Tips to hire flutter developer with a men vector
Tips to hire flutter developer with a men vector

The importance of Flutter App Development is speedily increasing with each passing day. The Flutter framework is enhancing the development process by providing amazing chances in cross-platform app development.

It is known to all of us that cross-platform apps are in demand these days due to the sudden shift of the world population to the digital world. People want all the applications to work on all the devices that they possess. It also allows firms to improve their consumer base.

The process of hiring Flutter developers can be a difficult task because there are numerous firms in India and abroad that offer these services. Also, many freelancers are working as flutter app developers.

What is Flutter? 

Flutter is an open-source and free User Interface (UI) framework created by Google for creating fundamental and native multi-platform applications. It was launched in May 2017.

It can be used to make cross-platform applications for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, and web while using a solitary codebase for the app development.

What is Flutter with mobile and flutter's Icon
What is Flutter with mobile and flutter’s Icon

Flutter uses Dart as its programming language to code applications. It was also created by Google. Dart shapes the base for app development in Flutter.

It supplies the language and the fast runtime which provides the power for Flutter applications. It also assists Flutter with many major developer tasks like formatting, analyzing, or testing the code.

Why is it Popular?

Flutter is very popular because it is very easy to use and learn. It helps app developers to create multi-platform apps with just nominal work and effort.

Also, it is an open-source framework, and thus, can be used for both iOS and Android. Its features like offering high speed, easy functionality, and cross-platform development have lured so many developers to use this framework.

With each passing day, Flutter is becoming extremely popular for its flexibility, scalability, and adaptability as a mobile development tool.

Flutter with it's Logo
Flutter with it’s Logo

App developers use Flutter to create amazing, attractive, smoothly working mobile applications without coding a lot and using a single codebase. It is more scalable and adaptable than Java.

Also, it is very easy to deploy Flutter on a variety of platforms because of its cross-platform nature and functionality. It is highly compatible with all the major web browsers and because of its rapidly growing environment, it is easy for developers to create applications using Flutter.

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Why should you use Flutter in your Project?

use of flutter with various reasons
use of flutter with various reasons

Hybrid App Development

Flutter supports developers to create hybrid applications and thus, help so many firms to save money on hiring various developers for various platforms. If a company uses Flutter as a framework for its app, then it does not have to hire different developers to write codes for Android or iOS.

The demand for hybrid applications is increasing day by day because of the rising number of mobile users. To take the lead in the mobile app development market, businesses are looking forward to building hybrid applications that can run on numerous platforms and in multiple environments.

Comes with its Own Rendering Engine

Flutter comes with a framework that is very powerful because it lets its users do almost all the work with their applications, unlike other web development frameworks. Hence, to provide this facility to its users, Flutter has to be a pretty powerful framework to satisfy its users.

Most of the features that Flutter offers to its users are not possible with a high quality and good performance rendering engine. It uses Skia to render itself onto a platform-provided canvas because of which UI built in the framework can be virtually launched on any platform.

Offers Fastly Paced Work

Flutter is considered to be very quick because of its fast-paced environment. For example, if the same application is developed in Android and iOS separately, it takes twice the working hours as compared to the time required for that app development in Flutter.

Flutter has a feature called “Hot Reload” which allows the developer to see the change that he/she has applied and that too instantly.

But, in a regular framework, it may take forever to adjust or display a small change in the structure. Flutter allows app development to be multiple times faster because of its increased development pace.

Comes with Custom Widgets

The Flutter framework comes with a multitude of customized widgets that helps all the developers to create perfect applications for their clients with good UI.

The presence of these widgets and a vast library makes the designing process of the primary User Interface (UI) much easier and hence, paces up the app development process.

The developers can even wrap one widget or element with a different element or widget to get a different look or enable other functions according to their client’s application requirement.

Top 4 Tips to Hire a Flutter Developer

Tips to hire flutter developer with a men icon
Tips to hire flutter developer with a men icon

Candidate Must Possess Adequate Skills

You should look for all the required skills in the developer. He/She has to be good at problem-solving and should be able to communicate correctly and smoothly with other team members.

He/She should be aware and know of the ongoing and current market trends and standards so that they can implement them in the app development process.

They should be great communicators because effective and efficient teamwork and collaborative approach play the most important role in the success of the given project. They should connect with your business model and goals to work according to your company.

Candidate Should be Known of Agile Development Method

Your candidate should be friendly with the Agile Development Method as this methodology is very common and is not just required for Flutter.

It is a general requirement for almost all types of development processes everywhere. If a developer follows this approach or method then you can rest assured that the application or software in making will be highly efficient.

Collaborating with other teams and other developers is also a very important part of the application development cycle. This ability to communicate with others and understand and analyze their points is a major key to procuring the perfect outcome. This practice also comes under Agile Development Methodology.

Employee Should be Aware of Major Roles and Responsibilities of a Flutter Developer

An ideal Flutter Developer must have experience with Flutter SDK. He/She should be known of react-style framework and the package of customized widgets so that implementation of material design and various essential styles is done easily.

The developer should be able to work with and should have a hold of GitHub and JIRA along with following Agile Development Methodology.

Knowledge of API integration is also very important for any Flutter developer to work with various platforms and APIs. He/She should have a good hand at Dart programming language and mobile-first which are two rendering engines within Flutter SDK.

Candidate Should be able to Write Optimized and Readable Code

To identify and hire Flutter App developers from a huge lot of candidates, one should judge them according to the code that they write.

A good Flutter developer knows the importance of writing clean and optimized code for their application while using Flutter. Thus, the code written by an experienced developer will be readable and very easy to understand.

The codebase must be optimized enough to get aligned with the requirements of various platforms due to Flutter’s cross-platform development environment.

The code should be extremely smooth and fluid to be able to transition smoothly from one platform to other. The code should be scalable, adaptable, and symmetrical so that working with it and updating it is easy.

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Role and Responsibilities of Flutter Developers

Roles and Responsibilities of flutter developer with color full icons
Roles and Responsibilities of flutter developer with color full icons

The roles of different Flutter developers according to their experience are as follows:

Junior Flutter Developers

Junior Flutter Developers are Flutter developers with a work experience of about 0-1+ years. As they are in the initial phase of their career as developers in the market, they do not know much about the working ethics and practices that are to be followed in Flutter app development.

Junior Flutter Developer with a men and laptop
Junior Flutter Developer with a men and laptop

They might be able to do all the work as done by other Flutter developers but they will definitely be much slower than them because of being new to the framework.

They will spend a huge amount of time understanding and analyzing Flutter’s working ways and its structure and logic. A company should correctly analyze its work requirements before hiring Junior Flutter App Developers.

Mid-level Flutter Developers

Flutter developers with experience of around 2-4 years are considered mid-level Flutter app developers. These have polished skills and knowledge related to Flutter App Development and have gained average experience in the field to at least understand their roles.

They do not need mentoring and tutoring like junior-level Flutter developers. Before hiring mid-level Flutter developers, a company should go through its goals and requirements.

Mid-Level Flutter Developer with a girl and the desk
Mid-Level Flutter Developer with a girl and the desk

They should check their project budget before hiring them because they have around 2+ years of experience and can be directly and completely included in the prime development team of the company. If included in the main development process, they might be able to enhance the pace of project development.

Senior Flutter Developers

Senior-level Flutter Developers come with more than 4 years of work experience in their designated field. They desire and charge a large amount of money and are usually paid on an hourly basis by the firm because of their high experience. They can also act as project managers.

Senior flutter developer with Computers and a men
Senior flutter developer with Computers and a men

If a company wants to build a high-end Flutter application for their firm then, they should choose these developers as they come with many benefits.

They can also act as the leader of the development team and mentor junior or mid-level flutter developers or other team members. They have enough experience to be considered as the experts of the flutter app development market.

Major responsibilities of a Flutter Developer are as follows:

  • Writing a clean code because it helps in enhancing the speed of the development process.
  • Ability to design and create multi-platform applications along with being able to integrate all the required features.
  • Being able to fix the code in case of any error or bug in it. He/She should have a good eye to be able to understand and analyze the problems that may occur in the development process.
  • Being able to be active and participate in the development process with other team members to get the desired results and remarkable results.
  • Ability to update the code and application in case of any major development in the market or development world.

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In-house Team vs. Freelancers vs. Outsourcing


In-house Team

An in-house development team means the team of developers that are already on board with your company and you is not hiring anyone from outside for the app development process.

You can easily manage an in-house team as it is a part of your company only and the process of improvement is also easier. Also, it will have amazing coordination with other teams which will lead to a great result.


Freelancers come with their own benefits and risks. You might be able to save on the cost front if you hire a freelancer for your Flutter app development project but you might not be able to keep an eye on them.

You will not be able to monitor them regularly. While hiring a freelancer you may get a low-quality output or you may have to deal with extended deadlines.


A company outsources a particular project to another team outside the company or a team that belongs to some app development agency to be cost-effective and low prices.

These teams provide the required results which are at par and are able to match the quality of work of an in-house development team. Such teams consist of many experts and dedicated developers, therefore, leading to a good outcome.


If a business wants to hire a Flutter developer, then it needs to be familiar with its requirements and goals. Hiring a dedicated Flutter developer can be a very complex and tough task for a company if it is not clear about its needs.

The firms should take into account the important technical skills, work experience, working background, etc. before hiring a Flutter App Developer.  

If you are facing problems in the process of searching for a dedicated developer, you can consult and take help from a leading application development agency.

A good app development agency can lead you through this difficult process by either providing a developer or guiding you to find one.

If you want to build an app using this framework but you are not aware of the required programming language, you can easily hire a Flutter developer from ‘Hackerkernel’, a renowned internationally acclaimed IT company.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What should I look for in a Flutter developer?

A Flutter developer should have a basic understanding of the application and software development process along with strong knowledge of networking, GitHub, and SQL.

2. How much does it cost to hire a Flutter developer in India?

The hourly rate of a Flutter Developer is ₹1500-₹3000. An average Flutter developer earns around ₹6.8 lakh annually.

3. What should a Flutter developer know?

A Flutter developer should have a basic understanding of Agile Development Methodology and know how to write an optimized and clean code for their client.

4. Is it hard to find Flutter developers?

Small companies and start-ups find it difficult to find good and skilled Flutter developers because they get easily recruited in large and tech-first firms.

5. Is Flutter in demand?

Flutter is in high demand these days because it supports a single codebase and cross-platform application development. Also, it is very easy to use and learn.

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