Why Choose HackerKernel
As Your Private Cloud Service Provider?

Our developers are experts at using proprietary tools for cloud migration discovery and analysis. We scan and assess your website’s make-up, your software application, and data to come up with the best private or hybrid cloud provider for your business based on strategic needs. We identify opportunities after leveraging data from analysis to recommend a well-planned strategy.

Migrate to the Cloud
A Solution based on your needs

Our private cloud computes services are designed based on your needs that vary with customer requirements. This helps you choose the service that best suits you which can be minimum migration support to the entire website.

Best Practices

Our developers are thoroughly aware of the cloud but at the same time, we gain proper knowledge of your software application as well before migrating. We undertake practices that help you gain the benefits of your business application and cloud infrastructure to its optimum.


We use the best in-cloud features to ensure the security of your data. We also comply with all legislative and industrial needs while migrating data to the private cloud since we understand your concerns. We make sure your data is safe, secure, and properly stored every time.

Faster time to Market

We believe in completing our work on time, and never taking time more than that is required. Our expert developers and flexible services are enough resources for us to meet our deadlines and your goals. We stick to professional services at any cost.

Fair Pricing

We migrate to the cloud your application to deliver you a fast ROI with private cloud. Our cloud migration services not only offer you higher ROI but a reasonable cost of migration so that you save resources like never before.

A Complete Package

Our work involves assessing the best private cloud provider for your firm application. We can also move your data for advanced analytics so that you can see the real improvements cloud can do to your business processes.

Industries we serve as a Private Cloud Service Provider

Our Private cloud migration services are comprehensive and our development framework includes industry-specific tools. We bring industrialized methods together with pre-configured tools for developing Artificial Intelligence APIs. We can help you achieve migration across other cloud providers like DigitalOcean Cloud, Amazon Web Services, etc.

We offer multiple delivery methods like platform as a service PaaS, SaaS, (infrastructure as a service) IaaS application. Our technological skills come combined with exceptional ERP integration as in Humble Cow , based on different industry needs.


With more and more restaurant owners searching for methods to cut costs, you can improve your customer service by migrating to a Private Cloud.



Many Travel businesses have accepted and deployed private-cloud-based on time to value to make business effective and cost-efficient.


Real Estate

With an increase in competition and a decrease in profit margins, real-estate dealers have accepted the cloud to manage agents and property deals.



Migrating to the cloud can ensure the security and data privacy of your financial institution. Handling such data otherwise can prove overwhelming and costly.



A cloud-based app can alert an eLearning App when a student is online and checking work with. It is easy to track and facilitate studies with a private cloud.



We are a Healthcare App development company that can help you amass multiple sources of data for your healthcare research and center.



It is necessary for eCommerce businesses with legacy apps to shift to the cloud to stay updated with the technology curve and in the market.


Social Networking

Social media sites have the largest number of users worldwide, which makes such a business ideal for cloud adoption to handle the traffic.



Years of Experience



Expert Professionals



Happy Clients



Projects Delivered

At HackerKernel, we help you manage and navigate through the complexities in migration to the private cloud. We are there for you to plan and determine the right cloud migration strategy, its operating system, and roadmaps. With us, you get seamless and speedy migration to the Private Cloud.

Our services take you to modernity with the security, cost-effectiveness, and agility of the private cloud solutions we offer. You can capitalize on our expertise in the field of migration to the cloud and rest easy with the top-rated quality of our services. Satisfied clients are testimony to our services that have helped them move to a private cloud environment. Whether it is a technical migration or a conversion, we help you migrate safely and swiftly.


A Fully utilized Hardware

Whether your workload is at its most or lowest, cloud computing brings the efficiency of high utilization and smoothness in handling workloads. Your cloud-computing provider can easily optimize the hardware requirements of its data centers.


A decrease in power costs

Since cloud computing utilizes your hardware to its fullest it also results in the more effective use of power. There is less scope for idle servers that are not energy efficient when you use the cloud. Therefore, a private cloud would bill you much less and prove energy efficient.


Lessen your staffing budget

When you have to manage your business data on your own, you need to employ IT staff that at times proves to be costlier than your hardware or software costs. Instead of hiring IT resources, migrating to a private cloud is much economical.


Zero Capital Costs

When you run your servers yourself, you have to bear up-front capital costs at buying software, hardware, and employing servers. It is the money you can otherwise utilize in investing in your company if you go for cloud computing.



Operating personal servers means taking care of all the hardware. It is much better to let private cloud providers handle that for you so that you can focus on your business. A typical cloud can have multiple locations to copy your data to in case of emergency.


Save Your Time

Cloud Computing provides great auto-scaling and self-service. A private cloud can be used to handle data for your Food delivery firm. Migrating to a private cloud will save you time in handling many of your data center workloads. We can help you migrate to the most suitable private cloud provider.

Benefits of Choosing Private Cloud
For Businesses

We at HackerKernel, help your business drive forward towards digital change with confidence, with our cloud migration services. A private cloud dedicated to a single company provides benefits no less than those provided by a public cloud. A private cloud is easier to set up, begin, function on, and utilize, also it is priced far more effective to opt for.

Migrate to the Cloud

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get your burning questions answered.

Q 1

What does it mean to migrate to the cloud?

Cloud Migration simply refers to the process of moving your digital resources like database, workloads, etc to the cloud infrastructure through any cloud computing platform. You can easily shift your legacy websites and on-premises data centers to the cloud for efficiency.

Q 2

What is the difference between a public cloud and a private cloud?

Public cloud infrastructure is shared among many customers although data remains hidden from other customers. On the other hand, a private cloud is not shared with any other organization.

Q 3

How do I migrate data to the cloud to reduce IT spend?

Before migrating to the cloud you need to analyze your situation in terms of gains and costs of migration. We can help you choose the best cloud platform based on your needs.

Q 4

What are the disadvantages of the public cloud?

When compared to the private cloud a public cloud offers you less control over your data to manage it. Security and lost data can also be a concern with some public cloud providers.

Q 5

Why is cloud better than on-premise?

The cloud is better than on-premise owing to its flexibility, reliability, and security. You save on your operational costs by using your cloud provider’s hardware and data centers and pay only for the services you use.

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