Project Overview

Humble Cows is a commendable initiative to bring forth the , a firm that serves the Food, FMCG, Agriculture industry was established in 2018. The firm provides services in dairy products such as Dairy feeds, Ghee,a and Milk which is a major product. To deal with the bulk demand of the Dairy Industry in a market such as India where resources are fragmented among various owners and farmers, Humble Cows procures milk from a variety of sources and sells the same in bulk to Dairy corporations. The firm began its work in the physical space and soon turned towards digital solutions in the hope of automating complex and lengthy procedures.

It joined hands with Hackerkernel to create a custom ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system that could fit into the company’s workspace and make their job convenient. We set our goal to develop a web portal and an app that could link various processes, from the reports generated by the Milk Fat testing machines, the database of the milk purchased from the farmers to the reports of the monthly profits and gains made by the firm. The app should also have been easy and simple to use for the farmer, who would regularly be updated with the price of his product and its quality based on the machine’s results, through the Humble Cow app.

Planning and Execution

UI/UX Design

Design is an important part of every project, the interface for an app to be used for numerous purposes and people should be simple:

  • Since the app was to be used for business process automation, the design was made user-friendly and straight-forward.
  • The software had several user roles and multiple navigation buttons, organized for the effortless functioning of the system.
  • Wireframes were designed first and all unnecessary details were eliminated one by one before moving on with final templates, font styles, etc.
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Techs used

The Android app for Humble Cows is written in Java with its backend created in PHP. Another technological tool used in the app owing to the large size of data it manages is PostgreSQL. Android App/ Web portal Our client needed a system that could deliver better efficiency and assist them to make precise data-driven decisions in the future based on the reports that were all combined in the single ERP system:

  • The app has a systematic dashboard that consisted of all essential information viz. a total number of fat testing machines, total farmers logged in to the system, the total quantity of milk obtained, etc.
  • The entire process of calculating total profits gained or losses incurred from different places is automated and integrated through the system.
  • The client can survey various reports of milk produces with fat and SNF content and filter the reports as per their convenience.
  • The portal did not only give access to information on various sellers of milk in different regions and testing machines but it also combined the list of buyers at a single place.
  • Adding machines, sellers, and buyers to the database of the system is an easy process, the app is deployed in a private cloud provider for storing data.
  • The app was made so, to result most convenient for the farmer, who just had to present his sample for the milk. The system is linked to the machines, and after accessing the report about the fat content of the milk, the ERP system analyzes the report and consults the current rate of milk, to deliver the report and the appropriate price of the milk to the farmer’s account in the app.
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Obstacles discovered

We faced following challenges:

  • The system was not only to be used for internal company processes as an effective database but was also to be linked with third-party machines, and it was a challenging task to make it efficient for obtaining different sample data, converting them into proper reports after assessing the product value based on the current rate of the product which also is a variable figure.
  • The connection at places where testing machines are installed was often poor since they are in rural areas.


We overcame the challenges by:

  • 1.We created the ERP such that it automated the procedure, from analyzing sample information to delivering reports, it made buying and selling much faster work than before.
  • 2. The server was enabled not only to carry heavy and huge amounts of data but also loads of data uploaded and received in a small amount of time whenever it could establish a connection with the third-party machines in order for the server to not hang in any case.

Final Product

The work that began with schematic wireframes ended with a full-fledged ERP system, that was capable of tracking the full-revenue cycle for our client, from individual buying and selling details to overall profits and losses of the firm. The first version of the app was developed in 60 days and the overall project took 150 days in its complete.

The work continued as and when changes and updates were required for its better functioning.ERP also improved collaboration between employees, farmers, and buyers alike. Our collaboration with Humble Cows, made us understand the significance of an integrated workspace to deal with all the suppliers in the on-demand food delivery sector.

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