Job Information

Work Experience

1-2 years

Job Type

Full Time



About us

We are a bunch of dedicated professionals who value your time and money. Our employees are always there for you after the completion of the project. We believe as much in the strength of our relations as you would in the efficacy of our solutions. We as App Developers, proficiently utilize the technological tools and apply language programs such as C++, JAVASCRIPT, BOOTSTRAP, HTML, PHP, LARAVEL, etc to develop the best version of applications. Our database is developed in MYSQL, SQLITE and we use efficient Photoshop and illustrator apps to work out our design.

Job Description

We are looking for a Flutter Developer


    + Have two or more iOS/Android apps developed with Flutter. Either deployed on the AppStore/Google Play or available on Github;

    + Experience with third-party libraries and APIs;

    + Understanding of the Agile development life-cycle;

    + Experience with automated testing and building;

    + Experience with Git, Jenkins, or other version control tools;

    + Ability to write readable code, create extensive documentation for existing code, and refactor the previously written code into a readable state.

    +Bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology, or a similar field.

    + Good communication skills


    Work from Home (Remote Available)