Project Overview

LookLad is is an online shopping app with a variety of products from local stores nearby you. A platform that enables offline businesses to strengthen their digital existence, providing consumers with all information about the stores around them, their live location, the current availability of products, and ongoing sale offers if any.

An enhanced consumer interaction via WhatsApp ordering and video content of their choice of products, promises better conversion as buyers feel more satisfied after watching videos.

The enterprises can upload videos of their products which enables their clients to assess the quality and reliability of the products. A perfect place to shop and discover new products & services at the convenience of your customer’s phone and develop a brand identity by attaining your client’s trust.

Planning and Execution

UI/UX Design

  • The LookLad app consists of a smooth and attractive UI/UX, with hassle-free access to offline stores’ information.
  • Our latest android and IOS version have trouble-free sign-up, and login.
  • Now you explore the videos of your favorite products in high quality and also save them for later.
  • An eye-pleasing UI with smooth navigation creates a perfect chance for sellers to build a beautiful digital presence.
  • The dashboard gives options to the users to choose a category of their products and easily scroll through numerous videos.
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Techs used

The app has a fantastic android and IOS version for smooth UI & UX. The Frontend of the app is developed with flutter, the latest technology to make UI appealing. The backend of the app is created through Laravel Developers which is a PHP framework. This gives the app powerful database tools like Object Relational Mapper (ORM). The storage of the app is supported by AWS.

  • The app supports video visuals from a variety of local sellers struggling to form a digital presence.
  • The videos could be easily swiped right and scrolled up according to customers’ wishes.
  • The technology is simple and smooth for emerging online businesses to easily set up their shops and connect with their clients.
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    Obstacles discovered

    Problems faced by the team during development are given below:

    • The videos of a particular seller don’t move vertically but rather horizontally. And different enterprises only can be scrolled vertically, this was one issue faced.
    • An issue of the watermark of the brand “Looklad” not being visible while uploading the video but clearly shown once the video was posted, was concerning.


    Following are the solutions by our development team:

    • As a solution, a few plugins were combined to rectify this error. With plugin customization, we were store the required functions.
    • The issue of the watermark was resolved when the team manipulated some functions to make the watermark visible even while uploading.

    Final Product

    Apparently, offline market share is going downhill therefore it becomes important for enterprises to shift to the online world. So, the aim is to aid offline businesses to grow digitally by connecting them with buyers directly through their product videos.

    This eCommerce approach will not only help businesses grow but also ensure customer satisfaction. .It’s a way to reach your target audience without the hassle of individually attending them. Businesses don’t have to worry about new technology or competition for they can now grow their digital scope through an eCommerce app development company .

    Apparently, offline market share is going downhill therefore it becomes inevitable for enterprises to shift to the online world. Most of the searches online have local intent hence the customers should be able to avail the products and services of the sellers in their neighborhood or markets near them.

    Therefore, there is no substitute for digital marketing and eCommerce as post-pandemic there has been a 200% increase in online shopping. And Video Marketing has a better response than any other content. Audiences respond better to videos and reels. This ensures better User satisfaction.

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