Why Choose HackerKernel
For Magento Development Company?

Having worked with different firms, startups, and business organizations we have learned to leverage Magento. Our skills and experience with the Magento website development framework and its technological tools make your work easy. We are capable of building online stores that can boost your sales, our Magento solutions can, in turn, boost your overall business revenues.

Magento Development Company

We have years of industry experience in the eCommerce sector. We have worked with the Magento framework and we know how to build what you need. We have enough experience to create any custom and personalized solution. Our Magento solution is always based on the specific needs of your business.

Certified Developers

As a Magento Development Agency, the developers we have are all certified, experienced, and well-qualified for their jobs. They have been trained to perform their task with utmost dedication. Our Magento developers have practiced their skills in real situations and products. They know how to utilize the latest technology to create customer-centric Magento eCommerce websites.

Transparent Development

Our Magento web developers do not keep anything from you. When we work with you, we work together as partners, and hiding stuff related to your project is not going to happen.Our entire app development process is completely transparent. From the first day itself, we report you regularly. You are free to share your thoughts to enhance the functionality of your online store.

100% Customer Satisfaction

Our methods of development are proven and we work with an agile development approach. We look forward to our client’s happiness and satisfaction. Our Magento developers have built the trust of our customers with honesty and hard work. We have achieved 100% client satisfaction with our result-driven methodologies and development approaches.

No Hidden Terms or Contracts

We believe in proper partnership and working methods. Everything necessary for our relationship and your Magento solution is mentioned in our contract. You are made aware of all terms and policies that are flexible for your convenience.We decide on our working terms together as a team. There are no hidden contracts.

Competitive Pricing

We offer our Magento development services at affordable rates and flexible working models.Our pricing methods are fair and fluid for different Magento development services. You get the best quality Magento solutions at the best possible rates at Hackerkernel. Our developer’s skills allow clients to get cost-effective and money-saving solutions.

Industries Served By Magento web development company

Our CMS Developers begin their work by performing an in-depth analysis of your industrial needs. We first identify your potential audience and understand their expectations. This crucial process has made our skills and experiences useful to other services like Shopify development as well. We can create explainer videos for your customers and integrate the most suitable UI/UX design into your customized commerce development solutions.


Your on-demand food delivery store created through Magento can be both informative and usable. It could help customers know you better with custom Magento services.


Travel tech

With Magento website development your travel store will have secure payment gateway integration that supports multiple payment options for the traveler.


Real State

With Magento, your property store can have effective colors, bold fonts, and interactive elements that make visitor’s shopping experience interesting.



Electronic delivery of banking products such as credit cards, loan receipts, etc with financial Magento eCommerce solutions, can offer every convenience to customers.



Your stationery business can have a secure online store with Magento that is linked to a big community. Magento is a suitable open-source platform for all businesses.



As a Magento web development company, we can bring your store within the reach of many medical organizations, hospitals, and research centers.


eCommerce & On-Demand

Magento can effectively sort the products you sell. You can have smart categories with Magento eCommerce development services.


Media & Social

Your customers can have extended profiles with various custom fields and options to share their views on your online store by Magento.



Years of Experience


Expert Professionals



Happy Clients


Projects Delivered

We at Hackerkernel, are skilled in leveraging the potential of the Magento CMS platform to its maximum to get you a personalized solution for your business. Our online stores are visually appealing and the UI/UX features help you gain customers. We develop custom extensions for Magento for both B2B and B2C eCommerce platforms. Our extension development services allow you to take complete charge over your online store created through Magento.Our integration services are safe from any external threats or internal bugs.

We only make integrations that are secured to our satisfaction, to keep your customer’s data protected. We are experts at upgrading your Magento stores precisely whilekeeping themes, custom extensions, and data the same as in the previous version. With us, you achieve a higher loading speed for your Magento web pages to improve your sales and customer retention rates.

Custom Web Designs

Outlook and appeal matter a lot with eCommerce stores. Your store is the face of your brandand its representation must be one of a kind.With Magento, you get thousands of CSS customization features for web design.This helps Magento programmers create personalized solutions for your company.

Mobile and SEO friendly

Magento keeps up with mobile design standards as well. Many online buyers are mobile users and prefer shopping with their cell phones. If your website does not respond properly with mobile devices, it can drive away customers. Magento sites remain up to date with the latest SEO tools like analytics for tracking web visitors, URLs, etc

Hosting Options

When you use Magento as the platform for your online store, you don’t have to stay with hosting services that are bundled with your platform. You can select the hosting company of your choice and Magento allows this freely. This means with Magento, businesses have the freedom to retain their files and preference.


Magento includes top-notch order security and custom reporting features with product management. With Magento as an admin, you can easily view your store’s transaction history, change product information and description, export reports, add items or images, and remove them as well.

Multi-Website Hosting

Your company can be a startup or an established firm dealing in a range of products. Through Magento, you can switch to hosting multiple websites. Magento helps you do that with a single back-end admin. That means you can handle all your eCommerce stores from a single place with Magento CMS services.

Currency and Language

All open-source eCommerce platforms allow integrations to add extra features. But with Magento, you get inbuilt support for foreign currencies and several languages as well. Your Magento eCommerce store can easily handle international currencies and you can take orders from around the globe countries.

Benefits of choosing Magento
Development for Businesses

Magento is one of the top-rated CMS platforms that comes with lots of choices and features for integration and customization. It requires technical skills on the part of your developer to work with this vast CMS platform. But the unmatchable power and quality it offers to your enterprise stores make Magento a highly recommended platform. If your eCommerce application has to make business with a lot of customers, huge transactions with high sales volume, then Magento can prove to be your perfect platform.

Magento Development Services

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get your burning questions answered.

Q 1

What does a Magento development Agency Do?

A Magento development Agency is there to provide website design, development, eCommerce marketing, and ongoing technical support to their clients with stores on Magento CMS. Such an agency specializes in doing market research and strategizing beforedevelopment.

Q 2

How to hire Magento developers from India?

You can hire Magento developers in India at HackerKernel. You just need to tell us your business needs and we send you the list of our Magento developers fit for your task. You can interview them and hire them as per your requirement.

Q 3

What does Magento Cost?

Magento has a free community version which is fit for most of the small and medium scale online stores. Large-scale enterprises may have different needs and levels of services and extra features can cost.

Q 4

Does Magento offer Multi-vendor accounts?

Yes, with an extension and custom development, your online store can have multiple vendoraccounts that can be adjusted by you with the admin panel.

Q 5

What payment gateways are compatible with Magento?

There are many options to make transactions through Magento. The platform has a list of those compatible with Magento, but with our custom Magento services, we can find a solution to integrate your desired payment apps and methods.

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