Why Choose HackerKernel
For Artificial Intelligence Company?

Our Artificial intelligence solutions can automate your internal business processes. With our Artificial Intelligence AI and Machine Learning Consulting, you can come up with path-breaking solutions. You can implement features that can change the way your customers interact with your products entirely. We can guarantee you an AI/ML solution that will help you build a model to serve your purpose.

Artificial Intelligence Services
Real-time Analysis

With our AI developers, we can assure you of software that can give you a real-time analysisof your business operations. You get real-time insights into what is driving your business performance and what is hindering your progress. Our AI solutions make you aware of any forthcoming risks in your sales and operations with predictive analysis.

Custom Solutions

Every firm has a different need and goal to achieve. Artificial intelligence is no fixed set of software to implement. Instead, Machine learning services have to be fluid to benefit your operations.We build personalized solutions, specific to your needs to automate your processes. Our model of development is custom and hand-made.

100% Transparency

We offer you complete transparency with our Machine Learning Solutions. You can have real-time reports of the work done by our AI developers. We make sure that you are aware of the progress of your AI software.You can contact us anytime regarding doubts on the process of AI development. We alwayswork together in partnership.

On-time Delivery

Our AI and Machine Learning services are handed in ahead of time. Our AI developers and project managers are always punctual with their work. We offer you responsive services and reply to your queries at the earliest.We work with agile development approach and meeting deadlines is our expertise. Be sure our AI services are worth your time and money.

Technological Competency

We have the latest open-source technology tools to create your Artificial Intelligence solution. Our technological stack is there to ensure a top-notch and highly-performant product. We have data science experts in our team that are well aware of the need for AI solutions. They can solve any complex problem by employing their AI skills.

Cross-Platform Integration

We can integrate your existing web portals and mobile applications with our Machine learning solution. Our AI software can take in and assess all your business outlets and provide you with a comparative analysis. We can efficiently integrate your services across platforms. We are there to support you with the maintenance of your product after its launch.

Industries Served By Machine Learning Company in India

With AI solutions and Machine learning models, you get to automate and simplify yourbusiness processes. AI-powered ERP applications make management tasks both effective and efficient. Discover the AI service and Machine learning solution suitable for the needs of your industrywith our Google Cloud Platform Services. Get the most comprehensive and structured cloud-based AI API with any suitable private cloud provider . We are experts at creating algorithmsfor intuitive solutions.


Machine Learning services can help you gain track of your customers’ eating habits so that you can offer them discounts on what they like.


Travel Tech

AI system can send all your customers their travel updates by tracking their flights, delays, etc. It can also help them in driving cars out of the station.


Real State

Our PHP developers have created an AI system for eRealto that can mine all the relevant data on different properties up for sale and different interested buyers.



Financial services like premium reminders or ECS options to automatically debit the amount of payment are all AI-powered solutions.



Online education providers can save much on their cost by investing in AI solutions that can automate processes and save in long term.



AI can be used for Doctor Consultation App development, scheduling dates, chatbots,and telehealth services for online patient care.


eCommerce & On-Demand

An eCommerce website can use AI analytical features to predict sales and decide on the launch of new products according to it.


Media & Social

A social networking site can build on customer feedback and habits to show personalized feed with the help of AI solutions.



Years of Experience


Expert Professionals


Happy Clients


Projects Delivered

Hire Machine Learning developers at Hackerkernel to increase your productivity and integrate enterprise-level software into your websites and mobile apps. Our machine learning skills can ease your existing processes and aid management. Our chatbot developers provide intelligent chatbot solutions. We are aware of development frameworks, APIs, and plugins that we can put to our best use for your AI solution. We can help you make data-driven decisions by transforming your IoT data into business insights.

We can develop intuitive software using AI and ML for your business, that includes data capturing, engineering, analyzing data, and processing its outcomes. As an Information technology company, we can help you explore data around your business with algorithms. Our goal is toconvert your information into useful data for real-time use and decisions.


Personalized user-experience

Personalized services increase engagement with the customer, helps increase customerloyalty, and improves sales. An AI system can identify patterns and habits of your customers, for instance in food delivery apps the software can tell you their likes, dislikes, and purchasing behavior.


Automating Interaction

An AI software does not only automate internal processes, but it can also automateinteraction with your clients. If your customers make complaints you would not need yourstaff to respond to them. A chatbot can analyze previous conversations and deal with yourcustomers.


Real-time Operations

Sending different messages to different customers at one time can be accomplished by AIsolutions. For example, you can track the location of different parcels and AI can sendseparate information to respective customers anytime.


Data Mining

A Cloud-based AI system can surf the internet for you to get the relevant information anddata sets out there to put to good use for your business. Artificial intelligence providesbusinesses with hitherto neglected insights, offering an advantage over their competitors.


Automating Operations

An Artificial intelligence solution can also operate machines, further automating the task ofswitching something on and off. For example, the task of receptionist eased by a billingmachine can further be simplified by using AI-powered robots to operate billing machines.



An AI system analysis reports are further used to make predictions that can help yourbusiness decide whether to go with or not a particular arrangement in the future. Forexample, AI can predict seasonal sales by analyzing the data of the past 10 years’ sales.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence
Solutions for businesses

Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning are fast-developing technology. Cloud computingallows you to take advantage of Machine learning solutions. AI companies providebusinesses with a wide range of benefits that include custom services, operationalautomation, management, and personalized marketing. AI systems are quickly and easilydeployed to match your business purposes.

Artificial Intelligence Company in India

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get your burning questions answered.

Q 1

What is the purpose of AI technology?

The goal of AI is to ease your operation by providing software that works on your input toprovide great output and results. AI works on learning, reasoning, and perceptivecapabilities.

Q 2

Is Siri an AI?

Yes, Siri is the AI-based voice assistant for iOS devices same as google assistant is forgoogle services. We can create such software or integrate a voice assistant with yourdevelopment solution.

Q 3

Is AI the future?

AI since its inception has successfully affected all industries from healthcare and farming totravel and eLearning. With robotics and IoT service, AI seems to be the future of softwaretechnology.

Q 4

Are AI services costly ?

This depends on the features of your AI software. Simple AI systems for calculations andanalysis are not costly. AI features have become common and a must for every mobile andwebsite application.

Q 5

What companies are using AI ?

All major and minor companies benefit from Artificial intelligence and Machine learningsolutions. May it be Google, Amazon, or a simple online store, AI has benefitted all types offirms.

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