Project Overview

Tripster is a startup that has recently begun its journey and is fast gaining popularity among Smartphone users. It is based on the idea of sharing travel memories, exploring new destinations, and making friends all around the world, with the help of a social networking platform. Tripster believed in the potential of a technological solution to fulfill their business goals. The company had complete trust in their idea, and in 2020 they joined hands with HackerKernel to give their business plan a real form.

To create a development solution that can make travel a virtual reality and bridge distances between places that are situated miles apart. After assessing the needs of our client, we decided to develop a social media app that consists of features that are present in all popular social networking sites and apps. These features then had to be customized based on the travel-specific needs of our client. We set our goal to make the app not only interactive but useful for a traveler to plan his/ her journey. The app has many custom-made features that set it apart.

Planning and Execution

UI/UX Design

A traveler has an eye for beauty and appeal. For any social media user to get attracted to our app, the app must outshine others not only by its functionality but also appearance:

  • Tripster has an interface built with pleasing and light UI colors that add to the appeal of the application.
  • The app is organized for a better user experience and all other features are easily visible, placed at the right spot by convention.
  • The app can be navigated easily by the user and has an intuitive UI so that any smartphone user can go through it without much effort.
  • It opens with the home page filled with the latest posts and news feed for the user to remain updated.
  • The dashboard that can be accessed from the top right corner has all functions compiled like Home, My Radar, Experience, etc.
  • Main functions like notifications, Experiences, Planning Schedule, and adding to your story are right there for the convenience of the user.
  • The app works fast for any user to post quickly on the go.
  • The search bar allows the user to filter searches based on requirements.
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Techs used

The App is created by our Laravel Developers with the latest technological framework of Laravel coded in PHP. The app has an Android version as well as an iOS version to cater to a diverse user-base. Swift language, MySQL, and, Maps and Geolocation are also used for the development of Tripster.

Android/iOS Application

We combined the features of a social media app with a perfect travel app and added custom features based on our client’s business idea to develop an app that suits and engages users

Tripster as a Social Network

  • Users can easily add friends and share images, videos, or audio about their travel with them. They can add to their daily stories and post muses about their past or present travel.
  • To facilitate social networks and the creation of a travel community, experiences on Tripster could also be shared on other social media platforms.
  • For those who are traveling together, Tripster allows the users to add each other in their trip and see each other’s schedule, and copy it for their own.
  • It has innumerous features to like, post, go through the trending, and travel virtually with your friends.
  • A user can chat with other friends, comment on their trips. The app also has Algorithm features to make friend suggestions and highlight important friends.
  • Security is also ensured with full privacy features for any user. Apart from a DP and a cover pic, users can add their info like Favourite destinations, etc, to their profile.
  • Users can choose to have country-wise feeds and filtered notifications only.

Tripster as a Travel App

  • Travellers can create their schedule that can include all the venues and timings regarding their travel. The current and future can be planned.
  • Custom trip and Trip Map feature includes mapping entire trips, adding a category to trips, hashtags, wish list, and much more.
  • The Tripbot feature allows you to explore different travel experiences based on your interests and searches. You can choose the place for your next holiday from trending trips and famous travelers
  • My bag features allow the user to check on their trips, trip alerts, fav places, and trip plans.
  • Users get virtual passports to be stamped with places they have been to. They can collect souvenirs when the trip ends
  • Travellers can also buy travel packages with a digital payment system, to go ahead with their journey count.
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Obstacles discovered

We faced the following difficulties:

  • The major obstacle that we faced in the deployment of this project was to adjust to the needs of a startup company.
  • It was challenging to deliver a complex social media app that should work without any glitches, with A-to-Z functionalities with a small team.


We adopted the following solutions:

  • We employed our best team to complete the project within a time frame that did not harm the budget plans of our client.
  • Our team carefully followed first-time-right coding procedures, so that testing and debugging required a minimum amount of time, and everything works well.

Final Product

Our team began its work by designing the template for UI that suited the frame of Tripster. Few weeks were employed in the planning of all features and their organization within a single app.

The front-end of the application was developed for Android and iOS versions of the app. It took us some weeks to come to the back-end of the app. AI features were coded and everything was combined.Tripster was an amazing journey for us. We were able to combine the best of Travel App Development and Social Media industry features in a solution that serves both.

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