Top Finance Api 2021
Top Finance Api 2021

The technology has many aspects, like servers and other hardware. But they have gone down in recent years.

The stock market industry has observed massive technological adoption in current years. The average cost of financial market data is increasing. Digital transformation trends in 2021 for finance APIs are a fundamental indicator.

These are the trends for the future stock market API India. These finance APIs run the world. We have observed a massive rise in the need for API formation, consumption, and management. Technologies like cloud-based application interfaces are the landscape of the stock market.

We are expecting this trend will grow more in 2021. The financial market data business has sensed a move in the digital world with the stock market data API.

Nowadays, many free similar alternatives API like Yahoo finance API is not performing. Thus, there is a demand for perfect and easy access to market data.

In this blog, we will review the key characteristics of the best APIs for the stock market. It makes a market data provider, reliable and powerful, available in the market. 

1. What is a Finance API?

Application Programming Interface (API) is a program coding that enquires about send instructions between one another software platform. The wonderful aspect is that you aren’t able to see when you’re on the website or platform.

What is Finance Api
What is Finance API

Data is the real timepieces of stocks that are flashing a new number. These News Feeds or numbers post a press release at a fixed time. All this happens because of the tools known as API.

2. Perceptive of Stock Market APIs

First, understanding stock market APIs is essential. Stock market APIs are a blessing to stock traders, software developers, and investors. The reason behind the popularity of stock APIs is so simple. They connect these data consumers with relevant data sources.

You can get stock market data through APIs. It offers users a simple, logical, and predictable format in a decent structured format. Here, fetching financial data is easy in stock market APIs. You can share API data with consumers, the company’s employees, and third-party vendors. You can sync data using these APIs across different applications. So, what would be the result without stock market APIs?

Stock Market Apis
Stock Market Apis

In summary, stock market data consumers would have to write tough codes to interpret raw data from stock exchanges. This is the toughest task because of the availability of free stock API exchanges. These exchanges have different data transmission processes.

We have developed various amazing applications for the users; “N2 Express” is one of them. It is a payment app to transfer money internationally.

 3. Types of APIs

Among free finance API, various versions are also available like FTP, TCP, and Rest API. You can select it as per your data requirements. For example, if you choose a standard API, it helps you to get data in real-time and speed is also fast. Another free stock API is TCP, which is faster than Rest API. In TCP there is no need to request for fetching the data contrary to the rest APIs. 

Types Of Finance Api
Types Of Finance API

If you are comfortable with standard data speed, you may select FTP that offers data at the last moment of the day. In short, you may save some money in this way. Among top API find few renowned names which are gaining momentum these days. 

It integrated these API finance data sets to know all platforms through the API. We are one of the best app developers and recently we have developed a finance API “IquantsGraph”. This top API is recognized in the top 10 Chief Investment Officer list in our country.

Stock splits

When any company announces a split in their stock and how large the split will be.  Most large-cap companies after a certain interval split their stock for the investors.


We know an IPO is an initial public offering. The company announces IPO to raise the capital from the market. They fix a certain price for the same. Most investors take immense interest in the IPO.


Earning is the actual and estimated price per share. It also defines actual revenue and earnings-related news headings.

Analyst ratings

After analyzing the stock trend, analyst upgrades and downgrades with a change in the price target of the stock


All dividends announcements happen with ex-dividend dates


Coverage of the market-driving economic news headlines post.

4. Best Finance APIs to choose from this year! 

After discussing all the aspects, now we have a clear-cut understanding of the API, how it works and what it uses. Now you have knowledge of the various financial API and their actual work. The following given APIs are popular among users for having amazing news coverage. They allow you to make profitable trades and investments to earn money.

Best Finance Apis to Choose from this year
Best Finance Apis to Choose from this year

Among the best finance API, you may also try “Wapicash”. It is a payment wallet solution to transfer funds anytime anywhere worldwide.


Stock News Api
Stock News API

This financial API is the best choice to get a Newsfeed. For the trial, you can view a sample within a widget embedded on their official website. It includes an exclusive data section within a widget integrated on the site. The drawback of this API is that they assemble the content from the outer new providers. These providers have much lower coverage and delayed headlines in the full-length articles.

Benzinga API

Benzinga Finance Api
Benzinga Finance API

This is a prominent Newsfeed that offers large-scale market coverage. It has no latency, and the Newsfeed is available through API, TCP, and FTP. They allow users for 1 API call per second. The site includes user-friendly API documents for more information. This stock API is free for use during your trial period.

Xignite API

Do you know about Wealthfront, Betterfront, MoneyLion, and Robinhood? All these companies are well-known and authentic wealth management Fintech companies. They are using Xignite as their financial data provider. This financial API came into existence in 2000. Xignite always updates itself to grab more enterprises and customers. It offers cloud-based, institution-grade APIs with endless API request allocation.

Xiginite Finance api
Xiginite Finance API

Finally, among the news feed categories, Xignite is the top APIs. It has coverage of US equities like NYSE MKT, NASDAQ, and NYSE. The only demerit of this newsfeed is that it’s slowed a few minutes. 

For most traders, this is the decisive aspect who are seeking to receive news fast. Yet, the major positive fact with this news feed is that it includes coverage of over 60 publications. They also offer to embed news websites, mobile applications, and spreadsheets.

Xignite’s earnings calendar finance API comes with 89-day coverage on all earnings. This includes data columns like forecasted and confirmed dates and board/shareholder meetings. This API is more costly than others. Its stock world comprises over six thousand global companies.

Earnings Calendar API

You should know the financial API for earning. Because coverage is not complete without comprehensive earning data. Earning calendars are the best stock market financial APIs for earnings.

Earning Calender Finance Api
Earning Calendar Finance API

This is not a complex financial API while it has good coverage, affordable and fair cost. You can index its earning dates from many sources to ensure data quality. The Premium API cost of the Earnings calendar is $50 per month. 

Alpha Vantage API

This finance API has complete effectiveness and performs all kinds of tasks without losing data. They are renowned as the most authentic finance APIs among its investors. This API may be customized thus, showing its authenticity. Most investors around the world have a dependency on this financial API. 

It provides real-time stock and historical news from a specific company about the stock market periodical report. They present perfect data of an ETF, technical indicator, crypto, forex, and physical currency. It includes both US and non-US markets.

Alpha Vantage Finance Api
Alpha Vantage Finance API

Furthermore, Alpha Vantage documentation has a heterogeneous framework that offers running code with instances in Python, PHP, and Java. This quality has enhanced the faith of finance app developers over its capabilities. Along with endless features, it can transfer the stock data to Google Sheets and Excel files.

It offers investors the command to have an organized and well-designed format of data. In the future, you may further change and expand this data when required.

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Barchart API 

Barchart offers you customizable and cloud-based APIs to firm your business efficiencies, applicability and outcomes. It offers and points out a comprehensive collection of market data API that can be integrated into your website. The Barchart is a junction of over one stock API which may be combined or separated. You may also integrate within applications.

You may clear your concept by understanding by viewing its splits, dividends, and earning API functioning. Along with these features, its API hub has various other categories in distinct features supporting APIs.

Bar Chart Finance Api
Bar Chart Finance API

It involves stock news, profile and financial data, Price data, cryptocurrency, and other data APIs. You will find the simplest pattern to plan and drive applications by integrating market data with the websites. As we know API envelopes Cloud Databases for sharing confidential messages from one data set to another.

In summary, Barchart is the most hassle-free, versatile choice that needs specialized stock information absorbed in the application backend. Further, it makes function-specific applications that professional investors operate. 

Morning Star API

This finance API is the most reliable API to manage various kinds of applications if you are handling them. They offer an informative blog along with an easily navigated user- interface. Morning star finance API offers an outstanding feature for ensuring each record is provided in classification rather than complicated sequence. Just like FMP, the API provides data on forex and cryptocurrency.

Morning Star Finance APi
Morning Star Finance API

The major negative feature of Morning Star API is the challenge of getting access. To experience the access connect Morningstar API personnel; confirm a price before ultimately being able to use it. Another remarkably positive aspect of Morning Star API is in stark contrast to FMP stock market API for free. This will enable you to log in directly to the website.

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Twelve data 

The Twelve data is the most advanced finance API for software developers. One can get an entry into the world digital finance market with the help of this API. You may get fast access to

real-time and historical data of forex, cryptocurrency, ETF, stocks, and much more. This is a fast-growing organization in the financial API industry. The company has three basic theories which they follow.

Twelve Data Finance Api
Twelve Data Finance API

a. Affordability: They offer affordable free data plans in the industry with a choice to enhance the limits. They feel that data is the need of this digital age and it should be available for everyone.

b.   Professional: Various tools and solutions that help users to concentrate on the development of products and stop taking stress on the data sources.

c. Coverage: They have coverage on all varieties of assets including stocks, forex, crypto, indices. Equity data is available in real-time and historical retrospectives.

Yahoo Finance API

Yahoo Finance Api
Yahoo Finance API

The official Yahoo Finance API was discontinued. But if you need some old data, unofficial API data and news are available on RapidAPI. This unofficial website offers all the data available on Yahoo finance API. This platform has many options that offer data just like other top-grade APIs; these are options, analysis, statistics, charts, historical data, newsfeeds, balance sheets, financials, time series, and many more choices as per your need.

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NSE Data Feed API

NSE (national stock exchange) was incorporated in 1992. National Stock Exchange is one of the main exchanges in our country and 12th in the world. We also know NSE as the world’s largest derivatives exchange in terms of contracts traded. 

NSE Data Feed Finance Api
NSE Data Feed Finance API

They are also authorized in operating IFSE Ltd. This data feed API offers historical data coverage and covers quick interest data available daily post-market closing. This API offers full data access through workspace desktop platforms.

In summary, they offer both bulk access and intuitive request response to a wide pattern of NSE reference data content. This data content also includes instrument and venue-level reference data. 

5. What happened to Yahoo & Google Finance API?

 If you are a regular investor and have been associated with investing instruments in the past year or so on. You must be aware of Google finance API and Yahoo finance API. Both are enormous giants in the financial API segment. And it is right! Their API is very popular among users. But there is some assumption about these companies that they no longer have official documented stock market APIs.

Google Finance Api
Google Finance API

Here, here is our conclusion: Both of them get their maximum revenue generation from digital advertising sources. The lack of positioning between the advertising business model and the API business model led to the interruption of official support for both of them. 

Furthermore, Google finance API and Yahoo finance API continue as the website for financial market information. Still, there is a download option on Yahoo finance API for certain market data. 

Final words:

Above all, market data plays a vital role to know any financial instrument in depth. Getting market data through stock APIs is very convenient, trusted, and predictable. Moreover, it is also essential you get the updated and perfect data at the right time to make some decisions. The above described financial API comes in handy to meet these requirements. 

It will help you shape your financial products the way you have expected. In this post, we explored what we determine as the best financial API in 2021. We tell you to investigate all ten APIs to consider which best suits your requirements.

Hackerkernel Can Help you Implement these APIs in your Business and If you have any Requirements in Finance Sector. Tell us your requirements.

  1. What is the aim of the finance API?

It allows investors to fetch financial information the moment they need it.

B.    What data sets are integrated into the finance API?

It includes dividends, mutual funds, ETF, forex, earnings, analysts’ rankings, IPOs, stock splits, and economic information.

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