


When a company hires a freelancer, they have to weigh all the benefits and risks that they bring along and then take the decision. A company might be able to cut its costs if it hires a freelancer for its Angular web development project but it is extremely tough to keep an eye on them and their work.

They cannot be monitored regularly by the development in charge. While hiring a freelancer you may get a low-quality output or you may have to deal with extended deadlines.


Outsourcing is done when a company gives a particular project to another team outside the company or a team that belongs to some app development agency. This is done by the company to be cost-effective and at low prices.

Such outside teams provide the required results which are at par and are able to match the quality of work of an in-house development team. These teams consist of many experts and dedicated developers, therefore, leading to a good outcome.


Hiring a dedicated Angular developer according to the project’s requirements can be a very difficult, problematic, and complex task for a firm at times. While hiring an Angular developer, a firm should be clear about its goals, aims, and needs.

The firms should take into account the important technical skills, work experience, working background, etc. before hiring an Angular App Developer.  

Companies can easily consult and take help from a leading web development agency if they face problems or difficulties in the process of finding and identifying a dedicated Angular Developer.

A good app development agency can lead you through this complex and cumbersome process by either providing a developer or guiding you to find one.

If you want to build an app using this framework but you are not aware of the required programming language, you can easily hire an Angular developer from “Hackerkernel“, a renowned internationally acclaimed IT company.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What should I look for in an Angular developer?

An Angular developer should have a great understanding of the Angular framework and TypeScript along with thorough knowledge of web markup.

 2. How much does it cost to hire an Angular developer in India?

In India, an Angular Developer’s annual salary can lie anywhere between ₹1.8 Lakhs to ₹10 lakhs.

3. What should an Angular developer know?

An Angular developer should have a basic understanding of Angular, TypeScript, and web markup. He/she should know how to write optimized and clean code for their client.

4. Where can I find good Angular developers?

You can easily hire an Angular developer from ‘Hackerkernel’ which is a renowned internationally acclaimed IT company.

5. Are Angular developers in demand?

Yes, Angular developers are in high demand in the front-end development industry because of the high scalability and adaptability of the framework.

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