Two developers in yellow shirt working on laptop with PHP and nodejs logo
Two developers in yellow shirt working on laptop with PHP and nodejs logo

Businesses are continuously looking for methods to increase their online presence and establish scalable, efficient, and responsive web apps. Choosing the correct backend technology to power their online apps is one of the most crucial considerations they must make.

Comparing Nodejs vs PHP are two common options in this area. PHP, as one of the oldest and most commonly used backend technologies, has a large user base and a track record of success.

PHP is famous for its ease of use, framework support, and a wide range of servers and operating systems that will play a critical role in making a website according to your needs.  While Node JS is a very powerful and influential tool for every business.

It is one of the most demanded frameworks used to make websites and applications in almost every growing field. Both PHP and Node JS are demanding choices for app development. Now the question arises which one to choose for your business model?

While Node.js is the most recent technology for website and app development, PHP has long been used. Which one to choose between PHP and Node JS for your business or upcoming project? In this blog, we will compare both the technology and go over each salient feature.

What is PHP?

The open-source server-side scripting language PHP (Hypertext Processor) is utilized by internet juggernauts like Wikipedia, Tumblr, and Facebook. The language was created in 1994 by Rasmus Lerdorf, and since then there has been no turning back.

A developer in a red t-shirt with a laptop and php logo in magnifying glass
A developer in a red t-shirt with a laptop and php logo in magnifying glass

According to a W3Tech survey, PHP is utilized for data on over 79% of websites. Additionally, CMS (Content Management Systems) like Shopify, WordPress, Drupal, and Woo Commerce have been created on PHP.

Despite being synchronous and requiring a central server, it comes with a number of built-in features and packages that make creating eCommerce and CMS Apps relatively simple.

In terms of technology, PHP has a simple step-by-step interface that will do only one thing at a time. This simply means that when you use a PHP-designed platform you must wait for the server to finish everything.

That correlates with the fact the application cannot do multiple tasks at one time. Once the first command is finished it will then move to the second command.

What is Node Js

Node.js is an effective framework for making applications and websites using Javascript. It is really helpful because it can run on the server side too. With Node.js you can opt for faster apps and real-time user experience.

A boy in full sleeve red t-shirt and light blue trouser working  on a white desktop with nodejs logo
A boy in full sleeve red t-shirt and light blue trouser working on a white desktop with nodejs logo

Node.js has a very extensive benefit in that it can combine with the Javascript framework for designing applications while PHP is not capable of this. This is a crucial factor that adds a plus point to Node.js that it can combine with multiple frameworks and work faster.

This is very beneficial since it helps businesses to utilize a single programming language for all web development tasks. Also, Node.js can complete tasks that could previously be done by Python only or other complex programming languages.

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Pros and Cons of PHP vs Node JS

A boy in red t-shirt checking the php and nodejs code through magnifying glass
A boy in red t-shirt checking the php and nodejs code through magnifying glass

Pros of PHP

1. Rich Codebase:

Popular web development stacks and platforms are included in PHP’s extensive and stable source. Also, it is so simple to use that even a person from non-technical background can use it very easily.

PHP is widely used in many other types of applications such as content management systems and frameworks like Symfony and Laravel. For instance, WordPress, a content management system developed on PHP, allows for the quick setup of blogs or web pages.

2. Faster Page Load Speed:

PHP enables website pages to load more quickly than other web development tools. For instance, PHP often executes code roughly three times as quickly as Python. Fast loading times, on the other hand, are an important SEO ranking factor that supports the promotion of a website by offering advantages over the competition.

A quicker application maintains users satisfied and when paired with extra advantages, aids in expanding and maintaining the clientele.

3. Higher Customer Retention Rates:

PHP has rapid data processing abilities that quicken the loading of pages. Most people detest having to wait for a website to load. People frequently leave if the website doesn’t reload in under three seconds.

PHP-based applications load pages quickly, increase user engagement, and enhance your product’s usefulness.

Cons of PHP

1.  Limited Support for Modern Web Development

PHP is a popular language for creating web applications, but it has certain limitations when it comes to supporting current web development. It might be challenging to create dynamic, interactive online apps since PHP lacks native support for contemporary front-end frameworks like React or Vue.js.

2. Complexity of Scaling

Applications written in PHP may become challenging in scaling as they increase in size and complexity. Because PHP can process only one command at one time, it becomes difficult to process requests as the number of users grows on that specific platform.

Clients who are developing apps that must manage high traffic volumes may find this to be a concern.

Pros of NodeJS

1. Flexibility:

You can create an app using any technology thanks to Node.js’s flexibility. There are no rigid guidelines for project development that it follows. Additionally, its flexibility makes it possible to construct an application quickly and easily.

Node.js gives developers the necessary path to create apps and help you in your business because there aren’t any rigid guidelines to follow.

2. Scalability:

When contrasting Node.js vs PHP, Node.js’ non-blocking and asynchronous features accelerate application development and enable you to handle several requests at once. The main technology employed in the development and data-driven apps is Node.js.

3. Real-time experience

Real-time interaction and real-time streaming are two more advantages that your company can take use of. Node.js enables the use of an event-driven JavaScript environment to create high-performance programs with cutting-edge features like streaming services, real-time chatting, and transaction.

Cons of NodeJS

1. Incompatible with intensive apps

CPU-intensive applications, such as making audio or video or manipulating graphics, cannot be handled by this framework. Because strong graphic focus apps created on the node js framework are quite more challenging.

2. Unstable API

One of the major drawbacks of node.js is the instability of its APIs. Because Node.js does not provide reliable APIs, backend developers have challenges when creating applications that require stable APIs.

This is a major issue that node.js users have reported since they must pay attention even when transitioning from one version of Node.js to another because the APIs are constantly changing.

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PHP vs Node JS: What are the Differences Between them?

Here are some of the key differences on the basis of which you can determine the best framework for your project or company:

A girl in full sleeve red t-shirt doing work on multiple frameworks on her laptop
A girl in full sleeve red t-shirt doing work on multiple frameworks on her laptop
FeaturesPHP NodeJS
Functionality:Good functional performance but there may be some errors when performing on a higher user base, as it can handle a single command in a single time.
Higher functional performance as Node.js can work with multiple frameworks, speeding up the development process and delivering real-time applications.
 PerformancePHP is capable of handling web applications with ease.

In some cases, may experience slower performance due to a higher user base because PHP works on one on one commands, which makes it complicated with higher user traffic.
Handling large-scale applications. Built for quick and efficient performance which makes it a reliable option.

As it can work with multiple frameworks single-handedly, it gives output in a shorter span of time
ScalabilityIn terms of Scalability PHP is a wiser option but for a limited number of the user base. As it works on a single command, it gets difficult to manage on a higher user base.In terms of Scalability PHP is a wiser option but for a limited number of the user base. As it works on a single command, it gets difficult to manage on a higher user base.
FrameworksPHP is a scripting language and it offers a massive list of frameworks, but choosing the right framework can be time-consuming in the case of PHP.Node.js offers a smaller number of frameworks but they are easy to use and help in boosting productivity.
Request HandlingPHP handles one request at a time. It works on a single command at one time which makes it time-consuming and due to which a lag in the system arises in case of a higher user base.Node.js processes multiple requests at a single time. The system doesn’t wait for one command to finish. Hence, making it faster in handling requests on higher traffic.

Examples Popular Apps built using Node JS

Now let us look at some of the most famous applications we use daily that are built using NodeJS:

A female developers in red suit with mobile apps and multiple components
A female developers in red suit with mobile apps and multiple components

1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social media platform for business relationships and career advancement. It is geared toward both job seekers aiming to further their careers and employers looking for strong individuals.

Node.js was first solely used by LinkedIn for their mobile application; eventually, the company switched the entire codebase to it. Additionally, they measured a 20 times faster app speed than their previous Ruby on Rails iteration.

2. Netflix

A video streaming service called Netflix, which enables users to watch movies and TV shows on any platform or smart device, has millions of subscribers.

Netflix’s user interface (UI)and User Experience (UX) was purportedly developed using Node.js’ modularity as a significant component. Netflix’s startup time was reduced by two factors.

3. PayPal

One of the most popular online payment systems, Paypal offers dependable payment services to millions of customers across a wide range of supported nations. The user-facing content of PayPal’s application is developed using Node.js.

Every application’s frontend and backend are all integrated with JavaScript thanks to Node.js. Node.js is particularly favored by PayPal because it facilitates its development procedures.

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Examples of Popular Apps built using PHP

Now let us look at some of the most famous applications we use daily that are built using PHP:

A developer working on mobile application
A developer working on mobile application

1. Facebook

The original version of this well-known social network was written in PHP. Actually, Hack is a brand-new language that Facebook developed that was derived from PHP. It seamlessly integrates with PHP and enables PHP developers to update the source continually. 

2. WordPress

This well-known content management system powers at least 25% of all currently active websites on the Internet. Also, guess what? PHP was used to create it. WordPress entirely utilizes PHP technologies for all of its operations.

This covers a variety of activities, including processing form fields, option verification, and image uploads.

3. Yahoo

Yahoo is another well-known PHP-based search engine. It began assisting people in 1995 and is still doing so now. The sixth most frequented web portal globally, this news website has over 7 billion views each month.

For creating huge & complicated websites, PHP has thus far shown to be a dependable programming language.

Apps Built by using Nodejs and PHP

HackerKernel is a leading Node JS and PHP development company that brings complete front-end to back-end solutions for your business model.

We create secure and user-friendly applications according to your requirements and that too at affordable prices. Here are some of the applications developed by us on Nodejs and PHP.

Mobile app with multiple apps on it
Mobile app with multiple apps on it


1. ScholarSathi

Scholarsathi is one of the amazing applications developed using Node JS. A user-friendly website called ScholarSaathi allows you to look through different kinds of scholarships. Structured UI and scholarship data broken down into categories for sports, academics, international, etc.



FAST2SMS is a leading bulk message provider application developed using PHP by HackerKernel. It comes with an ample number of features like an address book, Fast2SMS Wallet, schedule planner, and a lot more features.

2. Humble Cow’s:

Humble Cow’s is an aggregating firm serving in the field of agriculture from 2018. Developed using the PHP framework, it has a simple user interface. It comes up with a lot of extensive features like AI milk testing software’s, that determines the quality of milk and determines the price of milk as per quality.

PHP vs Node JS: What to Choose for your Next Project?

In any case, there are no set guidelines or policies for selecting the best backend technology for your project among NodeJS and PHP. The decision is difficult because both have advantages and disadvantages in their respective fields.

Being a computer smart or technocrat should not make it simple to determine which technology is better or will win the war. The one that will work best for your project and its criteria must be chosen, though.

A developer in a yellow tshirt working on blue desktop with PHP,nodejs and CSS logo on it
A developer in a yellow tshirt working on blue desktop with PHP,nodejs and CSS logo on it

Which technology can best meet the needs of your project, not which is better, should be the deciding factor when selecting the appropriate technology. You must first comprehend the project’s requirements, business logic, and target audience because only with this knowledge can you select the best technology.

The developer’s knowledge of the technology, their level of experience working with it, and how they use and apply it to the particular project are other crucial aspects to look into. 

Even better, you can make contact with HackerKernel, the industry leader in web application development, who employs a brilliant group of PHP and Node.js engineers. With the help of technical experts, you can choose which technology is best for you during a free consultation.

Hire Our Developers for your Backend project

Are you looking for backend services for your company or organization? NodeJS and PHP developers with dedication and skill are available at HackerKernel for a reasonable price.

By offering backend web solutions, our company guarantees the happiness of our customers. Our offerings are dynamic, fully-featured, secure software apps. In this subject, we have years of experience.

Hire NodeJS developers or PHP developers to receive the highest caliber services at the most competitive prices. In order to provide the finest solution at your request, we as a Node JS  and PHP development firm start by assessing your demands. 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Is Node JS better than PHP?

Both have different features. That depends on your needs. Node JS goes to the simpler side while PHP goes for complex web applications.

2. Which is better: Node JS or PHP?

Both have their distinctive features and uses. Node JS is a convenient and simpler development side while PHP offers more complex web solutions as compared to Node JS.

3. When to use Node Js?

You can opt for Node JS according to your project requirements. You can opt for multiple frameworks and frame simple backend web solutions.

4. When to use PHP?

You can use PHP if you are looking for an application that requires a complex website design but with a limited user base. 

5. Is Node Js popular in 2023?

Node JS is one of the most popular frameworks in 2023. It is more popular than other frameworks due to its simplicity and real time user experience.

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