Two developers working on different components of mean stack and mern stack for creating smooth application
Two developers working on different components of mean stack and mern stack for creating a smooth application

Full-stack development is essential in web and app development because it is used in both front-end and back-end development. When it comes to full stack terms like MEAN stack and MERN stack, many businesses may be confused.

The question always arises of which type of stack is good for application development. Both of these stacks have their pros and cons and it is quite tough to select the best one.

So in this blog post, we’ll take a look at the MEAN stack vs MERN stack and compare them to help you decide which one is the best fit for your business.

But Before diving into the details about MEAN stack vs MERN stack it’s necessary for us to understand what a stack is. A stack is a logical concept made up of a collection of similar elements. The term is frequently used in computer programming and memory organization

A tech stack is a collection of programming languages and other software tools used to facilitate software development. Because the IT ecosystem has been working on a wide range of applications for so long, they have identified certain technology combinations that can be used to ensure efficient development.

What is MEAN Stack?

MEAN stack is a full-stack JavaScript framework that allows you to create applications in any technology stack. It’s an open-source project with over 200 contributors, including Microsoft, IBM, and Netflix.

Developers working on mean stack technology for creating application
Developers working on mean stack technology for creating application

MEAN is an acronym where each of its letters stands for the following:

M Stands  for MongoDB , E stands for Express Js  ,A stands for Angular, N stands for Node.js .MEAN Stack provides the core building blocks for building web applications:

  • Service layer – This layer handles all requests made by frontend or back-end services (for example, performing authentication)
  • Data layer – The purpose of this type of layer is to store data in a database (e.g., MongoDB).

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Benefits of MEAN stack Development

MEAN stack development is a full-stack JavaScript framework. It’s used by many companies, including Netflix and Walmart. The reason why this technology is so popular is that it allows MEAN stack developers to build web applications and mobile apps using the same language and tools.

Developed with a laptop to create software on mean stack technology
Developed with a laptop to create software on mean stack technology

MEAN stack allows your developer to create a mind-blowing application quickly and as the process is fairly simple the chances of messing up are very low. 

For single-page applications, the Angular front end in the MEAN stack is also an excellent choice. Here are some examples:-

  • Tracking Expenses apps.
  • Aggregator news apps. 
  • Apps for mapping and location like Google Maps.

Working Model of MEAN Stack

MEAN stack is a combination of MongoDB, Expressjs, Angular, and Nodejs frameworks. It’s also known as the Fullstack framework. Each technology in the MEAN stack has a specific role to play in the development process.

Developers doing coding on laptop for creating a high performance application
Developers doing coding on laptop for creating a high performance application

MongoDB is a database that stores the data for the application.

Express.js is a web server framework that provides the web application with the ability to communicate with the database and handle HTTP requests.

AngularJS is a front-end framework that handles the user interface and interaction logic for the web application.

Node.js is a JavaScript runtime environment that runs the web server and handles the application logic.

The MEAN stack is a full-stack solution, meaning it has everything you need to develop a web application for your business from start to finish. This makes it a popular choice for many developers, as it can greatly simplify the development process.

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Why Should you choose MEAN stack for App Development?

Developers in blue t-shirt standing and pointing towards behind the red graph
Developers in blue t-shirt standing and pointing towards behind the red graph
  • MEAN stack can provide a full-stack app or website development using only JavaScript.
  • It gives your app high speed, maintenance, reusability, and testability.
  • MEAN stack technologies are open source, so the cost of developing an app or website is affordable.
  • MEAN stack saves developers from writing repetitive and lengthy code.
  • Because it includes testing tools, automated testing saves developers time and energy.
  • The MEAN stack makes it simple to switch from server to client mode.

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What is MERN Stack?

MERN is a full-stack JavaScript framework that combines MongoDB, Express, React, and Node.js. It provides you with all the features of a modern application development stack.

Developers working on various components of mern stack
Developers working on various components of mern stack

MERN was created by GitHub and Facebook to address some of the pain points developers face when building applications in JavaScript Such as:- 

  • The lack of support for offline data storage;
  • The lack of support for scaling out as your app grows;

MERN also allows testing code easily in isolation from a web browser or server. This feature comes in handy for the developers.

Benefits of MERN Stack Development

MERN stack provides a lot of benefits including fast development speed, an easy way to build single-page applications (SPA), SEO-friendly codebase, etc.

Developers working on multiple stacks for creating a web application for their client
Developers working on multiple stacks for creating a web application for their client
  • It is faster and more efficient than traditional servers, making it ideal for small apps.
  • More responsive to user inputs, resulting in a superior user experience
  • The MVC architecture separates presentation details from business logic.
  • Full stack development helps with both frontend and backend development.
  • A fast and dependable web server cuts down on time spent troubleshooting input and output.

Working Model of MERN Stack:

MERN stack is a full-stack JavaScript framework for building complex, data-driven applications. It stands for MongoDB, ExpressJS, React, and Node.js.

Developers working on various elements of MERN technology
Developers working on various elements of MERN technology

The MERN stack comprises four major components:

  • MongoDB is a document database designed to make development easier by providing you with a single source of truth.
  • ExpressJS is a robust HTTP server framework written in JavaScript that allows developers to easily create web applications with minimal code and high performance.
  • NodeJS is the final component of the MERN stack. It is a JS runtime environment, which allows JavaScript code to be executed outside of the browser.

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Why Should you choose the MERN stack for App development?

A developer standing and creating the mobile application through various frameworks on his laptop
A developer standing and creating the mobile application through various frameworks on his laptop
  • If you have limited time to launch your business, the MERN stack may be a good option. This ensures that web and app development is completed quickly.
  • MERN stack is inexpensive, so you can have an impressive online presence while staying within your budget.
  • A set of adaptable tools enables developers to create apps and websites more quickly and effectively.
  • If your business idea is large, the MERN stack is the better option.
  • The MERN stack offers a more scalable and stable development environment.
  • For mobile app development, the MERN stack is a better choice.

MEAN Stack vs MERN Stack:- Detailed comparison

Difference and comparison about the Mean stack and Mern Stack

You may have noticed a significant difference in the previous descriptions of both technologies in this blog. It is because of the use of Angular and React.

The table below will help you understand the negative and positive aspects of the MEAN and MERN technologies, as well as their differences.

You can get a basic sense of the MERN stack vs. the MEAN stack by looking at the table. Read about each parameter in detail for more information.

S.No Parameters Mean Stack Mern Stack
1Language JavaScript JavaScript,Jsx
2Type JavaScript FrameworkJavaScript Framework
3ArchitectureComponent basedComponent based
4FeaturesModerate levelHigh level
7Data flowBidirectionalUnidirectional
9DOMRegular DOMVirtual DOM
10Data binding 
One-way and two-wayOnly one way
Comparison Between Mean Stack and Mern Stack


The JavaScript JSX language is used in the MERN stack. It is an object-oriented programming language that is statically typed. The JavaScript programming language is used in the MEAN stack.


 Understanding MEAN vs MERN is easier when you understand the features. In the MERN stack, developers can quickly develop efficient codes. It includes testing tools such as Jest and Mocha. MEAN supports single-language development and stores data in JSON format.


MEAN’s advanced features make the development process quick and efficient. MERN stack development is faster than MEAN and also provides robust pages.


MEAN stack provides high security, while MERN provides medium security. MERN, on the other hand, ensures the long-term viability of data storage. Both are generally regarded as secure and robust.

Data Binding

 In the MEAN stack, data binding can occur in one or two ways. In the MERN stack, data binding occurs only in one way. This information will assist you in dealing with providers of stack development services.

(DOM)Data Object Model 

 The MEAN stack uses Angular to update the Document Object Model. DOM is a programming interface for the XML and HTML languages. In the MERN stack, the DOM is virtual and uses 

Data Flow

 Understanding the MERN vs MEAN stack requires an understanding of data flow. Because data flow in the MERN stack is unidirectional, it assists in the management of large projects. In the MEAN stack, the data flow is bidirectional, hence it is said to be more secure.

Flexibility : 

The MEAN stack has medium-level flexibility, whereas the MERN stack has high-level flexibility. You can choose any stack based on the flexibility as per the requirements of your app or website.


MEAN and MERN stacks are both open-source, full-stack frameworks. They offer a full development cycle for the app or website, from front-end to back-end development.

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MEAN Stack vs MERN Stack: What should you choose?

MEAN stack is like an easier version of MERN. It is very easy to use, with a lot of great features.MERN (MongoDB, ExpressJS, and NodeJS) is a popular choice for web development because it’s fast, reliable, and scalable.

You can pick up this stack if you are already aware of HTML or JavaScript. The best part about this stack is  It is open source so there are no costs associated with using it!

Developer thinks about how to use Mean and Mern stack technology for application development
Developer thinks about how to use Mean and Mern stack technology for application development

MEAN Stack also has great community support which makes it easy to find help when needed. Both tech stacks are used by well-known brands like Uber Eats, Instagram, Fiverr, Accenture, etc.

They do so because they believe they are effective and robust for their online presence. However, you must have noticed that the choice of the tech stack is determined by the business idea and the type of application or website.


MEAN  development services are a good choice because of their consistency and dependability. It also provides consistent execution and cost-effective development for your company.

While the MERN stack is the faster of the two and would be a good choice if you need to launch your application quickly. MERN stack is also useful if you have a limited budget.

There aren’t many differences between MEAN and MERN stacks. It is quite impossible to judge which stack is better for your project because it totally depends on your project’s demands and requirements.

You now have enough information to decide which is better for your company based on what you’ve read in this blog.

Consider hiring MEAN Stack developers from HackerKernel to take advantage of our MEAN stack development services. Many of our customers are pleased by our MEAN stack developers. Our work experience with various types of businesses makes us a good choice for all companies out there.

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