Two clients shortlist the backend developers for hiring through resumes
Two clients shortlist the backend developers for hiring through resumes

The real legends of web application development are the backend developers and the other term for backend development is server-side development. It includes implementation, designing, performance, core logic, and scalability. A backend developer’s main aim is to run applications or systems on machines that the end user can’t see.

These systems don’t include customer engagement and are more sophisticated. Backend developers develop and manage the systems that process data and perform important functionalities of the website.

Contrary to front-end developers who focus on building what users can see or read on a website when you hire back-end developers, they focus on server-side activities including data protection, storage, and other invisible processes.

Who are Backend Developers?

Now you know the background actions refer to the backend of the website or application. A website consists of three elements: a combination of technology and programming, including a server, a database, and an application. 

A backend developer in a light blue t-shirt creating a backend application on a laptop
A backend developer in a light blue t-shirt creating a backend application on a laptop

Although users can’t see or interact with them, Developers can continuously work in the backend, providing functionality and a greater user experience. The role of the backend engineer is to maintain the entire architecture of it. Developers working in backend development are crucial for website development, ensuring the transfer of data required by the front-end technologies.

The developers build applications using backend programming languages such as Java, PHP, Python, & .Net, SQL, Oracle, and MySQL Server to find, generate, edit, or offer it back to the user in the front-end code. 

After having a discussion with business owners and knowing their project requirements & restrictions, backend developers use the technologies mentioned to create web applications with clean and well-documented codes.

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What are the Major Technologies Used by Backend Developers?

Some technologies are the backbone of your website or web application, the behind-the-scene stuff that ensures your digital platform functions as per user requirements and queries. 

A client looking to hire backend developers for their app projects on her desktop
A client looking to hire backend developers for their app projects on her desktop

There are a lot of technologies available for backend development such as databases, frameworks, programming languages, and a lot more. However, each technology has some benefits that should match perfectly your project objectives. 

While choosing the best backend language in such a changing industry can be hard, a subject list may work for you. The list includes

1. Python

Python is a general-purpose and interpreted language, dynamically, that’s been gaining popularity in the development world. Due to its versatility and flexibility, Python unleashes its full power as a web development stack in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, scientific research, and other emerging fields. 

Companies that use Python: 

  • Nasa 
  • Spotify 
  • Google 
  • Instagram 
  • Amazon 

2. JavaScript 

This language is unique for its use case in both frontend and backend application development. Such abilities have made JavaScript a well-recognized language that offers seamless third-party integration with multiple resources, dynamic interfaces, and more. 

The best feature of JavaScript is that it enables asynchronous processing, meaning developers can process multiple coding blocks at the same time and increase code efficiency. 

Companies that use JavaScript: 

  • eBay 
  • Uber 
  • Paypal 
  • Netflix 
  • Microsoft 


C# is a free and open-source programming language that offers efficient interoperability through multiple platforms and is easier to debug code for developers. 

It is a high-level coding language that makes it developers to code easily and efficiently and is mostly used in gaming app development, web development, cloud-based services, enterprise software development, etc. 

 Companies that use C#: 

  • Stack Overflow 
  • GoDaddy 
  • LinkedIn 
  • Evernote 
  • Nasa 


Java is popular for its simplicity of implementation and intuitive usage. It has high-end security that enables the creation of secure deployed applications by using public encryption elements used primarily for authentication. Java is a multi-threaded language, meaning it enables writing and executing a number of tasks at the same time. 

Companies that use Java: 

  • Airbnb 
  • Pinterest 
  • Amazon 
  • Google 
  • Netflix


PHP is popular due to its effectiveness and flexibility. PHP Developers can use it with modern JS frameworks, Python, and HTML without any complications. It is an optimized scripting language with well-organized and logical syntax. 

Though it is a developer-friendly and cost-efficient language, PHP also provides easy integration and compatibility features. 

Companies that use PHP: 

4 Pro Steps to Hire Dedicated Backend Developers for Companies

Knowing how to hire a backend developer can be a complex process for companies – specifically for those who don’t have much technical knowledge of the coding world. Here are some steps: 

Steps to hire backend developers for modern companies
Steps to hire backend developers for modern companies

1. Define the developer’s profile

The first step for hiring a developer of any expertise is to define the programming language they will use, its functions, and the skills required to fit in the role.

Define your requirements, whether you want to optimize some functions of the existing websites or why you need a backend developer. Note that the answers are in one place and clear out your requirements. 

2. Be clear about the job requirements 

Once you finalize the developer’s profile, we will discuss your project requirements. For detailed information, tell us what application you want to build, and the number of developers that may require to work on your project. 

Finding backend developers for hire is quite a hard way that may make you spend a lot of costs and still not get the desired results.

To save you time and cost, we will help you find the best-of-best talent from our company who’s not only proficient with the required technologies and tools but are also good at delivering top-notch results. 

3. Shortlist candidates 

From our large pool of talent, we will shortlist the candidates from our company who possess all the skills that are required for your project.

We filter the best candidates’ profiles by considering which programming language the candidate handles, and if they possess previous experience in similar projects and basic knowledge of web server configuration, then they will be shortlisted for your project.

4. Conduct an interview 

Once shortlisted, you can go through these developers’ portfolios to know the best about them. Or conduct an interview to know if they are up to what they have mentioned in their past work experience. 

Ask them key questions that will help you identify their technical knowledge of programming, frameworks, and how they solved the complex issues that came up during their last project. 

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Essential Skills to Look for While Hiring Backend Developers 

The work that backend developers do behind the scenes does magic in the front end. Therefore, developers must possess a strong foundation that makes them capable of doing their job with perfection. 

A female backend developer sitting and implementing the API on her laptop
A female backend developer sitting and implementing the API on her laptop

From possessing deep knowledge of required technologies to solving complex issues of website or application development, there are various skills that a backend developer must hold. This section will include some required backend developer skills: 

1. Knowledge of programming languages 

The developer should possess knowledge of programming languages such as Java, PHP, and Python that they can deploy on the website and build a robust system. 

2. Knowledge of frameworks 

Framework makes the tasks easier to execute. It helps with security and scalability. There are several frameworks such as Ruby, Flask, Laravel, Express, Django and Nodejs that the developers should know to create web applications that have high performance and flexibility. 

3. Data Structures and Algorithms 

The developer you hire should know data structure components such arrays, linked lists, stacks queues to organize and store data in a good way and algorithm terms such as recursion, bubble sort, selection sort, and more, so they can build work on a database that helps to track user response. 

4. Familiarity with servers 

A server is a medium that is mostly used to deliver important services. Developers should possess proper knowledge about the working of the servers. 

5. Knowledge of APIs 

Application Programming Interface or API is responsible for establishing the connection between different applications. For example, if you order some product from Alibaba mobile application, so here you are establishing a connection, meaning you are sending a request to Alibaba API to perform certain tasks. 

Hire backend developers who use these APIs to establish connections between different applications to enhance user experience. The most popular API that developers should know are JSON, SOAP, GSON, REST, etc. 

6. Problem-solving 

Problems come during the development stage. Make sure the developer you hire comes up with proper and fruitful solutions to those problems. They should possess creativity and a proper understanding of the required field. 

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Why Should You Hire Backend Developers from HackerKernel?

There are a lot of firms to employ from a restricted pool of competent back-end developers, making it hard to hire engineer working in the backend who are best at work. Because of the scarcity of quality developers, finding good backend developers is both times confusing and costly. 

Backend developer in a light blue t-shirt with laptop and your text on screen
Backend developer in a light blue t-shirt with laptop and your text on screen

So, what’s the solution to hiring a remote backend developer while assuring top quality? Hiring developers from a software development company that’s not only easier to find but is also affordable. HackerKernel – a software development company, provides remote backend developers to companies of all sizes.

We have the top remote backend engineers in place after evaluating their skills in all backend technologies mentioned above. We allow businesses to quickly build an application or website via remote backend engineers in just a few days

How Much Does it Cost to Hire Backend Developers?  

Backend development cost is a huge concern for all-size businesses. Today, the hiring cost for backend developers is so competitive that some companies are paying more than the budget and still not getting the desired results. 

A backend developer working on laptop and multiple programming languages with calculator
A backend developer working on laptop and multiple programming languages with calculator

Finding developers online has never been easier for startups and small businesses. And mostly, many open-source projects have made it quite possible for developers to work freely on some tasks. These factors when integrated make finding good programmers online much easier and more affordable than before. 

But identifying the cost of particular backend development can be difficult. To know well, you can estimate your budget, but it may not accurately give the actual cost required for the project. 

Though the cost of the backend developer depends on different parameters, to get some idea, you can consider: 

The Project Size

Is it a small-size project, a large project, or an enterprise-level project?

Features and team size

Features you will implement and the number of developers you may require

Project schedule

Are you hiring on an hourly basis, and how long would you be taking their services?

Scope of the project

what’s the workforce and timeline? The larger the scope, the more costly the project will be.

Who are you hiring

Are you hiring in-house or outsourcing the developers? Overall, the cost of the project entirely depends on your project requirements. Make sure you have your requirements clear, so there won’t be any issues later on.

Though hiring or finding them can be a tedious task, you can outsource them from a reputable software development company. 

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Hiring the right backend developer’s team has a remarkable influence on your website or application success. Hire backend developers who provide the architecture, enabling the users to have a positive experience on your website or application.

As a result, it’s crucial to prioritize all the steps involved in the process – as it is worth the effort if you find the right developer in just one go!

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What are the responsibilities of a backend developer? 

A backend developer is responsible for the complete backend – starting from creation, and maintenance to testing and debugging.

They focus on developing software solutions and strive to ensure that applications work properly, can process data, and perform certain tasks when needed. 

2. Where should I hire dedicated backend developers?

If your way of finding developers is outsourcing, then hire them from companies that have the developers with the best expertise and top talent.

We recommend you hire backend developers HackerKernel. Because we know for sure that only verified partners with skilled developers and high working ethics get into our great pool of talents.

3. Which framework is best for the backend?

Different backend frameworks offer different functionalities. So the best framework would be finalized once all the requirements are listed clearly.

To consider some, you can use Laravel as it’s high in demand these days, or you can go for Django that’s easier to stick with and in the development stage.

4. What skills to look for while hiring backend engineers?

The required skills depend on the job demands, as back-end web development requires different parts and aspects. However, you should hire based on their ability to deal with the issues coming their way or their deep knowledge of the required programming language. 

5. How much does a backend developer cost per hour?

As stated above, the cost of hiring a backend developer per hour depends entirely on the project requirements. And to know the cost per hour to hire a dedicated backend developer, it will depend on the experience level of the developer, the tools, and technologies they use, and the work they are doing on an hourly basis. 

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