Project Overview

Funyub is a place where the journey matters and not the destination.
Funyub's aim is to provide the users with the best activity camps organized in all the cities of the United States of America, for this, we are searching for various types of camps in any corner of the USA and selecting the best to showcase them on our platform.

We believe that only study and no play make children dull and less creative. So, we created this fun-interactive program where we have shortlisted over 3800 best camps and more than 24000 activities for the users to choose from. From Summer camps, Art Camps, and Youth camps to Sports, Funyub focuses on the mental-physical development of children and adults of different age groups.

After understanding our client's needs, we decided to build an attractive website with a colorful interface and intelligent features. The website ensures to provide all the right details in an organized manner so that the users get everything without any hassle. The camps could be searched by age and location and are properly arranged according to the various categories.

Planning and Execution

UI/UX Design

  • The UI/UX design is colorful and appealing just as Funyub’s objective demanded.
  • The UI is designed in a manner to offer users all the information about various camps organized for kids, all around the USA.
  • The User Experience is kept smooth and highly simple to provide more content in less space.
  • The vibrant color combination and kids-friendly pictures instantly attract you..
  • All information about camps and activities is organized systematically so users can navigate easily, with all the trendy categories of skill-based activities.
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Techs used

  • The Front end and back end of the entire website are on Node.js to enhance the quicken user experience and are extremely good for providing high performance.
  • The MySQL database is used for better communication and scalability.
  • The technology is simple and smooth for emerging online businesses to easily set up their shops and connect with their clients.
  • Functioning of the Website

  • Funyub brings all the exciting information about the various camps being organized across the cities of the USA..
  • The search bar which is right at the top of the home page enables you to search several camps according to location and the required age group.
  • The registration process for the camps is also very simple. As users wish to register for a camp, the website will take the user to the website of the particular camp user has selected.
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    Obstacles discovered

    Problems faced by the team during development are given below:

    • Funyub offers a platform for a large number of camps in the USA cities to surface on our page. The obstacle in this was that it was complex to get huge information about so many camps on the website.
    • The other obstacle was how to systematically present the information without confusing the users so that they can get all the information in just a few clicks.


    Following are the solutions by our development team:

    • Our team planned to smartly showcase information about all the camps being conducted, by embedding a crawler that will crawl the Camp's data from different websites.
    • To represent the data in an organized manner, we created multiple filters to simplify the data. Filters like types of camps and age categories.

    Final Product

    With Funyub we aim to make searching easy and the journey memorable. So, our team works to gather the latest information about the best camps organized in more than 200 cities in the USA like California, Minneapolis, Houston, and Chicago, to make the selection process simple and enjoyable from a variety of options available.

    The Crawler has found the best camps from over 200 cities in the USA. Today with more than 24000 activities from more than 3800 camps for young adults and kids of multiple age groups, we have made research easy for our client.

    From music, dance, acting, cooking, sports, pottery making, technology-friendly games, and many more such activities to engage the kids in amusing as well as educational sessions. The best part is all these activities are according to the age groups and there is no end to the fun-filled and adventurous times.

    As far as the website development is concerned, the front-end and Backend are on Node. JS. is embedded to deliver high quality and smooth performance. The entire user interface is designed according to the kids' friendly mindset. From vibrant colors to children-centric pictures everything is according to Funyub’s objectives.

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