Project Overview

PHYSIOTIMES is a commendable initiative to bring forth the knowledge and techniques of physiotherapy by providing an interactive and vibrant platform to physiotherapists all-over India. PHYSIOTIMES’s readers include a wide group of geographically and demographically different people from Practitioners, Clinicians, Academicians, and Teaching Staff to Researchers, Health Institutes, Colleges, Hospitals, and Nursing Homes.

To provide such a diverse range of readers with contemporary and striking content and to reach remote readers alike, our client looked forward to the prospect of a digital solution. It joined hands with HackerKernel in 2019 to launch a Mobile App version of the magazine that could facilitate enriching the content with videos, opinion polls, and best of the web articles all combined in your phone. We had to develop a Cross-platform mobile application that could serve both Android and iOS users to achieve the best of both worlds and a user interface that would make PHYSIOTIMES an enjoyable read.

Planning and Execution

UI/UX Design

The user interface developed through flutter came out to be as promising as its efficacy in functioning:

  • The app has a winsome appeal and wholesome features with convenient segregation into categories such as Geriatrics, Fitness Fundas, Acupuncture, etc for an organized view.
  • There are separate sections for featured articles and the latest videos. The app has helped to transform the magazine into a compact read for people usually on the go.
  • The interface is such that the user does not face any difficulties while navigating through it.
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Techs used

We approached Flutter for the front-end, which is an open-source UI development kit for the purpose of mobile and Progressive Web Application development , designed by Google released in 2017. The software is capable of developing a native application for both Android and iOS platforms through a single codebase. Apart from Flutter, the back-end of the app is written in PHP Laravel. Android/ iOS Application To develop an app that can live up to the expectations of the mobile readers, PHYSIOTIMES needed an app that must be both easy to use and lively and also works well for android and iOS users:

  • The App included features of login available at a single device for a personalized experience.
  • It enabled the different ways of content consumption such as videos, opinion polls that made the magazine much more appealing to the present generation.
  • Potential subscribers can check on various previews of the latest issues for a better understanding of the content offered
  • The app facilitates subject-oriented reading on a myriad of topics such as geriatric, taping, acupuncture, etc through categories and easy search options.
  • The app made it easier to keep the track of one’s orders and payments.
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Obstacles discovered

Our development team faced the following challenges:

  • 1.One of our client’s needs was to limit each subscription to a single device so that the same subscription details can never be misused by anyone.
  • 2. Our client also required the payment gateway to be in Razorpay which was not readily available through Flutter.


Following are the solutions we adopted:

  • It was a major part of the development to create such a system that links subscriptions to the user’s device in such a way that, the user can not log in from any other device except the one formerly used.
  • Flutter was a recent software and did not have an inbuilt coding to expedite a payment gateway in Razorpay, so our team took it up to develop an entire SDK for the same.

Final Product

We began our work by choosing the right template for the app in flutter and moved forward with developing various parts and parcels of the front -end. Next, the back-end was developed. A major amount of time was spent developing the SDK for Razorpay. Nevertheless, Flutter saved us the time and effort of developing two separate apps for different platforms viz. Android and iOS and the App was finished and furnished in some 60 -65 days. Once the app was ready, we thoroughly examined the systems employed for any malfunctioning.

Since everything was fine, we, went ahead with our client for the release of the app. Physiotimes made us critically weigh the pros and cons of the Flutter application development process that would help us in further projects. Our work also made us realize and appreciate the thought behind a healthcare mobile app as a magazine, to address the unattended need for information in the field of physiotherapy, especially at places where the reach of the physical issue is simply not feasible.

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