Project Overview

Our company has launched a user-friendly payment app. An easy-to-use mobile application is the N2Express, which helps people to transfer money in other currencies. N2Xpress, is an initiative for bridging the distance between people living across borders.

It is best for the people who work abroad and want to send money to their family and friends in the native national currency. Also, it helps to pay the utility bills, yearly taxes, and other money transfers in native national currency. An affordable fee is applied while the process. No extra charges are taken from the user.

N2Express is a global money solution. It is a relief to those who wish to transfer a particular amount to someone living in another country

Sending money through N2Xpress is easy and you can pay bills, send gifts, buy home appliances, groceries, and much more for your family or friends. Order goods to be delivered at another location and pay internationally with N2Xpress’s safe and secure payment.

Planning and Execution

UI/UX Design:
  • N2Express has various services and has attractive features and designs for better user experience.
  • Our android application has an easy signup and log in facility.
  • The mobile application has an eye pleasing user interface consisting of features to pay bills and utilities, or simply send money.
  • It provides users information about the currency used in the respective countries represented with the flag..
  • The dashboard gives options to the users for the payment mode such as credit cards, emails, bank transfer, debit cards, and many more.
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Techs used

The easy-to-use N2Express app is made by our developers as we used kotlin for the android app swift for the Ios application and angular for the Website and PostgreSQL for the Database. To increase the diversity of the user base, our application is available in all three versions.

Online Money Transfer App:

  • Currency change usually takes a longer time in the manual process. The online method provided by our app is faster
  • N2Express provides you the transfer of the currency in many countries around the world.
  • To send money, they need to wait for the currency change system in banks.

N2Express as a courier service:

People living abroad find it difficult to send parcels and couriers to their family and friends living in their native country. On any special occasion, they are not able to send gifts

  • N2Express solves the issue by ordering the gift item online and then paying the charges easily through it.
  • Sending couriers for parcels is cheap with N2Express. The service is at a faster rate.

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Obstacles discovered

Problems faced by the team during development are given below:

  • Since the competition between payment apps is high in the market, it becomes necessary for the developers to meet the high standards
  • The development team must ensure all the services and facilities to be provided by the app accurately.


Following are the solutions by our development team:

  • The team was motivated throughout the development period and researched well about the requirements needed to meet the high competition in the market.
  • N2Express app was made in such a way that it becomes easy to use as well as affordable for the clients.

Final Product

The N2Express mobile application is made carefully by our development team. The services and facilities provided are really helpful. N2Xpress app makes cross-currency transactions between far-away places and different countries easy. Make bill payments, delivery orders for home, buy necessities, home products by paying internationally for your family or friends.

Load the wallet once, and make multiple transactions bundled into one for a single fee and at this time , you can send money from Canada & the United States to Benin, Ghana, India, Kenya, Mexico, Nigeria, Philippines, Senegal, and South Africa as well.

N2XPress provides complete transparency on each and every transaction and uses bank-level encryption standards along with verification processes to ensure that your money is safe and reaches the right people and displays the rate, transfer fee, and receivable amount before you transfer

No matter where we go, those relationships are never lost but today's money transfer services certainly don't make staying connected any easier.

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