Let's Know About Real Estate Software Development

real estate application development
What is the Real estate Industry?

The real estate industry includes real properties and lands. It involves many stakeholders that contribute to the sale and purchase of lands. A land could be commercial, residential, industrial, etc. Technology has the potential to benefit all stakeholders. Property management software can help real estate companies, agents, third parties, and end buyers as well.

What is Real-estate Application Development?

Real estate management software is all about making sell and purchase of lands easy. Property buying becomes a real-time experience with real estate application development. We can create web and mobile applications for your real estate business. A development solution helps you reach your customers directly. Technological solutions include B2C web portals through which you can serve your customers at any time of the day. It can also help you cater to the needs of customers from diverse locations. You advertise and operate at the same time.

The Property management system also includes Hybrid App Development for aggregators and other such businesses in the industry. You get a diverse platform to convey your services. Buyers and sellers can communicate easily. You can make a profit from your commission. Revenue management also becomes efficient. From small-scale to large-scale all types of businesses can take advantage of a real estate app development company. Big firms in the industry often have many agents and dealers working for them. Managing leads, collecting them, and converting them into a lead. All this requires certain efforts. With real estate CRM Application Development , more than half of your tasks can become automated.

Our Expertise

real estate software development

Our Real Estate Developers are skilled in developing property management systems. Our Android App Developers for Hire can help both buyers and sellers rethink property transactions. We are experts at real estate application development that aims to satisfy the buyer. Our services make sure that your agents can convert leads into deals. eRealto is a real estate CRM software meant to save time and effort for such agents.

Our Hybrid development solutions are innovative. They give you an edge over other real estate business owners. We offer experienced Ionic developers that can make your unique idea into a business reality. We assess your needs and provide you with a wireframe. Work is done based on the model of your choice and industry requirements.

Our expertise also lies in enterprise-grade property management systems. Our enterprise solutions are to fasten the day-to-day sales process and business operations of our client. We develop property management software that can be used to collect and analyze data. A real estate CRM software integration can inform you of the impact of your market strategies. A consolidated app makes supervising easy. A property management system can further communication easily.

We know the needs and operation of a Real-estate company lie over different places. A single app can perform tasks that would otherwise require hours of journey. Our Real estate developers are skilled in the task of organization. The UI and UX are key highlights of our work. We design user interface keeping in mind the skill and mind of the users. We properly divide and organize stuff for your brokers. It is convenient for your staff and customers to use our apps. Your agents can navigate easily with different categories. Our Real estate software development can also be your lead management development solution.

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Explore The Work Has Done by Us

Real Estate App Development Company

The website for realtors been designed as a one-stop solution for all property dealings. Customers can view, schedule visits, and buy online.

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Real Estate App Development Company
CRM for eRealto

CRM for eRealto is a system made for property agents to manage visits with customers and track leads. It is a solution to enhance customer relations.

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What can we do for you

Real Estate Aggregators App

If you are an aggregator startup, we can develop the aggregator’s app for you. Real estate Companies also invest in aggregator apps for the profit of the mediator. Your company does not need agents or brokers to work for you. We can create an online marketplace for buyers and sellers to interact directly.

Property Management System (PMS Software)

We offer real estate application development that can help you manage your plots and lands. Your agents can post their sites and arrange them based on filters. For instance, location, purpose, type, size, market rate, etc. Your property management software can be your dedicated B2C real-estate web portal, pr hotel PMS for your customers.

In-house Navigation Apps

Real estate software development can help you earn the trust of your buyers. Your customers can use these apps to navigate and map their future homes. Such real estate management software uses sensors integrated with the mobile. The apps provide a great user experience.

Smart Home Solutions

A real-estate app development company can have your customers buy smart homes. Such technology uses IoT (Internet of Things) to make mobile apps. A user can control all the functions with a click on their phone. An Entire house can be managed with a real-estate mobile solution.

AR/VR Solutions

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality solutions have become important with growing technology. Customers don’t have to leave their homes for a site visit. Your real estate advisor or broker can offer your customers a 3D virtual tour. AR/VR visits also save time and effort.

ERP/Real estate CRM Software

The real estate business industry constantly grows. But businesses that grow are the ones prepared for the upcoming. An ERP solution is important to plan current resources and analyze data. Market trends can be supplemented by customer feedback for better business. A real estate CRM software can give you reports on customer data.

Why Choose HackerKernel
Real Estate App Development Comapany?

Real-estate transactions have become digital, just like Financial App development, hospitality industry, or e-learning app development. Our real-estate software development services benefit builders, dealers, agents, aggregators, and real-estate companies. We can help you attend to your buyers virtually. We are a team of skilled software developers that are specialized in real estate management software development.

real estate management software
AI Automated Operations

If you are a real estate company, we can help you find leads in the market. Collecting proper and qualified leads is a task for your agents. We can have those leads segregated and assigned to your staff. All through technology-powered automation. We can make a property management software that will provide you better conversion opportunities.

Latest Technology

Our real estate application development services have the latest technology added to them. Our real estate developers use IoT (Internet of Things), VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality) features. We integrate Machine learning, AI (Artificial Intelligence), and Blockchain technology for fast and secure products.


We are a real estate app development company that can create scalable property management systems for your business. You can add and upgrade the features of your web and mobile solution. You can easily manage properties from many agents and dealers. Our real estate management software can help you maintain large inventories.

Free Consultation

If you have a real estate business idea you can approach us anytime. We can give you expert advice based on practical experience and market trends. You can consult our development team freely with your doubts and queries. We can together work on your idea to make it real.

Integrations and APIs

For your residential apartments, resorts, or Hotel operations, real-estate management software can help you with online bookings and renting out your property. Your app can have media integrations and high-resolution images for display. We can integrate online payment gateways.

Reasonable Prices

Our real-estate application development services are available at nominal rates. We help you connect buyers and sellers around the globe at minimum costs. You can trust our highly performant apps, to represent your business. Our Real-estate app developers can give you a platform to serve your customers at your best.

Benefits of Having a Real Estate Software development

Real Estate Application Development has a lot of benefits for dealers and real-estate developers. It can help dealers get knowledge about future and potential buyers. The process of decision-making and finalization is much better with property management software. The feedback from the customer also plays an essential role in furthering the business.

Extended Reach

A cross-platform or a native real-estate app helps you get more customers. Your agents can enlist their sites and land on your app and extend your radius. More and more people search online for a property. You get to increase visibility.

More Deal Conversions

When buyers use your app to search for property, they filter searches. No time is wasted on a property out of budget or requirement. Getting desired property quickly increases the rate of conversion of leads into fixed deals

High-Quality Experience

With a Real estate app development company like us, you can get your customers a great experience. High-quality images, filtered searches, custom solutions, etc enhance user engagement as well.


A property management software keeps track of each upload and sale. An aggregators app has all records of the deals between buyers and sellers. A company can supervise agents with real estate CRM software. So, it is all transparent.

Feature of an on Demand Real Estate Management Software

As a Real estate app development company, develop feature-rich apps. Our real estate software development is fully featured. It ensures high RoI. Among the important features of property management software, a few are listed here. Other than these integration of ERP, CMS, and CRM for real estate are other useful features that can be added to a real estate application. :

User Login and Behaviour Tracking

Your real estate management software should have an easy and simple login system. The registration to your app should be linked to social media platforms for better visibility. Login accounts should be personalized for convenience. The behavior and habits of a customer while using your apps, should be tracked. For instance, their searches and filters, to serve them better.

Push Notifications and reminders.

Push notifications are more for advertising. To update the user of hot deals, new trends, and latest changes. Pop-up messages ensure user engagement and interest. Notifications must also include customized reminders. Reminders can be mails or SMS. The customer can be reminded of searched lands, site visits, etc, Same goes for an agent.

3D Views

Users must have access to virtual visits. VOD technology and high-resolution images permit this. A 3D view earns the trust of your buyers. Your customers can sit at home and be at the site. Virtual tours are important for far away deals. A 3D tour prepared the customer for the experience of a personal visit.

RETS, MLS, and IDX integrations

These three integrations help better the listing of property information for a customer differently. RETS (Real estate Transaction Standard) permits the link between a real-estate web portal and an MLS listing. MLS (Multiple Listing Service) is the feature for various agents to enlist their property information. Through IDX (Internet Data Exchange) MLS on various websites can be linked.

Map and Location

The exact location of a property is a must knowledge for any stakeholder involved in a real-estate deal. GPS and other geolocation tracking features can be used for this purpose. Real estate management software should also include a map. This helps navigation for personal visits. Especially for outstation buyers.


Buying and selling a property involves lots of plus and minus. Calculations on their part if subjected to error can cause trouble. To make everything crystal clear calculators are a must-have feature. If a customer has taken a loan to buy land or mortgaged his property for some reason. Your real-estate app can calculate his EMIs. It can also count interest rates for the lending party.


The real estate industry has since long been progressing. Mobile App Development has added to the pace of its growth. HackerKernel is a real estate app development company , that aims to make the real estate business easy. We develop property management systems that, that bridge distances between cities. Real estate application development services are of various types. We can find the right real estate software development solution for your business. Our property management software is built with the latest technology. We are known to deliver on time. Our real estate management software is scalable, secure, and customer-oriented.

Designing Solutions for a Future World , with Technology Promising Changes.