Why Your Hire HackerKernel for CRM Development ?

We are a leading CRM development company which can provide you with best possible CRM solutions for your business as per your requirements and market trends. Our CRM developers are highly efficient in developing scalable CRM systems. We have several years of industry experience in developing highly efficient CRM management systems.

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Latest Technology

Hire CRM Developers from our company and you don’t have to worry about the level of technology used. We always use the latest and most secure technological tools for our CRM solutions so that you don’t have to face any technical problems in the future.

CRM Implementation

Our CRM developers provide full CRM implementation services to ensure that your CRM system is properly set up and configured. We integrate the CRM platform with your existing systems and teach your personnel to use it successfully.

CRM Consulting

Our CRM consulting services offer experienced advice on selecting the best CRM system for your company. Our experts will collaborate with you closely to ensure that the CRM system corresponds with your business strategy, improves client connections, and delivers the outcomes you require.

Customized CRM platform

We specialize in designing customized CRM apps that suit certain sectors as a top bespoke CRM development firm. We recognize that each business has distinct needs and requirements, and our customizable CRM platform guarantees that you have the tools you need to manage your clients and sales.

Affordable Services

At HackerKernel, we provide high-quality CRM software development services at affordable prices, making it accessible to all business sizes. Our CRM development team provides the finest feasible solution within your budget without sacrificing service quality. We believe that every company should have access to excellent CRM software development services that will improve their customer relationships.

CRM Integrations

Our CRM developers are experts at integrating your CRM platform with the various tools and software you use to manage your business. We recognize that a CRM system is one aspect of your company's operations, and we can link it with other technologies such as ERP, marketing automation, and help desk software.

Our CRM Software Development Work

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eREALTO- Real estate CRM

As a custom CRM development company, we have developed many CRM systems based on our client’s particular requirements. One such custom relationship management platform, developed by HackerKernel is the eRealto CRM system . The software helps in the organization of current and potential real estate customers by the company. It also helps in the smoothening of real-time workflow between different sales managers and agents.eRealto is a real estate agent company. The CRM software with its front-end built through Ionic App Development creates a network for the employees and has automated half of their tasks. It retrieves information of lands put on sale from various websites and social media networks for agents. They receive leads in their CRM app to pursue customers. The company can supervise the agents and analyze different customer needs as well. To know more about our CRM Development Services click below


Industries served as a CRM Application Development Company

All sectors need CRM solutions as customer satisfaction is most important for every business. We create all types of CRM software to offer complete and flexible CRM solutions for your businesses. Our CRM systems help you track and manage your customers and increase sales of your firm. We develop Cloud-based CRM portals, CRM applications, and mobile CRM apps.


The food and agriculture sector works for establishing connections between producers and customers. CRM plays an important role in analyzing varied customer data.



The Travel and tourism industry needs smart tools for analyzing their customers and channel their employee energies for better services.


Real State

Real estate firms need to analyze their customer purchases and market trends to offer better deals at better prices. CRM applications help the sector as analyzers.



CRM software can be both stand-alone and integrated effectively into ERP systems. Fintech companies need CRMs for better internal functioning.



A CRM is needed for an online education app to convert potential students into faithful learners. Our CRM development services help eLearning apps in generating useful feedback.



We design and develop CRM platforms for Hospitals and drug industries. Researches and disease diagnoses benefit from our development solutions.


eCommerce & On-Demand

E-commerce websites offer many products. Our CRM development services help them provide the correct products to the right consumers and customers.


Media & Social

We have developed CRM applications for social networking platforms. Such solutions help them develop that aspect of their business that attracts their customers the most.



Years of Experience

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Projects Delivered

HackerKernel is among the leading CRM software development company. We have a team of experts in CRM development, skilled in Microsoft dynamics and other technological tools. Our applications are robust, scalable, and support your real-time workflow. Your business processes are made easier and automated for your employees through our custom CRM development services. Our services are reasonably priced. We can promise you a custom CRM solution for your business that fulfills your requirement. We have knowledge of all industries and provide CRM consulting for your firms. We are there to help startups and established firms with our valuable experience.


Cost Effective

For businesses, investing in a CRM platform might be a cost-effective solution. It can assist businesses minimize overhead expenses, improve efficiency, and provide better long-term returns on investment. Businesses can attain these benefits without breaking the bank by utilizing low-cost CRM software development services.


Increased Customer Retention

A CRM software can assist firms in promptly identifying and addressing customer concerns, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and retention. Businesses can create long-term connections with their clients by delivering individualized services and aggressively addressing customer complaints.


Increased Sales

CRM software development services can help firms enhance sales by improving company operations, automating sales workflows, and producing reports. The software may assist find new leads, manage sales pipelines, and streamline the sales process, resulting in increased income.


Privacy of Data

A unique CRM system assures the security and privacy of customer data. With data breaches becoming a big concern for businesses, a CRM platform may assist in mitigating risks and safeguarding critical client data.


Swift Communication

Our real estate CRM software assists firms in more effectively managing client contacts. It simplifies communication routes, ensuring that customers receive prompt and accurate solutions to their questions and concerns. This can improve the consumer experience and increase customer loyalty.


Quality Services

With the help of a custom CRM development company, businesses can get tailored CRM solutions that cater to their specific business needs. This ensures that they get high-quality services that are specifically designed to meet their unique needs.

How Your Business can
Benefit from CRM Software Development ?

A customer Relationship Management (CRM) helps in enhancing the quantity and quality of your business. Our CRM solutions can assist your business growth by making more communication pathways for your customers. It can enhance your brand value and customer experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q 1

Why choose custom CRM development services?

A CRM software offers you an analysis of your customers based on market trends. It includes many features but a custom CRM software includes that which you specifically need.

Q 2

What is the experience of your CRM developers?

Our CRM developers are selected based on their experience and skills. They have all gone through personal interviews and are well trained for development projects.

Q 3

What is your model of work?

We work on a time and material model. You hire our workers, get rea-time reports and pay according to the work done.

Q 4

What tools do you use for CRM application development?

We use the latest technological tools for CRM development like Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle Net suite, etc

Q 5

How much time does it take to develop a custom CRM software?

A custom CRM software is unique and based on your needs. The time taken depends on the complexity of your project.

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