Project Overview

ScoreYouRun The world of sports is incredibly fast and uncertain. It requires a lot of planning to manage the various matches and tournaments organized along with the players, whose performance must be analyzed from time to time. Score Your Run is the perfect way to record all the important cricket events and statistics.

Score Your Run provides cricket officials with an opportunity to plan for upcoming matches and tournaments. An app where you can not only track the scores of ongoing matches, but cricket associations can create their teams amongst the best and most talented players. This multi-dimensional app is designed in such a manner that it offers live updates of the current cricket series, be it local city tournaments, or national.

Now it’s very easy for players, coaches, empires, cricket academies, or associations to create their respective profiles so that they can not only manage their individual or team’s performance but also examine their growth. Growth and performance can be measured through the statistics systematically provided on the app while a live match is going on.

Planning and Execution

UI/UX Design

  • The UI/UX of the score your run website is super-fast and appealing. It has been kept in mind that a sports website, especially a cricket one must have just the right amount of information with pleasing colors..
  • The interface of the app is user-friendly and simple to understand. The app has various features yet the design and pattern are such that it is extremely systematic and clear to operate.
  • The User-Interface of Score your run was supposed to be given a cricket theme and after understanding the website designs and app UI of various sports web portals our platform’s UI became a structured design of athletes' pictures and icons with appealing and simple colors.
  • Score Your Run is a multidimensional platform therefore it was important to keep the design and UI of the website and app simple and clear. Our team could do this by systematically filtering the content under accurate labels and presenting all the live and quick updates in a smart manner.
Features of Score Your Run

This social networking platform comes with a lot of features, but to put them simply, the major features are:

  • Create & Manage Player profile
  • Now the user can easily register and login into the Score Your Run app and create their player profile, after which they will be able to track their scores with comprehensive and detailed score cards. They will also receive live updates on the ongoing tournaments. This profile creation and performance history help players get the right opportunity to be a part of good clubs.

  • Create and manage your teams
  • It has now become very easy to find potential and talented players for making a fantastic team, this way the associations and academies can search for good players in their nearby location and players get a perfect opportunity to showcase their talent.

  • Create & Manage Cricket Association
  • Here Cricket Professionals can create their own associations like the BCCI and ICC, and through this platform they can organize the cricket torunament on state level, City level and the Country Level.

  • Create & Manage News
  • Score Your Run provides all the latest and live cricket updates for the users to enjoy along with interesting quizzes and polls.

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Techs used

  • The front end of the entire Score your run website is developed with Flutter which enables rapid functioning of the website and also provides dynamic features.
  • The backend of the website is embedded with Laravel and the database is MySQL.
  • The Android and iOS applications are developed in such a manner by our team that they're not only user-frienldy but also dynamic and highly efficient.

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Obstacles discovered

We faced the following difficulties:

  • The live results weren’t very easy to show because the app covers a large number of locations, and on such a large scale showcasing live results can be tough.
  • There was some difficulty in collecting information for every tournament, player, commentator, etc.


We adopted the following solutions:

  • A crawler was embedded which went through various websites to get information about various cricket officials.
  • After deep research and lots of different methods, we are able to maintain the live score of all the matches at once.

Final Product

Score Your Run comes with lots of exciting features to make the lives of cricket professionals and lovers easy. A well-designed website and app with exclusive features that enable systematic management of cricket associations and tournaments along with talented players, coaches, umpires, and commentators.

This way,Score Your Run enables mutual benefits to users; by the creation of players' and coaches' profiles, not only can they track their performance but also big associations in finding the best candidates. On the other hand, the players get a chance to showcase their talent in big cities. This way, both sides mutually benefit.
While designing the app for the platform, the UI/UX was given special attention to attract the attention of professionals and give them just the right information. We have built this app to ensure it gives accurate and detailed information to cricket professionals and their lovers at any time of the day.

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