Why you Hire HackerKernel as a Laravel development company ?

When you hire developers from HackerKernel, you gain access to the top tier of the most talented developers in the field. These professionals not only work on your project but also assist you with overcoming the potential challenges that come in the development stage.

Our dedicated development team consists of developers with in-depth knowledge of the frameworks along with extensive skills and experience to create diverse types and sizes of applications based on it. We believe in delivering flawless web solutions to meet the highest coding standards and the client's requirements.

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Expert Developers

Our Laravel experts have years of experience in developing custom solutions for various industries. We have a team of highly skilled developers who have worked in several industries. They can help you build robust and dynamic web apps that are tailored to your business needs.

On-time Delivery

Our developers will share the progress of your project by sending reports. We make sure that all the modules are completed according to planning and that the product is ready to deliver within the discussed time.

Quality Assurance

Our developers ensure that every feature of your product works well and deliver top-quality solutions that exceed clients’ expectations. The development team works with the utmost dedication and follows strict quality standards and ensures that every software project meets these high-quality standards.

eCommerce Development

With a custom-built Laravel web app, you can sell your products online to a large audience. Our developers create one-of-a-kind eCommerce solutions that will help you expand the reach of online enterprises.

Social Networking Development

Our dedicated team of experts has hands-on experience working in the social networking development industry. They have a great understanding of the current industry and market trends, which will provide the best result and value to your social media network.

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24 Hours Support and Maintenance

Laravel developers at HackerKernel are available as per your timezone and availability. You can reach them at any time for any query you have. They have expertise in analyzing web applications and provide uninterrupted 24×7 support maintenance.

Benefits of a Laravel Development for your Project?

Laravel is an excellent choice for any web development project as it offers various features that are beneficial for businesses. Laravel is reliable and stable, meaning your project will be completed without glitches. Further, the framework has in-built tools for authentication and security that gives businesses peace of mind knowing that their data is safe.

Business grows

Laravel helps you build websites and web applications to meet the different needs of your business. From generating more traffic to helping you boost your revenue limits, the framework helps your business stay ahead of the game. Investing in Laravel development for your project is an appropriate choice for successful businesses.

Efficient Development

Developers experience several challenges to make the required web development tasks such as sessions, authentication, routing, etc. PHP Laravel efficiently helps to resolve those business challenges and provides an enhanced experience to your development project.

Advance Security

Security problems such as SQL injection or cross-site scripting, often occur during the web application development. Laravel will protect your website against most security issues. It ensures data protection as its codebase won’t allow any malware activity to enter a web page and cause damage.

Great for Handling Traffic

As your business grows, you will experience an increase in traffic to your website and app. If you can’t handle the traffic it leads to app crashes and crashes can lead to data losses. In Laravel, there’s a message queue system that makes it capable to handle a balanced load and massive traffic.

Industries Served By us as a Laravel Development Company

HackerKernel is a Laravel development company that offers you the best Laravel developers out there for your business. Our team is trained to work for all business types, sorts, and sizes. We have served many sectors and possess practical knowledge about the implementation of plans and strategies. Hiring dedicated Laravel developers at HackerKernel has caused the progress of many of our clients.

Dedicated Laravel Developers


The Food tech sector requires apps and web applications for connecting consumers to producers. Our developers have developed many such apps.

Dedicated Laravel Developers


The Travel and tourism industry creates many ticket booking and holiday planning applications through dedicated Laravel developers.

Dedicated Laravel Developers

Real Estate

The real estate industry involves handling sensitive data online. Hire dedicated Laravel developers to ensure the safety of your web solutions

Dedicated Laravel Developers


Fintech apps are made secure with the help of dedicated Laravel developers. Laravel is safe and experienced developers ensure safety.

Dedicated Laravel Developers


Hiring dedicated Laravel developers for an education app is cost-effective. The framework can render the company a budget-friendly solution.

Dedicated Laravel Developers


There are many healthcare, fitness, and yoga apps available as web applications or mobile apps. Best Laravel developers create such apps.

Dedicated Laravel Developers

eCommerce & On-Demand

eCommerce websites hire Laravel developers for their business to act as a medium between fashion brands and customers through the web.

Dedicated Laravel Developers

Media & Social

The ease of mobility solutions has made forming networks and peer groups ever easy, the process is contributed to by dedicated Laravel developers.


Reasons to Hire Laravel Developers From HackerKernel

Our top developers have experience building scalable, secure, modern websites and web applications such as Fast2SMS, Tripster , and more. Dedicated developers from our company will help you turn your vision into reality. They will convert your project idea into a fully functional web application and help you bring desired results. Here are some of the reasons why you should hire Laravel developers from HackerKernel:



Our techies understand the importance of business development and offer engagement models that deliver efficient results. Our Laravel developers are experts in implementing, modifying, and integrating applications to run easily, provide features in Laravel development, and specialize in delivering custom web and Android App Development .



Our developers have a proper system that shows the day-by-day progress of your project with no hidden charges. They ensure streamlined, progressive operations and provide you with version control, and real-time communication, securing complete transparency to help you know all relevant information about the project easily and efficiently.



If you are new to the web development world or confused about your project, HackerKernel as a Laravel development company will help you to provide guidance or consultation free of cost and get started with your project as soon as possible with no queries in mind. You can reach out to us or our developers for help anytime you want.

Dedicated Laravel Developers

Steps and Process to Hire Laravel Developers

Most companies today want to hire developers because they use top-of-the-line expertise to deliver personalised web solutions. Their vast expertise allows them to develop the most interactive, well-functioning apps and make complex PHP applications in the simplest way. To hire dedicated developers from our Laravel development company, here are some steps to make the hiring process easier and more productive for you.

Hire Dedicated laravel Developer



You should first identify the project requirements. Plan the project, identify the skills required, the development cost, and the deadline of the project. This will make your project requirements clear and the hiring process easier.


Conduct the interview

Once you shortlist candidates based on what suits your requirements, interview the candidates and ask them about their experience, skillset, and projects they’ve worked on. You can ask questions that will help you determine the depth of their knowledge about your project.


Hire the best one

After interacting with the developers, hire a Laravel developer who can build your web application aiming at your goals, and target audience and bring desired results. Hiring the best developer from our company ensures that you get the project as per your expectations and get the best results without harming your pocket.

How to Interview and Hire Laravel Developers From HackerKernel

Laravel is a PHP framework that dominates other languages in terms of performance, features, and scalability. Our developers have experience designing business applications with Android and iOS versions, such as Tripster, a Travel App with social media features.

It requires strong technical expertise and a certain level of experience in the field. To find out if the developer is a good fit, here are some skills you should look for in expert developers who can deliver not only futuristic solutions but also scalable Laravel web applications.

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Skills Required For a Laravel Developer

With the increasing demand for Laravel development, there are plenty of developers who can help you with the project. But distinguishing between the good fit and not-so-good fit might be hard. There are some skills that an ideal developer should look for before hiring one for the role. You should have an understanding of these skills before you interview them.

When focusing on technical skills is important to help you get the most out of the project, you should also look for non-technical or soft skills which define a developer’s personality. You will be able to find the right fit for the role if the candidate possesses both of these skills.

Laravel is a powerful platform for web application development. PHP developers often prefer Laravel over other PHP frameworks. However, to create the app you desire Laravel must be used right.

Technical Set
1. Knowledge of PHP

As Laravel is a PHP web application, the candidate should be familiar with the language before starting the building process. To master the art of building quality Laravel web applications, a developer should be proficient in PHP. Framework. Moreover, as an additional, developers should also know basics such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

2.Knowledge of API and databases

The developer you hire must have expertise in cloud computing technologies, knowledge of server administration tools, and holds experience in handling various APIs. Moreover, the developer should be an expert in managing database systems to understand the performance of your business.

3. Knowledge of Latest Updates

Frameworks always get new updates and features to improve the development experience. Therefore, a developer must stay up-to-date with the latest technology features and updates. You can ask about the updates in the framework while interviewing to know the developer’s skillset.

Hiring Dedicated Laravel Developers
Non-Technical Set
Soft Skills-

Having soft skills as a developer are as critical as technical skills. Developers are generally a part of a larger team and are expected to collaborate with their colleagues and clients. That’s why, besides being a good programmer, a developer should also have soft skills. Having good communication and time management skills will enable them to collaborate and work on multiple projects effectively.

Creative mind

Programming for a website or an application is quite difficult as it requires a lot of creative thinking to make a website look unique. The developer should be able to think out of the box and solve issues while working on a website project. They should be able to use their creativity to identify hidden issues and come up with creative solutions to complex problems.

Team Player

Laravel development requires teamwork, so the developers can share their thoughts, brainstorm as a group, provide feedback, and manage a project with colleagues. When hiring, look for developers with prior experience who has worked in a close team environment. Being a team player is a must-have skill for developers so they collaborate, give and receive feedback, and resolve issues.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q 1

How fast can your developers build a Laravel application?

Our Laravel developers follow the method of first-time-right coding and make sure to deliver your product at soon as possible.

Q 2

How much can a Laravel developer cost me?

The cost of hiring depends on the skills and the experience of the developer you hire.

Q 3

Can you migrate my app into Laravel PHP?

It depends on the technology used in your app. Most apps can be migrated into the Laravel platform.

Q 4

What are your practices for Laravel development?

We have an expert team that follows all the best practices from proper naming to clean coding for Laravel development.

Q 5

Why should I choose Laravel?

Laravel is considered the best framework for PHP web development to develop feature-rich and scalable applications.

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