Project Overview

Contents is a place with multi-services to make content creation easy and satisfy the needs of your customers. This is a one-stop platform for content writers, web agencies, and businesses for generating new ideas and curating SEO-optimized content within seconds for blogs and websites. .

In short, it's a perfect place to develop appropriate content for your website or products without spending a huge amount of money or research. .

Other great services like a translation of the client’s content into any other language for wider reach or audio-to-text(and vice-versa) translation where the client can get the audio they have uploaded converted into a properly SEO-designed transcript within seconds. This way, the client has various services at their disposal for their audience’s convenience,

Planning and Execution

Content is king nowadays in every profession, and without good quality content, nothing will work. Therefore, Contents joined hands with Hackerkernel to power up your content strategy and offer services to make the content ready within seconds.

To make the task of researching large masses of content easy, Contents has used a correct balance of artificial intelligence (AI) and language technology so that you can get multiple types of content on one platform.

What can Contents do for clients?

On Contents you can find a variety of content without the hassle of roaming from one website to another. Now you can find

  • SEO-Optimized Content on this single platform has been made super smooth and a few clicks away. Search Engine Optimization is the way through which your content will be showcased and ranked on Google for your business website. The responses we receive after searching for something on Google are the content this platform works on. .

Getting your SEO-optimized content on Contents is as simple as it can be. Once you have purchased a plan, you can easily log in and choose the SEO option, where you will find two methods of generating content.

  • Typing a Related keyword
  • It’s so simple that it’s unbelievable that by typing just a short keyword in a box and choosing the language you want your content in, the AI of this platform provides you with well-structured, plagiarism-free, and fully SEO-optimized content within seconds. A master combination of language technology and human intelligence can make hours of long work a few clicks away.

  • Typing a short description
  • This is yet another way of obtaining highly efficient and systematic content by just typing in the box the short and clear description in bullets or a few lines instructing the kind of content you want and then choosing your preferred language. In a matter of seconds, you will be ready with the required content curated by AI or copywriters for you to use in your business or work.

  • E-Commerce
  • Writing product descriptions for your business can be tricky and time-consuming. If the right SEO and copywriting techniques aren’t properly used, your website may get lost in the millions on the search engine.

    To save you from this complicated situation, Contents has designed a magical box wherein you can type in some keywords, and just like magic, you will be all set to use original, non-plagiarised, and catchy content for your product.

    This tool is super useful for eCommerce websites that need endless content to maximize their sales. It not only creates original content for a better conversion rate and enhances the eCommerce rank of your products, but also prevents harming the visibility of your products.

    This service, just like any other, can be used once purchased with a certain plan. And to use this service for your eCommerce company, there are two methods. Either you can have the AI of the platform create content for you or you can choose to have the copywriters generate the product description for you. All you have to do is type in a product keyword or code, choose a preferred language, and a perfectly designed write-up will be ready for use.

    With powerful language technology and human intelligence, it has been made very easy for eCommerce apps and websites to curate innovation and original content for their products and services

  • Translation
  • With the help of Contents, you can now easily generate your content in a variety of languages and reach across the world with your words. Now you can write in one language and make your content consumed by your audience in multiple languages.

    With supporting you, all you have to do is invest some money in one of your chosen subscription plans and then you can easily use this exciting translation service to reach out to your target clients.

    We have made it super easy for our users to get their pieces of content translated into a language their target audience speaks and expand the reach to approach an international audience.

    How to translate your text on Contents? It’s a one-step process to get the translated version of your content ready within seconds. All one has to do is:

    1. Upload the pdf/word doc of the text to be translated.
    2. Choose the preferred language you want.
    3. And within a couple of seconds, a well-titled draft will be ready to use.

    You can have the content translated either through artificial intelligence or by relying on professional translators. That’s how easy it has become to not only generate highly-optimized and accurate content but also in any of the world's languages you prefer.

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  • Audio-to-Text(Vice-Versa)
  • Take your content one more step ahead by making it more reachable and accessible. With by your side, you can use this unique feature to convert your text into audio or audio into text, as per the requirement.

    A one-step process to acquire super-reliable and accurate content in any audio language. All one has to do is to convert content:

  • From Text To Audio
    1. Upload the file of the text to be converted on the site
    2. Choose the preferred language
    3. Choice audio type: Female/Male
    4. And in a blink of an eye, your text will be converted into clear and accurate audio to be used as per convenience
  • From Audio To Text
  • The client can simply upload the audio file and get it converted into a preferred language text in seconds. It’s a perfect way to engage more audiences by offering them more and more facilities on a single platform.

    An audio-to-text feature is a fantastic tool to not only approach a worldwide population but also attract a variety of people to use your services with these convenient features.


    Techs used

    We have used the Php, laravel, and Vue js to enhance the performance.

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Obstacles discovered

Problems faced by the team during development are given below:

  • The AI was used more often therefore it was required to be more efficient and fast.
  • The AI systems could be transparent and risky at times. The client needed it to be safer.
  • A lot of research and analysis are required to generate quick and original content.


Following are the solutions by our development team:

  • Our team worked hard and optimized the disk space, installed additional RAM, and increased the available memory of the system to make the AI work faster. .
  • Our team ensured that the types of data important to making AI were kept and the data was kept until it was necessary for better safety.
  • Our team was working round the clock to embed the AI carefully, gathering as much information as possible and also doing proper research to provide accurate results for the clients.

Final Product

The Contents Platform has been built keeping in mind the large requirement of good quality content in every profession. We have observed that getting good ideas isn’t enough to write good content also. In fact. It is a very long and complex task. For content to work and earn you money it requires a good amount of SEO and copywriting work. Therefore, we installed all the latest services required to work around the content generation.

We created a single platform where all the main facilities that are required for ideation, generation, and transformation of content will be available. And so now, is now a magic box where you just have to write a single word and, within seconds, a blog post is created in the language or audio of your choice.

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