Project Overview

Citispotter is the perfect place for new content writers and content editors, where you can learn how to manage your content without wasting time. Make your content readable and effective through Citispotter.

You might have just started in the content marketing game and not have many ideas about this world, or you have been given a task to create a new content team, so you need to identify the common content themes that run across all the content marketing.

Content writing is no easy task. Even if all the necessary information, it becomes hard to read. Sometimes the tone of the message feels wrong or there are numerous grammatical mistakes or else it becomes friendly instead of being professional. To solve all these problems citispotters is a perfect choice.

Planning and Execution

AI Style-guide

  • Citispotter’s content assistant allows businesses to create custom writing guidelines and manage word lists.
  • A brand can create a brand dictionary for common mistakes, banned words, and ignored words.
  • It makes sure that a brand’s content team adheres to the brand’s guidelines and receives real-time alerts on the platform.

Content Safety

  • This tool can also identify the emotions of the sentences and phrases due to this users can change the way of writing and beware of writing harmful content.
  • • We are not saying anybody is saying anything on purpose, but our AI tool can flag insensitive language or bias in the content to ensure that messaging adheres to the brand style.


  • Creating content with non-inclusive language may ruin the image of an organization.
  • Citispotter’s tool undertakes gender-inclusive language analysis such as pronouns and nouns checks.
  • By making your communication inclusive, your brand acknowledges diversity, conveys respect to all people, is sensitive to differences, and promotes equitable opportunities
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Techs used

Our development team has made it easy to edit content with this Platfporm. We Used Angular as a Front-end and Node.Js as a backend and Artificial Intelligence to Developed this powerfull tool, beacuse these frameworks has this ability to make this types of tools.

Emotive Analysis

Understand the emotional impact of your content like - blog, article, or press release before publishing to optimize it for better customer engagement and reach.

Complete Analysis

Check your content for its sentiments before sending it out to your customers, colleagues, friends, and family. Making sure your tone is positive can increase response rate and positive response

Export, Share, & Download

The tool among various other attributes allows the user to download the content as PDF, TXT, or DOCX, share the content via email with their team members.

Software Development Company

Obstacles discovered

Problems faced by the team during development are given below:

  • Initially, the team was finding a problem for setting a standard to match the perfect score of readability, content safety, and inclusivity of the text.
  • Ensuring that there is no grammatical error and the tone used is perfect was another major issue while developing.


Following are the solutions by our development team:

  • The team researched well about the latest AI technologies to overcome the difficulty of setting a standard while checking the content

Final Product

We introduce a new Content Analysis Tool and users to its AI content assistant, blog, use cases, and core of their work. The assistant tool helps in the optimization of content for better emotional appeal, sentimental quotient, and customer engagement. Easy login, profile, subscription, and demo tour features.

CitiSpotter will analyze your content and will help you to fix it. Just paste your content and hit the analyze button given. There are various useful features like readability, content safety, checking style and brand, tone of the content, and other grammatical errors.

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