Project Overview

Established in 2018, IM Branding is an international company headquartered in the UK. It is a multidisciplinary marketing agency, that strives to promote and market the clients and their businesses, by providing them a platform, thereby helping them in achieving their goals and turning into renowned brands. IM stands for ‘Indian Made’ and the company’s vision is to bring transparency to the marketing world. IM Branding renders services such as Marketing, Productions, and Advertising through a number of products like IM Ads, IM News, IM Booking, etc. The company believes in ‘work from home’ and ‘technological solutions’ to be the future of the industry and has employees around the globe working for them.

When the idea for IM Connect came up first, the company was determined to make optimum use of technology and they joined hands with Hackerkernel to create an app that would not only help models and agencies collaborate with each other but also provide them a social stage to come forth to develop and redevelop their brand. We decided to develop an application, where creating a profile, submitting portfolios, selecting candidates for work, etc must be a hassle-free task and we wanted to create an IM profile as an interactive social network that can act as a digital influencer system. The app also had to include many other features like IM Coins, IM store, etc to help the clients become a brand themselves.

Planning and Execution

UI/UX Design

A good User interface for a social networking app is a prerequisite for its acceptance by its users:

  • Users can toggle between the day and night mode of the app.
  • The app opens with regular feed and posts, with two bars placed above and below where different options are displayed for convenience. A feature button allows the user to quickly post something new or filter their feed.
  • Above are the symbols to open IM Browser, notifications, chatbox, and user profile. Below are different sections to switch to, such as home, work opportunities, search section, IM Booking, and IM Store.
  • The user does not have to spend a lot of time looking for any specific need, everything is right there.
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Techs used

The app is created by our Full Stack developers , through application development frameworks of Ionic, Angular, and AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud computing platforms. Image and video bitrate compression was accomplished through the Linux operating system for lossless compression. Other software used for the development of IM Connect is Laravel, PHP, and MySQL.To make IM Connect a versatile app, the following features were developed: IM Connect as a marketing agency

  • To fulfill the main purpose of the app of being an agent between companies and job seekers, the feature to add portfolios was paid great attention to
  • Users could easily filter their search to look for work that suits their needs, and add media files to their portfolio with a proposal letter.
  • Details mentioned by companies was made organized in consistent heads such as title, requirement, budget, dates, etc.
  • The search section allows navigating between companies based on location and role categories.

IM Connect as a Social network

  • We developed IM Coins, i.e. digital currency of the IM Connect Referral Program to engage users in inviting others to join IM Connect through their unique referral code, thereby collecting coins that can easily be redeemed through Partnered stores.
  • The feature was created such a way, that the user continues to gain coins as and when others purchase subscription plans through his/her code, thus providing a means to earn, to further personal brands while looking for a job, where 1 IM Coin’s worth is equal to 1 INR, internationally.
  • Next, we developed IM Pay to facilitate purchasing monthly, quarterly, or yearly subscription plans.
  • IM Coins could also be redeemed through IM branding’s partnered stores and partnered companies that accepted IM pay and through IM Store.
  • We developed an IM Store that was linked to famous e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, Jio Mart, Snap Deal, and many more to compile everything in a single app of IM Profile.
  • The app also has access to IM Browser to surf through and IM Booking to plan travel for work or a vacation.

IM Connect as a platform to promote your brand

  • User profile in the app is designed in a way to create a brand out of client businesses.
  • Unlike Fast2SMS where promotion is all about sending SMS in bulk, here clients can promote their work through posts, and gain traction by providing portfolio links in their bio.
  • They can get subscriptions, collect IM coins, and avails numerous offers and use it to develop their brand.
  • The users can also participate in various contests and achieve badges such as gold, silver to enhance their profile.
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Obstacles discovered

We faced the following issues:

  • The default server was incapable of saving and retrieving uploaded images in less time. It also did cost us more.
  • The videos uploaded on YouTube also utilized time more than required in streaming Solutions.


We came up with the following solutions:

  • 1. To overcome the issue of large size images, we first compressed them through Linux and then saved them in Amazon S3 Bucket, which is a public cloud storage resource, thereby reducing the time taken to retrieve the images from 20secs to about 2-3secs. This made the process both time and cost-efficient.
  • 2. We also embedded a YouTube player for faster streaming of YouTube videos in the app.

Final Product

The work began by designing a template and user interface fit for IM Connect. The front-end of the app was developed, for a few weeks our team was occupied with developing IM Coins, later IM Store and IM Pay were created. Separate features were combined and linked with each other, into a single app, each and every aspect was put to testing. From user profiles to availing subscriptions everything was checked. After the work of days somewhere around 150 in number, IM Profile was completed and ready for release.

Our work with IM Connect made us appreciate their aim to compete with multinational companies like YouTube, Facebook, etc in creating an Indian Made Social Media App that encourages the users not to promote IM Branding but their own brand by using IM Connect as a stepping stone and agent, in commitment to their tagline “Be a Brand Yourself Before Branding Anyone”.

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