Why Choose HackerKernel
As your Explainer Video Company?

We use exceptional storytelling methods to create outstanding animation explainer videos. We create cartoon-style animation to entertain your viewers and increase your brand relatability. Our mixed-media animations make sure that your users notice and remember your services. Every product has a unique story to narrate and we are always there to make your explainer videos worthwhile.

Video Explainer Company
Need-based Development

Every business has unique needs when it comes to brand presentation. We believe in being your reliable animated video production partner by keeping your interest at priority. We listen to what you have to say and what you want, at every phase of the production process to deliver a video that suits your needs.


We have a team of professional experts to deliver the best quality video productions for your company. Our developers are not only creative but also extremely precise and peculiar about the services they offer. With great work management skills, we are sure to take care of the minutest details in your videos.


We have been working in this industry for years and we know that building creative content is not just enough. With technical skills, we have the experience to create marketable video content based on SEO that will suit your promotion strategies. Our experience makes our videos compelling and engaging.

Latest Technology

From animators to graphic designers, all of our video developers are thoroughly aware of the latest technology. We have a stack of the latest software to design and develop your videos. Using up-to-date technology helps us deliver products of much high standard and quality than our competitors.

Various Styles of Animation

An Explainer video could be made using various methods and techniques. Whether you need an infographic video, 3D animation video, mixed-media animation, cartoon animation, whiteboard animation, or live-action videos, you just need to brief us and we get you the same as you choose.


The cost of an explainer video can vary immensely and you may not want to be charged in return for low-quality solutions. With us, you get a completely transparent and competitive pricing model. We offer you swift animated explainer video production services that you can avail of at fairly reasonable rates.

Industries we serve as an Explainer Video Company

HackerKernel is a Video Explainer Company that can get you instant brand awareness no matter the industry or sector your business belongs to. If you own an online store as a video explainer company, we can help you create and store video content through AWS cloud computing . We have been serving all industries and creating explainer videos for IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS Applications for years.


With an explainer video, food tech firms can make sure that their target audience clearly understands the value they offer in terms of quality services.


Travel Tech

A single explainer video can add creativity to your holiday travel solution and can convert prospects into real customers.


Real State

Real estate uses AR/VR technology for site visits, you can have live-action videos to convince your potential customers of your credibility.



Blockchain companies need explainer videos to raise money and get funded. Fintech apps also seem complicated to many people.



eLearning Apps have educational videos to help students understand the problems their apps solve and function better than traditional learning.



Videos help create brand awareness and improve communication with existing and future clients, modern Healthcare companies use it widely.



Every individual is a consumer and explainer Videos can be very helpful for eCommerce development to cater to a diverse user base.


Social Networking

You can use Explainer Videos to draw significant attention to your social media app features. Sharing and promoting all boosts your network.



Years of Experience



Expert Professionals

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Happy Clients



Projects Delivered

With our skills and exceptional quality of services, HackerKernel has become a trusted name among Explainer Video Productions Companies. Our years of experience have made it possible for us to reach a wide audience on a global level. The difference we make lies in our expertise in combining video animation with top-notch storytelling.

This helps you deliver complex ideas and services in an easy, engaging, and meaningful manner to your audience. We also create infographic explainer videos for businesses that prefer minimalism over detailing to communicate ideas in a fun and enjoyable way. We believe in using multiple styles of animation to create versatile videos. Our mixed-media animation videos aim to provide you with the best visual technology.


Increased Rate of Conversion

Among everyone who visits your websites, only a few would care to read about your services. Consumers tend to pay heed to the visual content and videos put up on your website hence, it is important for converting individuals into your customers. Videos enhance user experience and increase conversion.


Brand Visibility

Animated videos influence better and can even be shared without you sponsoring them. This increases awareness about your brand and its identity. You get to engage customers, remain omnipresent, and rank better on Google. A video could define the way people perceive your brand.


Higher ROI

When explainer videos engage consumers successfully, they become loyal buyers from potential customers. This increases your sales and the returns you gain for a short video are several levels up against the cost in investment. You can track your online business status by comparing it to market performance.



With a strong presence, videos also offer you great flexibility since they can adjust anywhere to any device. Whether your customers use mobiles, tablets, laptops, or large displays used in a work environment, your video will be able to fit any screen size and offer the best user experience while marketing your product.


SEO Benefits

Visual content is preferred by search engines while ranking pages. Videos placed on your eLearning application’s homepage rank better than images or text. If your explainer video is prioritized on top of your page it can result in your website getting a better rank in search engine optimization.


Simplify the Complex

If your business service seems complicated, not much known to the laymen and common people an explainer video can do wonders for your business goals. You can explain anything about your product and break complex ideas into simple parts to get across. This makes information easy to digest and accept.

Benefits of Explainer Videos
For Businesses

An explainer video is the perfect content marketing and promotion tool you can ever have to attract customers to your development solutions. You can let them know of the benefits, services, and features your product offers. Explainer videos are a cost-effective investment and provide some noteworthy returns. You can visualize, promote, support, and live your brand with videos.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get your burning questions answered.

Q 1

What is Explainer Video?

Explainer videos are short videos created by firms to explain to viewers about their products and services interactively. We create explainer videos to illustrate your unique solution to your target audience.

Q 2

How much does an explainer video cost?

The cost of an explainer video varies widely. It depends on the complexity of motion graphics, the amount of animation, the type of software used, the experience of a developer, and the length of your video.

Q 3

How do explainer videos help businesses?

Explainer videos help businesses by retaining the audience’s interest. They explain your brand, promote it and visualize your services in turn increasing your profits.

Q 4

How to know the best explainer video style for your business?

The most popular explainer video style that businesses use is animation videos. The best one for your business does not depend on your industry rather it depends on your target audience and the way you want to be perceived. Infographics, 3D animation, live-action, etc styles are also used.

Q 5

What is the ideal length of an explainer video?

It is believed that an explainer video should be short and simple. It is better to keep it brief to about 2 minutes but the time frame depends on what all you need in the video and your audience as well.

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