why use react.js with web icons
why use react.js with web icons

React.js has dominated the front-end development and production space since its generation. It is aiding web application development by providing amazing benefits to the developers by helping them in easing out the development process. It is used by software development companies to build user interfaces that are based on UI components.

React.js can be used as a foundation in the development of Progressive Web Applications for Android and iOS. World-famous web and mobile applications and websites like Netflix, Instagram, Pinterest, and WhatsApp (web version) are made using the app development services of React.js. It has a component-based code that is made of entities.

Whats is React.js? Why it is perfect for your project

React.js is also known as React and it is a free and open-source JavaScript library that is used by web developers and data programmers to build user interfaces. React was created by Facebook which is now known as Meta worldwide.

Meta or Facebook had also created React native which is the entire framework for which React.js acts as the main component.

what is react.js with its logo
what is react.js with its logo

It was developed by Jordan Walke and it is maintained by Meta (formerly Facebook). According to the developers of this software, it is a structured, efficient, resourceful, and declarative open-source JavaScript library for generating easy, adaptable, reliable, and fast front-ends for various websites and web apps.

Initially, React.js was rejected by the web developers and data programmers because it used JavaScript and Markup in a single file.

But, as with the passing time it was used and experimented with by many developers, the web development community embraced it with open arms. It happened because of the component-centric approach that the software had for separating concerns.

Top Reasons to use React.js in your upcoming web apps development Project

Reasons to use react.js with four informative boxes
Reasons to use react.js with four informative boxes

Offers Flexibility

React is very popular and used on a large scale in the web development world because of being incredibly and remarkably flexible. Once, a developer has correctly learned it, he/she can use it on a huge range of platforms to develop quality user interfaces.

React.js is often confused as a framework by many people but it is not a framework; it is a library. It is React’s library approach only that has helped it to gain so much popularity and has allowed it to evolve into an incredible web development tool.

It also supports server-side rendering of its components using tools. React developers can also use it to build a virtual reality (VR) website and 360 experiences.

Offers Fast Rendering

As we all know the DOM model is tree-structured, a slight change or modification in the upper layers can negatively affect the user interface and functioning of the application. When a complex, high-load, and high-end application has to be developed then, the structure and base of the app have to be pre-determined.

Facebook has solved this problem in the React framework by launching it with a virtual DOM feature. Virtual DOM helps in testing the application beforehand which helps to determine and calculate the risk of each modification and change in the code structure.

Thus, using React.js to develop your application allows you to use virtual DOM which further helps in maintaining high app performance and a remarkable user experience.

Is Easy to Test

React.js requires very little and sometimes no configuration for testing, unlike other traditional UI browsers which required a special setup for testing. React components can be easily tested by using the node command line.

Conventional User Interface browser testing is quite slow but command-line testing is very quick and can run a good amount of test suites simultaneously.

There are numerous JavaScript testing tools and frameworks available on the web that can be easily used by developers and programmers to test React.js.

Some famous testing frameworks and tools are AVA, Tape, Jasmine, and Mocha. React tests can also be written quickly using tools like Jest and Enzyme.

Has Facebook’s Support and Resources

React was created by Facebook (now Meta) in 2011 for their personal use only but with the passing time, it was released in the web development market for use by other companies too. Still, it is heavily used in the Facebook app, website, and Instagram, and therefore, Meta is intensively committed to it.

Facebook uses around 50 thousand React.js components in its production and development environment. React team also maintains a blog that lets the other programmers know about the new releases, bugs, and updates.

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Some Major Adavantages of using React.js in 2022

Advantages of using react.js with computer and six components
Advantages of using react.js with computer and six components

Creation of Dynamic Web Applications Made Easier

React.js has solved the problem of creating a dynamic web application using HTML strings by helping the developers by making the complex coding easier that this particular task requires. It tends to provide less coding and more functionality and adaptability to the developers and programmers using it.

Generation of machine-readable codes is also made easier by React. It uses JavaScript extension (JSX) to render particular subcomponents.


As it is already known, traditional and old JavaScript frameworks face a problem in dealing with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The search engines generally face difficulty in reading applications that are made up of JavaScript coding and thus, many web developers are troubled by this issue.

React.js solved this problem for the developers as it is easily navigated on various search engines. Usually, React.js applications run on the server and the virtual DOM renders and returns to the web browser or server as a regular web page or website.

Offers Better Code Stability

React.js offers better code stability which improves the overall performance and functionality of the application. It further helps in enhancing the speed of the application by eliminating weird problems that a user may face while using or interacting with the application.

React follows the approach of downward data flow which helps in saving the base structure from getting affected by any developments in the child structure. This approach helps in ensuring smooth and speedy interaction for the user while interacting with the application and thus, offers a remarkable user experience.

Enhanced Performance

React.js improves the performance and enhances the developer experience because it works on a virtual DOM. The virtual DOM was introduced by React to solve the problem of slowed performance after the update of the DOM. The React DOM exists totally in the memory and is identical to the web browser’s DOM.

These days, almost all the applications are used on smartphones, and thus, they need to be extremely efficient. Thus, to make these applications more regulated, retaining battery power and CPU power is very essential.

Also, React has a simple and easy programming structure that allows the change of state to happen automatically after any kind of data updation. This process is quick as it happens in the memory.

Offers Instant Updates without Page Reloads

React offers instant page reloads by using its ability to modify and update individual elements on the webpage or application. This approach helps in eliminating the long buffering time in the page reloading process and thus, saves your users from getting frustrated.

For example, when a person is using Facebook and he/she wants to like a picture or write a comment on some post or wants to find his/her friend’s account by searching; all these actions happen instantly without any need of constant and frustrating page reloads.

Hence, there is no requirement for excessive loading or buffering and this feature updates the required information as it comes in.

Helps in Building Rich User Interfaces

As it is knowns to everybody that today the quality and standard of user interface and UI modules play a major role in the success of an application. Users love to interact with such applications which have a high-quality User Interface (UI) because it allows a smooth interaction with that particular application.

React allows the development and creation of such applications by using its declarative and easily scalable components. Building applications with high quality and a rich user interface guarantees the success of an application.

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Develop Web Application with React.js

React.js is getting popular with each passing day because of the incredible benefits that it gives to new-age developers, engineers, and data programmers. It is a library program that allows the developers to build impressive and incredible web and mobile apps which require less effort and are easier to code.

Develop web application using react.js with chart
Develop web application using react.js with chart

Many popular webs and mobile apps like Netflix, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp (web version), etc. are using React.js to run across various platforms and devices. Paypal, the world-famous payment gateway application has integrated its Checkout server with React.js

The giant OTT platform, Netflix is also built with React.js as its base for the server-side rendering of the application. The platform had chosen the React.js framework because it aimed for better launching speed, performance, and modularity for its audience.

The famous food delivery app, UberEats had also chosen React.js to be its development aid because it has massive data to process and also, GPS integration at work.

The platform aided the app in processing information while the user needed to browse and interact with the application or wanted to order food using the web app. It also helped and supported the app to provide a good tracking experience to its users.

Facebook, is the giant social media platform that now owns many other social networking sites like WhatsApp and Instagram. React.js was developed by Facebook (now Meta) only for its own use but later it was released in the market to be used by other firms too. Facebook uses React components a quite lot o their servers and web or mobile application.

If you want to build an app using this React.js library but you are not aware of this programming language, you can easily hire a React.js developer from “Hackerkernel”, a renowned internationally acclaimed IT company.


The React.js platform is highly beneficial to web developers and data programmers as compared to its disadvantages. The most important fact is that it works on JavaScript which has a bright future in the upcoming years. Coding in React makes a developer better at JavaScript, a coding language that holds almost 90% web development share.

With every passing day, more and more business developers and organizations are adopting React.js and benefitting from the positive results that they are getting. The platform offers many benefits to the web developers like access to an amazing User Interface (UI) library and ease in JavaScript coding.

The advantages of React.js weigh heavy on the disadvantages of the platform because of the smooth processing and coding that it offers its users. React.js offers many advantages for web app development and is an excellent tool to create incredible and fantastic web and mobile applications.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can we develop a mobile application using React.js?

React.js helps in developing cross-platform applications which can work on both iOS and Android.

2. Is React.js same as React Native?

React.js is basically a javascript library that can be used for app development and React Native is the entire framework.

3. Is React.js in demand?

React.js is one of the most demanding frameworks. World’s top companies like Netflix, PayPal, eBay, etc. are using React.js for app development.

4. Which good companies have used React.js to develop their applications?

Many popular companies and firms like Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, PayPal, WhatsApp (Web Version), UberEats, etc. have used React.js to develop their applications.

5. What are the advantages of using React.js?

React.js provides excellent cross-platform app development support, handles dependencies, and also, provides amazing UI-focused designs which makes it extremely advantageous.

Written By Sneha Arora.

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